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GC V9C341

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(341) Message from Miri

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All members only remarked that it was a result of their hard work when I asked for details so I could only tell that Centaur caused some trouble.

Everyone regained their calm slightly after I applied Stamina Heal on all of them.

I provided MP to Pionia, Neete, and Sheena No.3. Sheena No.3’s hair did not recover but with the natural recovery of a Homunculus, her hair should return to her normal length after three days but she was unusually depressed.

I guess it couldn’t be helped. Hair was the life of a woman after all.

“ … Short hair suits you.”

I consoled her.


Rurina produced a piece of paper.

Centaur’s damage ─ ─ or specifically, the number of produce it ate.

120 tomatoes, 70 corns, 170 sweet potatoes, 20 bunches of bananas, seven gingers, 260 carrots, 32 bundles of spinach … I held my head when I saw the list of produce and the numbers that Centaur ate.

What was with this number?

There was even one entry for a tea plantation. Just like enjoying a cup of tea after meal ─ ─ this donkey actually ate an entire tea plantation.

This donkey had the previous offense of ravaging an entire field of gingers and green onion but how was it possible for it to eat so much?

Did it grow in a strange direction after being fed too many Rare Medals?

Looking at the paper, I wondered if Centaur would refuse to leave because of its appetite.

“We’re leaving to Mallegory ─ ─ here, follow me.”

I tried and it surprisingly followed me without any issue.

Perhaps it was satisfied after eating so much but seeing it follow so obediently was conversely unsettling.


Haru, Carol and I left My World along with Centaur and met up with Jofre and Elize.

“Centaur, you look healthy.”

“Centaur, you look lively.”

Jofre and Elize hugged Centaur.

“ … Yes, it was extremely lively.”

“… Please drop by next time when it is not lively.”

Haru and Carol complained in a worn-out tone.

Well, that was the end of our journey with Centaur. After all, we were entrusting it to the stable.

“Oh, this Slow Donkey – -“

“So this is Centaur. I’ve heard about it.”

Hn? Did Jofre and Elize tell him about it previously? Just then, the staff placed a red ribbon on Centaur’s head.

“So cute, Centaur.”

“You look like a fashionable girl, Centaur.”

Jofre and Elize complimented Centaur.

It was a little late but – so this donkey was female.

“Please do not remove the ribbon while you are in town.

The man said and was about to leave.

“Please wait!”

I called the man.

“Eh? This donkey can be brought into the city?”

“Yes, the mayor has already sent instructions. That if a red-haired man and a blue-haired girl brings an absent-minded looking slow donkey, we can let them enter the city. It is the mayor’s command after all.”

“Mayor? Are you referring to Daijiro-san?”

“Yes, Daijiro-sama. The gate guards probably received the same notice as well so I believe you will be able to enter without any issues.

… Seriously?”

“ …Jofre, Elize. What will you guys do from now on?”

“We have something to pass to Daijiro-san so we plan to do that first.”

“It’s the large lizard horn. We’ll bring it to the flying ship dock.”

“Flying ship dock!? I – – can I come along too!?”

I totally forgot about it because I hate to be involved with Jofre and Elize but they were working under Daijiro. If I followed them, it was evident that I will reach the place where their employer, Daijiro-san, was.

But Daijiro-san probably realized that I was chasing after her.

Naturally she would have instructed Jofre and Elize to not show me the way – –


“Yup, okay.”

— Did she not instruct them?

Jofre and Elize nonchalantly agreed to lead me around.

“Are you sure? Didn’t Daijiro-san instruct you otherwise?”

“It’s okay. She didn’t say anything in particular.”

“It’s okay. Julio-kun, Sutchino-kun, and Milky-chan are probably waiting too.”

Oh right, those three were around as well.

Unlike Jofre and Elize, I couldn’t care less about those three so I completely forgot about them.

Just as the stable man said, even though we were bringing Centaur along, we were able to pass easily without any detailed inspection.

And so we entered the city.

“ …… ”

I inadvertently was at a loss for words.

“What’s wrong? Master.”

“It is certainly a strange cityscape.”

Strange cityscape. It’s not surprisingly that they would comment that way.

