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GC V9C329

(329) Don’t want to fall

Translator: Tseirp


Carol, Kyanshi, and Schreyl stayed behind.

I told Carol in advance that I planned to have her stay behind so she didn’t raise any complaints.

Carol planned to gather all the information she could in Goats Rocky. Not just information on the current Demon Lord, Miri, and Daijiro-san. She planned to look for information on the former (Succubus?) queen as well.

The former queen probably has a connection with the Demon Lord.

In addition, there was a large benefit in having fewer numbers.

That advantage was apparent after leaving the country.

“─ ─ Suzuki, this is.”

“Yeah, Pochi.”

Pochi ─ ─ it was a dog’s name but it wasn’t a dog.

It was Suzuki’s wyvern companion.

In the past, I rode on it in Ferruit.

“It has gotten bigger ─ ─ just what did you feed it to make it grow so big?”

Pochi was visibly bigger compared to the last time I saw it.

“I fed it Sugyu ─ it could consume one entire Sugyu in 3 days.”

“A Sugyu every 3 days huh.”

It has an even greater appetite than my Nanawat.

With it, we could all travel by riding it.

“This round I accepted the request mainly because of Pochi as well. Since the Demonic King Dragon would be flying in the sky. I plan to pursue the Demonic King Dragon once it flees. Of course, if we ride Pochi, we will reach Mount Landau by noon.”

That’s fast.

We rode on Pochi. It was larger compared to the previous time and we narrowed down our numbers so it was spacious.

As long as Pochi doesn’t do any acrobatics, we would probably not be shaken off.

If Malina was around, she would gladly make Pochi perform acrobatic flight patterns and still brilliantly pull it off.

“Master, I apologize but may I hold onto your back?”

“It’s okay, hold on tight so that you don’t fall.”

I told Haru with 70% concern and 30% ulterior motives.

“Then, please excuse me desu.”

Sheena No.3 attached herself to my back.

Not you, I thought to myself but Haru sat down beside me and didn’t complain.

“Master, I heard you’ve made Sheena’s new body?”

“Hn? Yeah, using the Counterfeit skill.”

“Eh, Sheena’s body is considerably softer. Master, are you sure you didn’t let some of your desires get mixed in as well?”


Was that true?

No, but it was using the Counterfeit skill.

Counterfeit recreates the item exactly as it was seen. Haru even mentioned that the smell and texture were the same as well.

Was there even a possibility of my desires interfering with it?

“I look forward to it desu. Using the body Master made to entice Master desu.”

“Don’t say weird things.”

The gazes from Suzuki and Miles were terrifying.

Miles, being a nun, was a straight-laced person so she was probably angry but the gaze from Suzuki was for another reason.

… By any chance was Suzuki still a DT? (TL: DT = Virgin in Japanese slang)

I definitely must not tell Suzuki about my relationship with Carol now.


Talwi, who was sitting behind all of us, suddenly laughed.

“Sorry, were we too noisy?”

“No, that’s not it. But you all seem to lack any tension. You don’t seem to fear the Demonic King Dragon.”


We heard that the Ancient Dragon was extremely formidable but looking at the outcome, it was an easy victory.

To be honest, I was thinking that the Demonic King Dragon was going to be the same as well.

I didn’t feel that we would be defeated.

“Let me be clear, the wild Demonic King Dragon is different from the dragons around these parts or the Demonic King Dragon boss in the Endless Labyrinth. The Demonic King Dragon boss in the Endless Labyrinth is a solitary being. In other words, it exists with the miasma as its sole nutrition source. As a result, it can’t grow beyond a certain size and while its strength is considerable, it can only amount to so much. However, the wild Demonic King Dragon is different. It becomes stronger the more prey it consumes and the wild Demonic King Dragon is claimed to be comparable to the Legendary Dragons. Legendary Dragons such as the Dragon King that accompanies the Hero; Garguille, the Great River King that called the flood; Niohoggr, the messenger of the Nation of the Dead; and Leviathan, the Great Sea Ruler.”

It is comparable to Leviathan!?

I clenched my fist after hearing that.

The Leviathan I defeated was not at maximum strength as it was only recently revived.

The Leviathan Talwi referred to was when it was at its peak so it would be dangerous if it was true that the dragon we were about to face was comparable to Leviathan.

Perhaps he knew the strength of the Dragon King as well as Suzuki showed signs of tension.

It might be dangerous this time.

“That’s good. Don’t underestimate your foe. Anticipate the worst-case scenario. But don’t falter. Take action to grasp the best conditions. It is an undeniable fact that you people are strong individuals.”

Talwi said to us.

Anticipate the worst-case scenario. Take action to grasp the best conditions huh.

That was quite a good speech.

Talwi possessed a record of eighty consecutive victories whenever she participates.

However, I had an undefeated record.


In any case, I have the achievement of a hundred consecutive failures to get a job in my previous world.


I am already accustomed to assuming the worst-case scenario but not faltering.

Even after failing a hundred times, wasn’t I still preparing to face my 101 job interview?

That said, I was almost overwhelmed with fear when I fought the Leviathan.

“Suzuki, you are the Hero. Isn’t the Hero supposed to defeat the Demon Lord and dragons? If you can do it once, then this isn’t anything special.”

“Kusunoki-kun! Haha, you’re right, this is my specialty. This is perfect timing to test it out.”

Suzuki nodded along with Talwi.

Haru and Miles nodded as well.

“This is a great unit. It might be possible to defeat a single country with this unit.”

Talwi commented.

We will not defeat one and I don’t intend to defeat one.

Politics and such are all troublesome matters.

Just managing a small star was troublesome enough.

“Eh! Kusunoki-kun! Sheena-san!”

Suzuki shouted. Turning back, I saw that Sheena’s torso was there but she was missing from her neck up ─ ─

“I ─ am ─ fa ─ ll ─ ing”

Sheena No.3’s head had fallen off.


In the end, Pochi had to perform an acrobatic maneuver to collect Sheena’s fallen head and we almost fell off as well.


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GC V9C328


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