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GC V9C345

(345) Soba Style

Translator: Tseirp


Mallegory was a town where transmigrated Japanese and the offspring of Japanese lived since the past and they maintained autonomy as a neutral city even during war times. That could be achieved because they were backed by the technology inherited from the Japanese people and the presence of transmigrated people with divine blessings.

Famiris・Raritei was originally a Japanese so perhaps she went easy on them as they were from the same home country.

After the war with the Demon Lord ended, Daijiro, a Japanese, became mayor and its’ self-government has continued to this day.

As a result, many parts of Japanese culture remain strong in the Showa Street.

What was I getting to? – –


“This is the best. Viva Japan.”

In the Japanese-style room used as a guest room, I said as I looked at Haru and Carol’s bewitching yukata figures.

They were in kimono just moments ago but it took some time to dress and they complained that it was difficult to move in so Haru and Carol were slightly dissatisfied. Although, I would have liked it if they kept that on. In the end, we settled with yukata but this was the best too.

I received their kimonos as well and Carol completely mastered the way to put it on so I could have them wear it another time.

“Moving is easy in this so it’s great. Later let’s ask Pionia to make a hole for my tail.”

Haru said as she moved lightly.

But since it was a miniskirt yukata, just slight movement was enough to almost show glimpses of her bloomers.

Well, that’s something to look forward to.

While I looked at Haru’s movements with devious intent, she showed an upper kick movement.

That was when it happened.

“ – – Bu!”

I inadvertently spat my tea out.

“Ha-haru …”

“What’s wrong, master?”

“Where’s your bloomers?”

“…? According to Carol’s information gathering, underwear is not worn below the yukata.”

I looked at Carol.

When I did that, Carol used her Captivating Transformation and turned into her adult figure.

“Of course, that includes the top.”

Carol said and pulled the front of her yukata to give me a glimpse of her collarbone.

Two mountains were about to spill out of her yukata.

I once again muttered ‘This is the best. Viva Japan’.

But I’ll make sure to ask them to wear panties when going out.


Then, we had our dinner while in our yukata.

“The figures of girls in yukata are the best. It’s like flowers bloomed at the table.”

Suzuki praised Haru and Carol yukata appearances naturally.

Haru and Carol didn’t seem unhappy with the praise.

“Suzuki, don’t look at them with devious eyes okay.”

“I won’t. I don’t plan to steal the girls of my friend.”

That’s true, this guy already had three girls after all.

By any chance would Lana be in Suzuki’s harem too? Going by that route, Pochi would eventually learn the humanization technique and join Suzuki’s harem too.

After all, this guy holds the strongest protagonist constitution with protagonist correction.

As I was lost in thought, Suzuki’s harem candidate Lana brought the food.

Her cooking was placed in front of us, being guests as we were.

It was zaru soba.

She even went through the trouble to lay the bamboo mat. I could feel the commitment.

“It looks like 10% soba.”

“Yeah, if I could overcome my buckwheat allergy, I wanted to try eating 2:8 Soba though. But since Lana-san is cooking, changing the recipe would likely confuse her.”

“You can say that again.”

I answered with a wry smile.

Carol and Haru asked about the meaning behind 10% and 2:8 soba so I explained as much as I could according to the dictionary.

Then, the four of us ate soba.

Suzuki ate quietly without making any noise. Even though he ate with so much excitement and noise when we ate cup noodles previously.

I wanted to eat heartily with noise but Haru and Carol were eating silently with chopsticks that they were not accustomed to as well so when in Rome, do as Romans do, I ate silently as well.

“Silent Room.”

I muttered the spell and proceeded to slurp heartily.

Not making any noise just made it feel a little unsatisfactory.

Suzuki smiled wryly.

He probably felt the same way as I did by eating quietly.

“Suzuki, this soba dipping sauce … isn’t the taste a little different? The color isn’t black either.”

“Yeah, I can’t recreate the taste of soba dipping sauce no matter what. I don’t have soy sauce or mirin after all.”

Suzuki said regretfully. Despite having no soy sauce and mirin, this soba dipping sauce …

Now that I recall, during the voyage, I mentioned that I smell the nostalgic scent of soy sauce but Doxco said that refined sake was still illusionary sake.

I guess fermentation technology was not very developed.

That was a pity given all the efforts put into preserving Japanese culture.

Perhaps I should ask that person?


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SL Chapter 149


GC V9C346


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