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GC V9C334

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Volume 10: Mallegory Arc

(334) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp


Goddess of Life, Tet.

The only Goddess who maintains just one labyrinth of her own.

The reason was due to her workload.

Because she has to devote her time to keep reading the book that appears and fades away.

It was a job that has no end in sight.

Due to that reason, she rarely spends any time for the Labyrinth Clear bonus or for the management of the labyrinth.

As a result, due to a certain incident that makes it impossible to not have a labyrinth at all, she maintains just one labyrinth in the safest place.


In her world, a single visitor came to visit.

“ … Minerve, you’re here.”

Tet said softly after detecting the presence of the visitor.

“Yes, I came to report that the task is complete.”


Although Minerva always wanted to die, she did not mention her desire to die in front of her.

In fact, her words were extremely polite.

To Minerva, Tet could be said to be a higher existence.

Originally, among the six goddesses, while there were relations of senior and junior, there was definitely never anything such as superior and subordinate positions.

But it was present between these two.

Due to a reason only the two of them knew, Minerva would never betray Tet.


“ … Your report is late.”

“I am sorry.”


It was not possible to use Mind Reading between Goddesses but they could still predict each other’s thoughts.


“ … Sorry, did Koshmar scold you?”

“No, Libra-chan did.”

“ … Ah, sorry.”


Tet apologized.

Minerva was scolded by Libra because of the task Tet requested of Minerva.

Which was to pass the Nectar she possessed to the young man called Ichinojo.

Normally, it was forbidden for Goddesses to pass tools to humans outside the Labyrinth Clear bonus.

It happened once before, when Tet asked Torerul to pass the Homunculus nucleus to Ichinojo but that time Torerul’s actions were within a loophole of the rules ─ ─ in other words, she claimed using sophism that she was only lending it to him and ran away but Minerva could not do something like that.


“But it was a necessity, right?”

“I don’t know … but that was written in the memo left behind by Metias.”


Metias. The Goddess of Future and Knowledge.

And the Goddess of Fate.

The name of the missing seventh Goddess ─ ─ no, the first Goddess.


The tasks which she left behind, assigned to the Goddesses in order to protect the world.

One of those tasks was to deliver Nectar to Ichinojo.


“Erm, Tet-sama. Won’t we accomplish the tasks quicker if we receive everyone’s cooperation?”

“ … No … until we find out the reason for Metias’ disappearance, we must not rely on others.”


Tet said. Even if the other party were to be Goddesses ─ ─ no, precisely because Mind Reading doesn’t work on them, it is not possible to trust the other Goddesses.


“ … I will do my best even if I have to do it alone.”

“Erm, Tet-sama. What about me?”

“ … I will do my best even if I have to do it alone.”


Tet emphasized as though to renew her resolve before quietly returning to her book.

In order for the day that must never come to be.



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GC V9C333


SL Chapter 146


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