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SL Chapter 145

Chapter 145: My reliable younger sister

Translator: Tseirp


Let’s turn back time a little, till before the battle between Veronia and Zoltan began.

Chasing after Ruti and Garadin, Tise, I and Mistome-shi headed toward the hidden village.


“Do you know what Ruti-sama is thinking of?”


Tise asked and I thought about it a little before I looked at Mistome-shi.


“Perhaps she went to procure a ship.”

“ … My ship, the Regulus, is certainly located in the nearby hidden bay. The interior furniture are being used in the settlement but the ship is functional. It is always ready to set sail at any time … that said, I’m surprised you people know that I still have a ship.”

“It came to mind when I noticed that while there were ship furniture in the settlement, none of the houses were made using scrap wood from ships. So I deduced that the ship was still hidden somewhere.”

“Did Ruti-sama realize as well?”

“Of course.”


If I noticed it, Ruti would definitely have realized it.

Ruti was excellent after all.


“You have a lot of faith in her.”


Tise giggled.


“In that case, we should directly aim for the ship rather than the settlement. Mistome-shi, could you lead the way?”

“All right. Follow me.”


We changed course and headed to the bay where the ship was hidden.

As expected, the elderly villagers were preparing to set sail.


“Young lady!”


One of the elderly villagers saw Mistome-shi and shouted.

Mistome-shi waved her hand in response.


“Is Ruti around?”

“Yes, that blue hair young lady is here.”


We quickly found Ruti and Garadin.

They were looking at a map as they planned strategies.




Ruti smiled happily when she noticed that I came.


“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Did you wait for long?”

“No, it’s all right. And you brought Mistome-san over too.”


“We’re thinking of how to board the Demon Lord’s ship.”


Ruti and the others were looking at a map detailing the surroundings of Zoltan.

Ruti pointed at one spot in the sea.


“We’ll hide the ship here.”

“That is certainly a dead angle if the opponent comes from the sea toward Zoltan. But we would be seen the moment we appear.”


Ruti nodded at my comment.


“Yes, so I thought of diving.”

“In the sea … the spell that Mistome-shi used against Desmond of the Earth?”

“Me!? I certainly was able to do it in the past but … that spot is shallow so I doubt the entire ship can be hidden.”

“We will cut the mast once we arrive there. It is definitely possible to hide in the ocean without the mast.”


“I received approvals from the old men from the settlement. All they desire is to protect Zoltan and Mistome-san.”


Mistome-shi bit her lips tightly and then she relaxed her shoulders.


“All right.”

“It is a one-chance match. We must get onto the Demon Lord’s ship while they are unaware. Once we are on board, the performance of the ship does not matter.”


Ruti said and took hold of my hand.


“Onii-chan … please cooperate with me.”


I smiled and answered.


“Of course. Let’s fight together.”


Ruti held my hand firmly.


“Thank you.”


And replied with a smile.



After landing on the deck of Wendy Dart, we immediately rushed toward Leonor who was on the bow.


“Stop them!”


Leonor’s mercenaries immediately reacted to Prince Silberio’s command.

Ruti, Tise and I swiftly cut down the five mercenaries that rushed at us.


“Greater Cure Wind!!”


A mercenary in the rear used a wide-area healing spell.

The fallen mercenaries stood up behind us.

An advanced Healing skill. A holder of the 『Hierophant』 Divine Protection from the monk-class.

In addition, mercenaries were aiming at us from afar with bows. Both of them possessed the 『God Bow』 Divine Protection.

Three of the ones standing up behind us were 『The Champion』, 『Rune Knight』, and 『Battlemaster』.




Furthermore, a 『Wind Pugilist』, a superior Divine Protection of the pugilist-class leaped over from the air while raising his fighting spirit.

A parade of superior Divine Protections.

So these were the elite mercenaries belonging to the large country Veronia.



“Leave them to me.”


I used ‘Lightning Feet’ to move to the two 『God Bow』 in an instant.

The two of them leaped into the air and tried to fight back with their bows from overhead.

A Divine Protection that could be said to be the peak of bow-using classes as it could even respond to close combat.


“But your levels are insufficient.”


The moment the two of them jumped into the air, my sword had already sliced through their bodies.

Blood splattered from the two 『God Bow』 as they fell overboard into the water.


“Shit! The area beyond the ship is outside the effect of my spell!”


The 『Hierophant』 cursed.


“In that case, you have to follow after them.”



Tise snuck up behind him.

Tise’s sword pierced the heart of the 『Hierophant』 from behind through the gaps in his ribs.

He had only turned his gaze to the two 『God Bow』 for a split second but Tise’s presence disappeared from the mind of the『Hierophant』 during that instant.

Tise pushed the collapsing 『Hierophant』 over into the water.

Unrest swept the remaining five mercenaries.


“But with this, we are 5 versus 1! We won’t lose this time! Secret Martial Art: Thunder God Attendant Three Beast Sword!”


The 『Rune Knight』 released a magic sword skill by combining magic and martial arts.

The lightning obstructed Ruti’s vision and the five mercenaries attacked.

Ruti swung her sword in a huge circle.


“Martial art: Great Whirlwind.”


The lightning from the 『Rune Knight』 was sliced apart and the single flash from Ruti bisected all five of her attackers.


“You’re open!! Martial Arts: Meteor Crash!”


Only the leaping 『Wind Pugilist』remained.

He released a strong kick from above Ruti.





Ruti grabbed the kick powered by a martial art with her left hand.

The 『Wind Pugilist』came to realize the overwhelming difference in power.

But it was too late.

Ruti slammed him onto the deck and the 『Wind Pugilist』stopped moving.


“Let’s breakthrough in one go just like this.”



We ran across the deck with Ruti in the lead.




“Mistome-san, please stop the enemy on our flank.”

“Leave it to me! Ash Storm!”


A corrosive ash storm assaulted the mercenaries.


“Garadin, continue to protect Mistome-san, more than half of the enemies are stronger than you. Cooperate with Mistome-san.”

“I get it, leave Mistome to me!”

“Onii-chan, hold down the enemies to the front right. Tise and I will breakthrough straight ahead.”


Ruti fought dizzyingly while still giving out instructions one after another.

She seemed to have forgotten how to cooperate with companions when I first met her again in Zoltan but it seemed that she could fight alongside the current party members.


“No, she’s doing even better than before.”


Ruti’s individualistic fighting style in the past was the most effective way of defeating the enemy so I did cooperate with her on that method.

That may be the correct way to do it but her current fighting style allows everyone to fight while having reserve strength for contingencies.

When something unexpected happens, not only Ruti but all members would have the resource to react.

In other words, Ruti was making commands to ensure none of her allies were defeated.

Ruti felt a lot more reliable than before after quitting as the Hero.




Mistome-shi shouted.

The young girl’s figure of Leonor was in front of our eyes.

Protected by the two robust mythical warrior statue-like princes, Leonor glared at Mistome-shi with blood-filled eyes.

We had finally reached Leonor.


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