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GC V9C335

(335) Broken Sheena

Translator: Tseirp


A few days had passed since the battle with the Demonic King Dragons.


Everyone celebrated the revival of Sheena No.3 – – or rather her conversion into a Cyborg, with joy. The other day we had a celebratory party for Sheena No.3 and I treated her to what she wanted to eat.

The food she wanted to eat were – – fruits.

Fruits cultivated on the uninhabited island that she was once stationed on.

When Sheena No.3 was an Automata, she nurtured the fruit plants but was unable to eat them.

She could gather the taste as data but that was nothing more than values.

And that Sheena No.3 was still eating fruits the next day morning. As though she was making up for the hundreds of years of not being able to eat them.


“ … Banana. Delish Delish desu.”

Seeing Sheena No.3 stuff her cheeks full, I truly felt that she had returned.

Noticing that I had woken up as well, Sheena offered the banana that she was eating halfway to me.

“Would Master like to eat it as well desu?”

“ … Ah, sure.”

I wouldn’t say childish things like that was an indirect kiss. Thinking about it, I was the one who made her skin and lips.

I asked Sheena No.3 while I ate the banana.

“Sheena, now that I notice, are you planning to continue ending your sentences like that?”

“Yes desu. It has become a habit desu. The soul of a child at 3 is the same at a 100-years-old desu.”

“As a Cyborg, rather than 3-years-old, you are 0-years-old; if we include your life as an Automata you are not 100-years-old but over centuries-old?”

“ … Does Master hate my habit of ending my sentences desu?”

“No, I don’t particularly hate it but.”

“If Master orders it, I can end my sentences with ‘kyu’ kyu.”

“You’re doing it on purpose!”

Seriously, Sheena No.3 was still the same regardless of being an Automata or a Cyborg.

That said, Sheena No.3’s malfunctions were gone as though they were never there.

“Master, a huge problem has surfaced desu.”

“Eh!? What is it!?”

“I can’t remove my head desu.”

Sheena tried to take off her head but she couldn’t.

“Stop it, you’ll die if you take off your head this time! It would be a joke if the person we tried so hard to save just yesterday dies by taking off her own head.”

Correction, the malfunctions in her head has not been fixed at all.

Incidentally, although she could no longer remove her head, as part of the functions of a Homunculus, she could transform her body and possess absolute defensive power, in addition to her voice recording and playback function from her time as an Automata.

“Oh, by the way, this is probably important to you.”

I handed Sheena No.3 a disc.

“This … Master, did you replay it desu?”

“No, it’s an illegal copy of the Nyapiece DVD, right? I’ll watch the original if I want to see it.”

I lied and passed Sheena the CD.

Sheena stared at it and hugged it caringly to her chest.

…… Sheesh, even though she’s normally a joke character, I would lose my presence of mind if she shows such an expression.


I headed to the bookstore to fulfill my promise with the old man.

“Here, the requested Nectar.”

“No way – – It’s the real deal.”

The shop owner old man’s eyes were opened wide as he opened the lid of the bottle and concluded that it was the real thing.

“You can tell?”

“Ye … yeah. I love alcohol so I have the Alcohol Tasting skill. Furthermore, I skilled up and acquired the Alcohol Tasting II skill so I can differentiate just by smell alone.”

I’ve heard of the description for the Alcohol Tasting skill. The skill has three ranks, the ordinary rank allows the user to tell the type of alcohol and manufacturing year by taking a sip. Rank II allows the user to tell just by smell alone while the user can tell just by looking when they have rank III.

In other words, it can be said to possess the same effect as the Appraisal skill once it finally reaches rank III but the amount of information acquired through the Alcohol Tasting skill was superior to the Appraisal skill.

That was outside my expectations.

“Furthermore, this was not made in a dungeon.”

“ …… Ah, it would help if you could keep quiet about that.”

“Yeah … that would be the normal course of action.”

The old man said.

Well, that’s how it was. Even if a person was told that it was direction gifted from Goddess Minerva-sama, without their own skill to verify it, or rather, even with their own skill to verify it, they would probably not believe it? Normally.

“To think that it was not made by Goddess Minerva-sama but brewed by Goddess Tet-sama.”



This alcohol was not brewed by Minerva-sama?


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GC V9C336


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