After all, the regular resident homes were surrounded by stone walls and fences or wooden walls and the roofs were even covered with tile-like materials, something unimaginable in this world.

Yeah, it looked exactly like a retro Showa period cityscape.

“What is this pillar? It seems like there are metal lines on top of it.”

Carol looked up at a cylindrical wooden pillar.

“ … That’s probably a utility pole.”

“Utility pole?”

Jofre asked.

“Yeah, it carries a small amount of lighting magical power called electricity through the metal lines but touching it directly is dangerous so they are pulled across the city on such high poles.”

I was unsure if this world actually had well developed electrical technology.

Or perhaps something else – – was something like magical energy flowing through those line?

But this Japanese-style cityscape with otherworld people that look completely different from Japanese people walking on the streets.

It was as though this was a Japan conservation area occupied by tourist from other countries.

In addition to utility poles, there were public baths, bicycles and even manholes on the ground. Was the place equipped with a fully functional sewer?

“ … It’s somewhat calming.”

A nostalgic atmosphere – – was Miri looking at this place too?

I thought as we passed through the street and there was a drastic change.

“Now this is a regular street … what’s going on?”

After walking for a bit, the cityscape suddenly changed to something similar to the one in Goats Rocky so I was surprised.

Behind us was Japanese-style, in front of us was Western-style. As though there was an invisible gate that made a border between the two streets.

“Oya, travelers? Is this the first time you’ve come to this city?”

An elderly man spoke to us.

“Eh, yes.”

I nodded.

It seemed that first-time visitors to this city would be shocked at the city entrance and this location so this elderly man would call out to them.

“This city is separated into three districts. That side is the Japanese Street and this side is the Otherworld Street. And further in is called the Magic Street. If you’re looking to explore, I would recommend the Japanese Street. There’s a bunch of strange items there.”

“Which place is popular with the people?”

Jofre asked.

“Let me see. It would be facilities that are not found in other cities such as the bathhouse for public use called the public bath and the food hall. The place called a temple is popular as well.”

A public bath was certainly rare in this world.

So there’s one here. Do they have coffee milk as well?

“Also – – no, I guess that’s all.”

The elderly man was about to say something to Jofre but fell silent. I noticed that his gaze fell on the girls for a split second.

Using Thought Trace, I sensed erotic and disgusting feelings mixed together.

Well, it was probably something to do with the sex industry.

“Thank you very much. Jofre, we’ll tour around after we go to the docks.”

“Ah, that’s right. Oji-chan, do you know where the flying ship dock is?”

He didn’t know where it was?

The elderly man politely described the location.

It was coincidentally located in the Otherworld Street.

We followed the path that was conveyed to us.

Upon doing so, we saw a huge facility from quite a long distance away.

It was as large as the Tokyo Dome and was a concrete building about 30 meters tall.

Was the flying ship dock housed inside that?

In that case, was the roof the retractable type?

I thought to myself as we headed toward the docks.

There were guards at the entrance to the site and the entrance to the building but we were allowed through smoothly just with Jofre showing his adventurer card.

And so we entered the docks.

“Master – -“

Haru started.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

Naturally the flying ship was not docked there.

The dock was silent.

Miri and Daijiro-san were not there.

I didn’t expect to resolve everything here in the first place.

Even if she was not here, my aim was to find the dock workers and find out Daijiro-san’s address or aim.

There seemed to be a different room at the back.

Just as I had that thought.

“ … Master – – I smell something from there.”


“Unfortunately – – It has been erased with the smell of spies.”

Haru pointed in the direction of the scent.

It was a recess in the docks.


And there was a marble there on the ground.

Why was there a marble here?

“What a beautiful glass ball.”

“ …Haru, does the scent originate from this?”


“I see … then there’s no mistaking it, this belongs to Miri.”

A marble that smelled like spices.

Its true identity was the marble placed inside the curry flavor lemonade.

Although curry flavor lemonade was not terrible, there would probably not be anybody crazy enough about it to recreate it in this otherworld. If there was such a unique person, I would normally see cola or ciders in circulation before such a unique flavor.

In other words, this was definitely something Miri brought from Japan.


There were some small letters written on the marble.


【Buy Milky’s book.】


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