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GC V9C337

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(337) It seems troublesome to take care of

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“Kusunoki-kun, I want to ask, for that Summoning Magic, are you able to summon anybody as long as they are your companions?”

Suzuki asked.

“It’s not just anybody. As of now, I am only able to summon Haru and Carol.”

I didn’t know if I was able to summon Malina or the others.

Since I didn’t know if she became my kin.

I was able to confirm that Haru and Carol had become my kin by checking their status.

Technically the people around them would be summoned as well but the skill I actually planned to use was not the Kin Summoning skill but the Hikikomori skill but I’ll keep quiet about that.

“I see … then it can’t work.”

Suzuki said with regret.

“Ah, did you want to summon Miles and the others when we reach Mallegory?”

“No, that’s not it …”

Suzuki looked at the trio eating the bread.

Summon those two?

No, that wasn’t it ─ ─ I see.


“Yeah, I was thinking that it would be dangerous to let a donkey ride on the back of Pochi.”

“Can’t we put it in a cage and carry it that way?”

“ … I don’t think it is that easy to procure a cage that can lock a donkey which can body tackle a Demonic King Dragon.”

That’s true … at the very least it could probably easily break out of a wooden cage.

Now that I think about it, it has had a previous offense of escaping from the guard post to the north of the Great Forest.

Even I did not think I would get off unharmed if it rampaged against me.

So that’s why he wanted the summoning magic.

…  There’s no helping it.

“Could you wait for a little longer before departing? I’ll try asking if Haru and Carol mind taking care of it. It would be impossible for humans but I believe it should be possible to summon Centaur along with Haru and Carol.”

I said before moving to a place away from the four of them and transferring to My World.


After transferring, I gathered Haru, Carol, Pionia, Neete, Sheena No.3, and the Dark Elves’ representation.

“So, I will take three days to travel to Mallegory but I was thinking if it is okay to keep the slow donkey called Centaur in My World until then?”

““ …… !””

Haru and Carol choked on their words.

Even Haru, whose facial expression doesn’t change much, expressed a fearful expression that showed the magnitude of the situation.

Whereas the others who were not acquainted with it showed perplexed expressions.

“Hey, Master. There’s a lot I wish to ask but it’s just a donkey? Is there a need to gather everyone?”

Neete asked.

It seemed like the others who didn’t know the circumstances wanted to ask that as well.

“Do not underestimate Centaur. Its appetite is even greater than that of Nanawat. And it’s a herbivore.”

“In that case, we won’t have to worry that it would attack us.”

Pionia commented.

“But it bit Sheena No.3’s arm desu?”

“That was because the aquatic plants were wrapped around your arm.”

I thrust aside Sheena’s comment and addressed everyone who still could not understand the situation.

“Rarael, I’m not sure but do you think the leaves of the Golden Tree are delicious to donkeys?”


“ …… !?”


Currently in My World, the Golden Tree was a symbolic plant.

What would happen if it found the leaves delicious?

“Negotiation is possible against Centaur. It is possible to tell it that we will give it 50 tomatoes and 50 carrots if it doesn’t touch the Golden Tree. However, that is only if its reasoning is capable of overcoming its desire to eat the Golden Tree.”

“ … Ichino-sama, is there no other way other than to keep Centaur here?”

Carol asked.

She probably wanted to ask if there was a need to take such a risk.

“I was thinking that too but … riding on top of Pochi with Centaur was terrifying as well.”

According to Suzuki, wyverns fly at an altitude of around 2000 meters. If something unforeseen happens at a height three times that of the Tokyo Sky Tree … I might somehow be okay but the others would not be so fortunate.

“Haru, I have a request for you. Only you can do it.”

“What is it?”

“If Centaur threatens to harm the Golden Tree or causes a despairing situation, please stop it. As a last resort, you can even break its leg … but please don’t kill it if possible.”

“I don’t think it is an opponent that I can hold back against but understood. I swear on this Guardian Sword and Gale Blade that I will fight a battle that will not shame Master’s name.”

“Please settle the issues without fighting if possible. I intend to do my best as well.”

We had to formulate strategies for that sake.


Our discussion after that dragged on for another hour.


“This all sounds too far-fetched. This is just a talk about taking care of a donkey desu.”


Sheena No.3 spoke as though it was someone else’s problem.



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GC V9C336


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