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GC V9C331

(331) Battle with the Demonic King Dragon

Translator: Tseirp


Centaur was biting onto Sheena No.3’s arm (and the water plant on her arm) while Jofre and Elize were desperately clinging onto Centaur.

““We thought we were going to dieeeee!””

Jofre and Elize went through a terrifying experience but they still could say that with a smile for some reason.

“While we were in the room with lizard bones, a large lizard suddenly attacked.”

“We escaped into the water and were saved when Centaur was pulled up.”

So it was not the shadow of the Demonic King Dragon that I saw underwater but Centaur getting pulled up while dragging Jofre and Elize?

Hn? Large lizard?

By any chance do they ─ ─

Just as I had that thought ─ ─ another presence approached the surface of the lake and flew out.

A purple-colored dragon even larger than the Ancient Dragon ─ ─ so that is the Demonic King Dragon?

The Demonic King Dragon was clearly aiming for Jofre and Elize.

Should I attack with magic?

I would probably not hit the Demonic King Dragon that moves at high speed.

Nevertheless ─ ─


I cast Ice Magic.

The Demonic King Dragon easily avoided the attack after all.

However, it now considered me as an enemy.

I considered if I should confront it with Boost Magic ─ ─

“Double Slash!”

Two arcs of sword waves shot out from Talwi’s sword.

In addition ─ ─


Another two sword waves from Haru’s Guardian Sword and Gale Blade flew at the Demonic King Dragon.

She probably didn’t use the Flame Dragon Fang because the Demonic King Dragon possesses resistance toward fire.

A total of four sword waves ─ ─ it won’t be able to avoid that.

I was certain but the Demonic King Dragon twist its body around and skilfully avoided the sword waves.

That was close ─ ─ it would have avoided my magic as well if I had used it.

The Demonic King Dragon opened its mouth wide as I had that thought.

From within its maw, I could see ─ ─ flames!?

“Mega Water!”

I instantaneously released an advanced Water Magic to offset the flames the Demonic King Dragon was about to spew out.

Steam covered the area and the Demonic King Dragon flew through the steam, aiming to slam into me with its body.

If it’s at this range!

“Diamond Dust.”

I released Ice Magic at maximum power to seal its movements in ice.

But the dragon avoided it with the spell only grazing one of its legs slightly.

It was definitely fast.

“Kusunoki-kun, hop onto Pochi and run.”

Suzuki noticed that I had become the target.

It was true that if we continued fighting there, Jofre and the others would be dragged into the battle.

“All right! Sorry but lend Pochi to me! I leave these guys to you!”

I cut the rope connected to Pochi’s tail with a hand blade. Sheena and the others fell into the water. Pochi was flying at low altitude so they probably won’t get injured.

Then, I jumped onto Pochi.

I wasn’t the only one ─ ─

“Haru and Talwi?”

The three of us rode on Pochi.

“Pochi, fly toward the mountain peak!”

I shouted and Pochi replied with a cry and headed up the mountain.

The Demonic King Dragon was slightly faster.

It would catch up to us at that rate.

But I won’t lose out at harassing the foe.

I swapped my jobs to those that raise physical attack,

“Sky Breaking Strike!”

I released a sword wave that was highly effective against flying monsters.

It naturally did not hit the swift Demonic King Dragon but it had to rise upward to avoid the attack so its speed dropped.

Perhaps because it was within range, the Demonic King Dragon opened its mouth wide. It probably wanted to shoot out flames again.

But I was waiting for that.

“Oil Create!”

I used Magic to create oil. The oil I created poured directly into the mouth of the Demonic King Dragon ─ ─ and ignited.

The Demonic King Dragon’s face was wrapped in flames.

“What an interesting fighting style.”

Talwi commented.

“Thanks. The only thing I have going for me is versatility.”

“But flame attacks are not that effective against the Demonic King Dragon. Then it is our turn next! Let’s go, Haru.”


Immediately after saying that, Haru and Talwi leaped from Pochi and landed onto the Demonic King Dragon who was still burning.


“This is the spot.”

They each cut into the wings of the Demonic King Dragon.

Amazing ─ ─ they precisely aimed for the thin part of the wing.

With both wings injured, the Demonic King Dragon lost balance and shook, causing Haru and Talwi to fall off.

Since they set it up so well, it was my turn.

I made Pochi fly up and stay in front of the Demonic King Dragon.

The Demonic King Dragon glared at me and roared.

I changed my jobs to those that prioritized magic attack.

“Boost Diamond Dust and Celestial Ray.”

A combination spell of Ice and Light Magic.

The entire body of the Demonic King Dragon was frozen and condensed light rays reflected haphazardly within the ice.

If that doesn’t defeat it, we won’t stand a chance.

I channeled that amount of spirit into that spell.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Fire Magician skill: 「Fire Resistance (weak)」has skilled up to「Fire Resistance (small)」】

【Water Magician skill: 「Water Resistance (weak)」has skilled up to「Water Resistance (small)」】

【Wind Magician skill: 「Wind Resistance (weak)」has skilled up to「Wind Resistance (small)」】

【Earth Magician skill: 「Earth Resistance (weak)」has skilled up to「Earth Resistance (small)」】


Fire Magician, Water Magician, Wind Magician, and Earth Magician all leveled up from Lv60 to Lv73.

These jobs had once all reached the limit and could not level up any further but I took the Limit Breaking medicine Miri made and raised the upper limit of the levels.

Its body was practically unharmed but the Demonic King Dragon had certainly stopped breathing.

That said, by using magical power boost and combination magic of greatest class magic ─ ─ I almost had no more MP remaining.

After drinking the mana potion that I received from Carol, I somewhat regained the strength to stand up and walk.

Haru and Talwi who fell off seemed to be fine so I went over to them.

“That was amazing. Ichinojo, you are truly an excellent magician.”

“As expected of Master. I believed Master would definitely succeed.”

“No, it’s because the two of you cut its wings. It would have been dangerous if it could fly properly.”

Nevertheless, we won.

Retrieving the Dragon Core seemed to be troublesome.

Just as I was thinking that.


A flash of light came from the lake.


I looked at the base of the mountain.

And then ─ ─ it appeared ─ ─

“No way … you’ve got to be kidding.”

Another Demonic King Dragon appeared.


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GC V9C332


  1. Felipe

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    • GravinHeart

      It was yeah. It raised to Medium.

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