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GC V9C342

(342) Omitted Information

Translator: Tseirp


What did she mean by ‘buy Milky’s book’?

I had only journeyed with her for a short period of time.

But I knew the kind of doujinshi that she likes.

“Ichino-sama, is there really any meaning in purchasing Milky-san’s book? Perhaps it is an intentional mislead by Miri-sama or even Daijiro-sama?”

Carol asked.

Miri certainly – – gave off the vibe that she didn’t want me to chase after her.

But I shook my head.

“I don’t know about Daijiro-san but there is no possibility of that if this message is from Miri. That girl won’t do such a cowardly act for this kind of situation.”

I could understand Milky’s genre of doujinshi by interacting with her for just less than a day. I lived with Miri for 12 years on Earth – – I had been her brother all that duration. Although I never realized that she was a reincarnation of the Demon Lord, I knew her choice of actions.

“Jofre, Elize. Were there anyone there?”

I asked Jofre and Elize after they came back from the room at the back.

“There was nobody in the office at the back.”

“Yup, I wonder where did the three of them go?”

It wasn’t just Daijiro-san, Miri, and Milk, nobody was there?

I certainly don’t sense any presence from our surroundings.

In that case, they probably aren’t in this town?

But only Milky’s book remained here?

“Ichino-sama, I will search for clues of Daijiro-sama’s destination in the office at the back.”

“Okay, thanks. By the way, Haru – – what are Jofre and Elize doing?”

“It looks as though they are feeding Centaur Rare Medals.”

That’s right, the small gold medals that Jofre were holding – – were Rare Medals.

It was a drop item by unique monsters in dungeons and feeding it to monsters will have the effect of making them stronger.

Jofre unsparingly offered multiple of such Rare Medals to Centaur.

Even though one Rare Medal cost one gold coin or 100,000 sense – – equivalent to 1million yen.

Perhaps Centaur obediently exited My World because it wanted to eat Rare Medals?

“Hey, Haru. Are Rare Medals tasty?”

“Sorry. I like tough food but I don’t know about the taste of metal.”

“I guess that’s a given.”

I nodded and looked at Centaur.

If the already strong Centaur became even stronger, I might even lose to it.

“Ichino-sama, I’m back.”

Carol returned from the office at the back.

“That was quick, Carol.”

“The room called the office was empty. There were no documents or even a single piece of paper.”

Then obviously it would be quick. Since there was nothing to investigate at all.

“But this was dropped.”

Carol showed me 30 short strands of hair.

I see, Hair Examination?

A drowning person would cling to straws but I guess I cling to hairs.


And so I took out a notebook and performed Hair Examination.

That said, the information I received from Hair Examination was random. In the first place, I was not even confident that it was from somebody involved. It might even be the hair of a pizza delivery middle-aged man – – if there were any pizza delivery in this world.

Nevertheless, I still activated Hair Examination.


As expected, I didn’t get any good information.

Incidentally, there was just one strand of hair that I could not apply Hair Examination on. I wondered why but then Haru’s Counterfeit Appraisal reacted to it. In other words, I was convinced that it was that. It was amazing how it looked exactly like real hair though.

And then – –

“Hn? Something amazing came up.”

I commented as I looked at the words recorded in the notebook.

【Individual number: 2531・5231・8989・1192・2960

Curse: 42

Hair Lifespan: 0】

“The hair lifespan is 0 …”

I was able to verify something. Hair Lifespan was not the age when the person loses all hair but the number of years left until hair loss.

In other words, my hair lifespan of 72 meant that it won’t fall off until I reach 92 years old.

“Erm, Master. What does this curse 42 mean?”

“ … No idea. Well, until I can determine who the hair came from, I can’t deduce anything from it.”

And then, I appraised a long brown hair.

【Individual number: 3193・2918・3213・2951・3502】

The first 8 digits of the individual number were the same as mine.

Such a coincidence shouldn’t be possible in ordinary circumstances. Most probably the first 8 digits were influenced by parental genes.

Thinking about it that way, that hair was definitely Miri’s.

【Stress: 82】

…… She was overflowing with stress.

Well, that couldn’t be helped since she could not move about freely.

【Desire: 52】

… Desire – – what was she wishing for?

If I could decipher this, I might be able to understand Miri’s thoughts.


But in the end, this Hair Examination only gave me a string of numbers.

Without any knowledge of the meaning behind the numbers, there was nothing I could do.

I could not get any appraisal results that could be used as a reference with the other strands of hairs.

As expected, I have to understand the meaning of the numbers.


“If only I could understand the results of these hair appraisals.”

“Ichino-sama. Suzuki-dono’s home may have a book regarding the appraisal results?”

“ – – That’s true!”


Now that she mentioned it, that guy studied to become a Magic Investigation Lab Member.

In that case, he might have documents regarding Hair Examination.

On an unrelated note, why was she referring to him as Suzuki-dono?

Well, she found out that he was a Baron so I guess that way of addressing him was appropriate.


“Carol will gather information on Daijiro-sama, Miri-sama, and Milky-san in this town so Ichino-sama and Haru-san can wait in Suzuki-dono’s home.”

“Ah, we’ll do just that. Sorry for having you do this every time. Thanks.”


After thanking her, Carol came closer to me and said soft enough that only I could hear her.


“If you want to thank me, please do so in bed tonight.”



What a thing to say.

Carol was a carnivore after all.


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