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GC V9C339

(339) Hair Examination

Translator: Tseirp


Thanks to the help of the DT hero Suzuki, the Rock Golem extermination ended in just three minutes. It was even easier than making cup ramen.

Incidentally, Jofre and Elize were supporting us throughout the fight.

Not with skills that increase status but just with regular cheering.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Magic Investigation Lab Member skill: 「Fingerprint Discovery」acquired】

【Magic Investigation Lab Member skill: 「Fingerprint Examination」acquired】

【Magic Investigation Lab Member skill: 「Blood Discovery」acquired】

【Magic Investigation Lab Member skill: 「Blood Examination」acquired】

【Magic Investigation Lab Member skill: 「Hair Examination」acquired】


And I acquired various skills.

The task of fighting the Rock Golem until then was easy but excavating the items called golem cores from the debris was a chore.

There was a reason for going through the trouble of crushing the Rock Golem rocks to extract the red gem-like stone hidden within.

Golem cores were used as energy sources for magical tools just like magic stones but if they were left on a rocky mountain as the one we were on, they would eventually absorb the surrounding rocks and be reborn as a new golem so adventurers had the duty to collect the golem cores.

After collecting a certain amount, we delegated the task to Jofre and Elize while we took a break.

Leaving all that aside, these Magic Investigation Lab Member skills are truly unique.

Suzuki mentioned appraisal but it was subtly different.

First, Fingerprint Discovery ─ ─ it was a skill that could visualize fingerprints from within the last ten days.

When I looked at the bag I was carrying, there was a mountain load of fingerprints on it.

And then Fingerprint Examination can be used to investigate the fingerprints that were found but the fingerprints must first be lifted using specialized tools.

Blood Discovery was a skill that would dye bright red anything that has been covered by blood within the past ten days. To put it simply, it was similar to the reaction of blood toward Luminol. Furthermore, this skill could even see through stains cleaned thoroughly using the Lifestyle Magic’s Clean skill.

However, it included the blood of monsters so when I looked at Suzuki, his entire body shone bright red. He probably defeated a large monster recently and was bathed in its blood.

That said, to perform Blood Examination, a certain amount of blood was required (The greater the amount of blood, the more fields that can be examined).

It seemed quite difficult to use that.


The most useful of the lot might be Hair Examination.

It was a skill that could provide information regarding hair just by expending one hair.

To test it out, I combed my hair with my hand and used Hair Examination on the three strands of hair that fell out.

Upon doing so, each of them gave separate results.

【Individual Number: 3193・2918・4141・1995・1713

Hair age: 25

Gender: 1】

【Individual Number: 3193・2918・4141・1995・1713

Danger level: 0・3・4・0

Level: 15】

【Individual Number: 3193・2918・4141・1995・1713

Oil content: 23

Hair root lifespan: 72】

I got such a random result.

The 20-digit Individual Number was probably something similar to DNA Appraisal. It has 10^20 combinations so it was unlikely that it would be the same with someone else.

That said, looking at the examination results, there was no explanation for the numbers.

Take for example the danger level field. Was ‘0’ good or was ‘4’ good. In the first place, what does it even mean by ‘danger level’?

Did oil content refer to the oil content of the hair? What did the value of 23 mean? As for the hair root lifespan, does that indicate the time until I become bald? Was that number large or small? How many years would I be safe for?

Does it mean I will start turning bald at the age of 72? Or would I be completely bald by age 72? Or did it have another meaning?

Ha … well, there’s no need to worry about it. Having an abundance of hair was just one characteristic and does not represent an entire person’s value.

I can think of many people who look good even without hair and many girls like skinheads too.

The only things I knew for sure were for the gender field, 1 was probably meant for males. And as for the level, it was probably the level of the person’s first job.

Suzuki studied to become a Magic Investigation Lab Member so he probably knew the meaning behind these numbers?

But thinking about it, it was terrifying to know the meaning behind hair root lifespan and I was tired from battling monsters (or rather, tired from extracting golem cores) so I decided to nap.


In the afternoon, we landed nearby the guard station to Tsuaobal.

The soldiers on guard duty were restless, thinking that there was a wyvern coming to attack but they regained their calm after seeing us riding on its back.

After we reached a certain height, Suzuki jumped off Pochi’s back and showed the soldiers a brooch which was probably proof of a baron and explained the situation before jumping onto Pochi’s back once more.

“They said we can just continue ahead.”

Suzuki said with a smile showing his white teeth.

“Ou, Ko, so cool!”

“Yup Ko, you’re so cool! Second to Jofre!”

Elize flattered Jofre as though it was natural. It was probably not calculated but a natural reaction. They were seriously an idiotic couple.

Nevertheless, this Suzuki, there was no need to do such an excessively pointless performance of leaping off and on. Even without the Protagonist divine blessing, he was truly a protagonist. No wonder he was so popular. I could probably do the same due to my status but I would probably miscalculate and fly over Pochi’s head, falling over to the other side.

I would love to follow in his footsteps.

Even if I can’t become a protagonist, I want to be a person who can make decisions more decisively.

As I had that thought, I noticed a single strand of hair on top of Pochi’s back.

Did it fall off my head?

I nonchalantly used Hair Examination.


【Individual Number: 3156・5913・9311・5312・3951

Age: 20

Hair root lifespan: 40】


… Hn? It was a different individual number compared to mine.

And the hair root lifespan differed from mine.


“Eh? What’s wrong? Kusunoki-kun. You keep looking at me.”

“It’s nothing, I was just thinking what a nice guy you are.”

I shook my head and smiled.

“Really? This much is just normal though?”

It seemed that Suzuki thought that I was thanking him for acting as the representative to obtain permission to pass from the guard post.

My favourability of Suzuki rose greatly.


Hmm, once I help Miri, I’ll compound a hair tonic ─ ─ I promised myself as we flew in the southeastern direction of Tsuaobal.


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GC V9C338


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