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GC V9C336

(336) Bread Festival

Translator: Tseirp


After the bookstore, I headed to the place Suzuki was waiting for me on my own.

Suzuki and Pochi were waiting for me outside Goats Rocky.

“Suzuki, sorry for the wait. Where are Miles and the others?”

There was nowhere to hide nearby so perhaps they went to do some shopping?

“They are going to the Great Cathedral on Kyupiras Hill on foot and will not be traveling to Mallegory. After all, that place is a holy land to Miles so she seemed to have wanted to visit there at least once. Kusunoki-kun, what about Haurvatat and the others?”

“Hn -, I’ll say since it is you. I can use magic to summon my companions. So only I will travel to Mallegory and then I plan to summon them over with that spell.”

“I see … but I’m glad. Such a terrible thing happened to Sheena-san so I thought Kusunoki-kun would be depressed.”

“About that …”

I had not told Suzuki about Sheena No.3 reviving as a Cyborg.

But it might be troublesome if he meets the Cyborg Sheena and realizes that she is not a machine but an existence closer to a Homunculus. Once we talk about Homunculus, it seems that I would have to talk about the Goddesses and the existence of my Jobless skill.

And if he met Sheena No.3 now, everything would come to light.

“Ah … the card Suzuki passed to me seemed to be somewhat like a backup of Sheena No.3. So it seems possible to repair her thanks to that.”

“I see! That’s great … really great.”

Suzuki said, showing genuine happiness.

“Once Sheena-san is fixed, please let me apologize to her.”

“Sure, when that time comes …”

Sheena No.3’s broken personality may never be fixed but once we patch up the pretenses, I probably will have to introduce her to Jofre and Elize as well.

“But without Miles and the others, it might be better if Haru and the others come along. If we don’t have to be mindful of the capacity … ”

“Ah, yeah. Actually – -“

Suzuki seemed apologetic as he pointed in my direction – – or rather behind me.

Turning back, I saw them walking toward us from the direction of the city.

… Jofre, Elize and Centaur.

Eh? Why was it that the usually energetic Jofre and Elize, which was their only merit, had sunken faces today?

What happened?

Well, there was no need to ask.

They were probably affected by Sheena No.3’s self-destruction. I should tell them that Sheena No.3’s repair was possible.

“Jo, I have a request.”

“ – – A request? That’s sudden, what is it?”

“Anything is fine, please give us food.”

“We just realized that we have not eaten much lately.”

It was then that I realized that they seemed emaciated.

Were these guys in the cave all along until we saved them from the lake?

“Eh? Didn’t you guys have a meal in the city? You guys received gold for the subjugation of the Demonic King Dragon, right?”

Suzuki mentioned that they played a huge role in the fight against the Demonic King Dragon so that should be the case.

Although it was unrelated to my reward as mine was only the Dragon Core.

“Kusunoki-kun, it will take some time before the rewards are released. It is still a monster. It would take some time for the appraisal to be complete.”

“I see, I would have lent you some money if you mentioned it. Well, leaving that aside, food huh?”

I nodded and thought of what I had in my item bag.

“Jofre, Elize, do you have anything you dislike?”

“Hmm, we can’t eat rotten food.”

“I can’t eat bugs.”

“Let me see, if I exclude those that are rotten and have bugs … it narrows down the number quite a bit.”

“”It narrows it down!?””

It was rare for Jofre and Elize to retort.

There were many among the food Miri brought that had bugs. Just where did she purchase the eggs of red ants in Japan? Those kinds of food I had. It was called Kaimoden and seems to be eaten in Thailand. Also, although it is not rotten, I have many fermented foods with unique smells. Of course, I excluded those from my selection.

“I guess regular bread is fine. Here.”

I passed an entire loaf of bread to Jofre’s party.

And it was immediately consumed by Centaur.

“Spit it, spit it out, Centaur! That is our meal!”

“We’ve not eaten for days. Please.”

… Somehow that felt like a very nostalgic exchange.

Right, when Centaur ate the Rare Medal at the Belasra Labyrinth, a similar exchange happened.

“It has an amazing appetite as usual. Slow Donkeys are typically known to be livestock that requires very little food though.”

Jofre and Elize seemed to be on the brink of tears.

“ … In what world?”

“Yeah … well, there are exceptions to everything.”

“Even if Centaur spat it out, it can’t be eaten anymore. I still have more so eat this.”

I didn’t have a choice so this time I handed Jofre and Elize packaged bread.

I peeled off the packaging and passed it to them.

“Ou, thank you, Jo!”

“Thank you, Jo.”

“”This is the first time I’ve tasted such soft bread!””

The two were once again satisfied with bread.

“By the way, Jofre. In the past, you always referred to yourself as I(boku)? Why are you using I(ore) now?” (TL: Both are variations of ‘I’ in Japanese but boku is typically used by younger males <16-years-old while ore is used by older men)

“Because this is more adventurer-like! Before becoming a Bandit, I used ‘ore’ when I was an adventurer!”

“That’s such a shallow reasoning …”

“Eh? Jofre was a bandit?”

“Even if we called ourselves bandits, it was just pretend bandits. We didn’t fall into criminal jobs and we stopped before we did anything bad.”

“Suzuki, would you like bread too? I have Shiga province’s specialty salad bun and the Kochi province specialty hat bread.”

In the item bag that Miri brought, there was a full line-up of the entire country’s specialty bread.

There were some items that were quite well past their expiry dates so she probably bought them in the past and stored them in an Alternate Space.

“I’ll refrain. There’s a limit to my poison negation time.”

“I see.”

“By the way, the bread the two of them are eating is that right? I’ve seen it before when I was a child.”

“Yeah, it was a hit in Japan before we were born, the smart bread.”

It was bread catered for examinees.

It was a bread that activates the brain and improves memory but it definitely could not treat idiotism. There was no treatment for idiotism after all.


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GC V9C335


GC V9C337


  1. Kenjitamura

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      and don’t forget, that donkey is still the person the goddesses were looking for. I suspect it even to be the missing goddess in disguise

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    “It was then that I realized that they seemed emancipated.”
    I’m pretty sure you meant emaciated. Emancipate means like, to free/release someone.

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    Just a note: “emancipated” should be “emaciated”, I think. The first word means liberated while the second one means thin due to lack of food.

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