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GC V9C344

(344) Whereabouts of Milky’s book

Translator: Tseirp


“Frenzy curse? It sounds kind of dangerous but what kind of curse is it?”

I asked as I looked at Haru but she tilted her head as well.

Her knowledge might be less than Carol but she read the books in the Demon Lord castle when she was young so she knew quite a lot as well. But if it was something that Haru had never heard before, it was probably a minor curse.

Suzuki explained the curse to answer my question.

“The frenzy curse is a curse as the name suggests. By hearing a specific word, the cursed person’s job would switch to the criminal job Berserker and activate their unique skills.”

It forces a job change?

Suddenly becoming level 1 would certainly be a hassle and it would be troublesome if it activates in the middle of a battle.

“ … Are the unique skills of the job dangerous?”

“Yes. The Berserker has two unique skills, one is frenzy – – in exchange for falling into a confused state, the person’s status would see a large increase. A level 1 Berserker would be as strong as a level 20 Swordsman. They would have enough strength to strangle and kill an ordinary person in under 10 seconds.”

“That’s quite troublesome.”

“It’s not just troublesome. The other unique skill of the Berserker is Kin Killing – – when they kill others from the same race, they receive 10 times their regular experience.”

Ten times – – compared to my growth speed of 400 times, it was not anything special.


『As expected, leveling up is easy when killing people.』

The mountain bandit in Florence once said that.

If a level 1 Berserker goes into a frenzy and kills 10 people, he would receive the experience equal to killing 100 people.

As he levels up, it would truly go out of control.

“There would not be many casualties if it activates in a deserted location but it would be the worst if the curse activates in a crowd.”

“ … Do people naturally develop that curse?”

“No. A person with knowledge of curse magic needs to perform a ritual to inflict it. There are two flaws in cursing people – – with this class of curses, failing to inflict the curse would cause their level to drop to 1 or lose their job, and they might even lose their life if they do it badly. It’s a dangerous curse.”

“Such a curse – -”

No wonder Haru didn’t know about it.

Nevertheless, confusion?

I didn’t have any resistance to confusion.

If I ever encounter Berserker when using Job Seeking, I must make sure to never take it.

“That said, as long as we can’t tell who this strand of hair came from, there’s no way we can look for them. We probably should report this to the soldiers and they will investigate.”

“I leave that to you, Baron-sama (Danshaku-sama).”

“Yup, I leave it to you, Baronette-dono.”

“Ooo, the Romanization sounds quite cool. Then what about Baron (Danshaku-sama)?”


“I see, then I leave this to you, Baron-dono.”

We nodded to each other.


Carol returned after some time passed.

I would have been worried if she returned any later. She returned at the right timing as though she could read my heart.

“So this is Ichino-sama’s hometown architectural style? The architecture is fully focused on functionality.”

Carol praised the house construction. Yup, Japan’s architectural style focuses on functionality and beauty. Carol’s viewpoints were distinct after all.

Well, my home was a family-type mansion so I didn’t get to enjoy this many functional beauty architectures.

“I will report my findings. I looked for the shipyard dock staff and gathered information from the clerks but all they knew were only related to accounting materials.”

“So we don’t know anything about where they are headed and such?”

“On the contrary, the ship uses magic stones as fuel but the number of magic stones Daijiro-sama purchased was enough to support flight for two weeks. It would not be possible to fly over to another continent. The flying ship was headed for the Eastern towns so – – Suzuki-dono, do you have a map of this continent?”

“Ah, yup, wait a moment.”

Suzuki brought a map and opened it.

“A place where they can resupply in two weeks. Magic stones can only be harvested from within dungeons. Taking into consideration the location of the towns and dungeons in the book Ichino-sama purchased, there are seven locations where a large number of magic stones can be supplied. Also, considering geography that allows the flying ship to land and countries with friendly relations with Tsuaobal.”

Carol marked three towns.

They were all port towns in the eastern part of the Southern Continent. Those three locations were nowhere near one another.

But – –

“By narrowing down to these three locations, we can head east and follow the direction where there were eyewitness accounts of the flying ship.”

“Yes, correct. Of course, if Daijiro-san has a personal large stash of magic stones in her item bag then she can still fly to the Eastern Continent as well.”

“Let’s not assume the worst. We’re chasing after a flying ship on foot after all.”

I said and nodded.

“Carol-chan is amazing.”

“Right – – Combat front would be Haru. The information front would be Carol. They are both important people to me.”

“I see – – What about Sakura-san?”

“Hn -, Malina is a mood maker perhaps?”

She’s a Street Performer after all.

And one of my aim.

She wants to return to Japan – – after meeting Haru and Carol, I decided to not return to Japan but her goal was another possibility that I might have taken.

In actual fact, I wanted to bring Malina and Daijiro-san together in Mallegory and get her help to return to Japan. And that goal was still present even now.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll make tea for Carol-chan.”

Suzuki said with a bitter smile and left to make tea for Carol.

Carol watched Suzuki leave before continuing her report.

“Also, regarding Milky-san’s book …”

“You found out about that too?”

“Yes, Milky-san is apparently still in this town. But I couldn’t find her address.”

“How did you know that she’s still in town if you can’t find her address?”

“Because there will be an event selling books soon and she plans to release her works there.”

Bookselling event.

After hearing that, I knew the true identity of that event.


That would definitely be a doujinshi sale event.


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