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GC V9C340

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(340) What happened?

Translator: Tseirp


“Is that … Mallegory?”

I muttered after seeing the outer walls of the city.

Pochi was already flying at low altitude so I could not see inside the outer walls.

Magic City. The city where Daijiro-san was said to be in. The first destination I was aiming for from the start of my journey.

I could imagine all sorts of things.

Just what kind of city would it be?

Would it be THE so-called magic city where flying carpets are the mode of transportation or a modern city with high-rise buildings lined up?

I dreamed about what lied on the other side of the outer walls.

I could peek into the city from above by using Hawk Eye but I won’t do it.

“Suzuki, how many times have you been to Mallegory?”

“Hn, I wonder. As fellow transmigrators, the first information we received was about this location. I came here once about half a year after coming to this world and visited countless times after that. Although the world is big, this is the only place with shops that sells Japanese food after all.”

“Eh, there’s Japanese food?”

“Yup. Furthermore, the effort was put into crossbreeding the rice originally from this world so it is delicious. The taste is comparable to the Koshihikari rice brand … eh? Kusunoki-kun, you don’t seem very excited.”

“No, that’s not the case. I am looking forward to Japanese food.”

I gave an awkward smile.

Sorry. Regarding rice, I am already manufacturing a large volume in My World.

“What is rice, Jofre.”

“I’ve heard of it before. It is said that the seven goddesses are within a single grain of rice.”

“All seven goddesses!? Eh? But I only know six goddesses?”

“Hn? That’s true now that you mention it. Koshmar-sama, Torerul-sama, Setolance-sama, Libra-sama, Minerva-sama, Tet-sama …”

Jofre named the goddesses while counting down his fingers.

“Hey, Jo. Who is the remaining goddess?”

“Jo, please tell us who is the remaining goddess.”

Don’t shake me.

It was probably Metias-sama.

She was somehow missed out but she definitely existed.

“The Goddess of Rice? There was the idiom ‘Six gods ride on each bale of rice’. Was there also the saying that each rice grain housed 88 gods?”

Still, stop shaking me.

Sorry but I don’t have a good grasp of Japanese idioms.

If each rice grain had 7 or 88 gods and still have six gods riding on each rice bale, the country would be filled with gods. Well, I guess that’s where the saying ‘Yaoyorozu no kami’ came from. (TL: Yaoyorozu = 8 million. In Japanese Shinto belief, gods reside in everything in nature, they believed there to be 8 million gods in total.)

All this talk about rice made me want to have some rice.

Pochi switched posture to land just as I had that thought.

It stopped near the gate ─ ─ or rather in front of the stables.

The stable employee came out.

“Baron-sama! That’s troubling, landing at such a place will scare the horses.”

“Eh? But you took care of Pochi here in the past ─ ─”

“The last time you came, it was a wyvern only as tall as I am so I took care of it but I can’t take care of such a large wyvern now.”

That’s a given.

No matter how well-behaved it is, it was like entrusting a well-behaved lion to a place with no chains or cages.

“I’ll need feed as well so maybe I’ll ask the ranch to take care of it.”

“That might be a good idea.”

… Did you just choose a ranch because you needed feed?

Hn, Pochi’s feed ─ ─ I wonder how many cows, sheep, and goats will have to be sacrificed.

Previously he mentioned that it could finish an entire Sugyu in three days. It would take around 2 weeks for Miles and the others to walk over. They would spend an additional few days visiting and touring the Great Cathedral.

During that time, the lowest number would come up to ─ ─ no, it’s scary to think about it.

“Well then, Pochi and I will head to the ranch to make an exchange so the three of you can enter the town first. I believe you should be able to stay for free if you head to the Japanese Street, Showa Lane number 3, the house with my nameplate on it. Here, an introduction letter.”

Suzuki said and passed me a piece of parchment.

Leaving that aside, the address he said ─ ─ Japanese Street? Showa Lane? Nameplate?

“ … That’s an amazing address. I remembered it in one go.”

I took the parchment.

And since we were at a stable ─ ─ I thought of calling Centaur out so I bade Jofre and Elize wait before moving into My World in the shadows.


The nostalgic My World ─ ─ Haru and the others welcomed me with smiles ─ ─

“Wel-welcome home … Master.”

“Carol can’t do it any longer … Carol has no more charm.”

“I … Master, magical power ─ ─ give me magical power now.”

“I have the same request … my MP has single digits left.”

“Sheena’s hair … Sheena’s hair … end desu …”

Or rather, instead of smiles, Haru, Carol, Pionia, Neete, and Sheena No.3 welcomed me with completely exhausted looks.

Just what happened in My World?

Especially Sheena, when did she cut short her hair?

“ … Are Rarael and the others okay?”

All the Dark Elves were down.

Haru and the others seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

“ …… The Golden Tree … is fine.”

“That donkey … please do not agree to take care of it again.”

Ririana begged me, continuing Rarael’s sentence.

That donkey probably referred to Centaur ─ ─ it was leisurely munching on a banana peel.


Just what happened exactly?


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GC V9C339


SL Chapter 148


  1. Filip Dinca

    Centaur, the mighty donkey, maniac eater and the devourer of worlds. Ichinojo’s My World nearly became My Wasteland. Truly a mythical being, not evil (probably), but scary. Now, it’s time for the magical city, to fall prey, to the danger incarnate, Centaur!
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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  12. ChunLing

    In “what lied on the other side” you should use “what lay on the other side”.

    Despite the base verb having identical spelling and pronounciation, there are etymolotically distinct origins of “lie” in the sense of a falsehood (Old English lyge) and “lie” in the sense of the intransitive [reflexive] form of “lay” (Old English licgan, derived from lecgan). These differences show up in various tenses of the verb because the first is originally a noun that is backformed into a verb and simply uses the modern tense formations (thus “lie” becomes “lied”) while the second is originally a verb and uses the older peculiar tense formations (thus becoming “lay”).

    So unless you mean that he is specifically referring to purveyors of falsehood on the other side (which is after all a possible if not contextually sensible meaning), it should be “lay”.

    P.S. why is the past tense of an intransitive verb the transitive verb from which it was derived? I don’t know…kinda makes sense compared to a lot of other things in English.

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