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GC V9C347

(347) Should I take my time to enjoy myself?

Translator: Tseirp


“So Neete is staying in the hotel with beautiful night view that Carol found?”

“Yeah, it’s her vacation after all.”

Although the fee for making soy sauce was not that great, the price for the yeast seemed to have been quite considerable.

Even though there’s no idea if the Japan yeast could even survive in this world – – it was not surprising that it would fetch a high price.

I wanted to refuse the money but Suzuki said that it would be better to receive the money instead because it would reduce future problems.

If I passed it to them without charging them, the work to grow yeast would snatch the profits of the sprout shops.

Because of that, I let Neete use that money to enjoy a vacation.

With Pionia’s permission, of course.

“I feel bad for Pionia-neesan but I’ll let her enjoy a luxurious stay. Does Master want a spare key? It’s amazing, the whole floor is reserved and there’s even a guest room.”

“I don’t need it.”

It would be a hassle to specially make my way there to get and return the key.

Even though I said that, it seemed that she was prepared for that as she said ‘You can just pass the key to Lana’ and pressed the key to me.

I glanced over saw Carol looking at me with expectant eyes.

I see, so Carol was encouraging her.

“ … All right. Well, I’ll go over to play if I have time at night. I’m interested in the hotel room service too.”

“Also, although you taught them how to make soy sauce, why did you not teach them the method to make Japanese sake?”

“Hn – I was a little concerned about the national system and for the environment. It may be groundless but I fear that it might not have a decent outcome. I’ll investigate before I teach them.”

System and environment?

I didn’t understand but I guess it’s fine if Neete teaches it in the way she wants to rather than not teach because she felt it was troublesome. I’m sure it was probably because the rice of this world is not suitable for making Japanese sake.

Incidentally, soy sauce production originally takes over half a year but as expected of the Otherworld.

There seem to be skills that encourage aging. Just like in My World, the plants grow or ferment in the blink of an eye – – or not to that extent but they would have soy sauce by a week so even Suzuki was looking forward to it.


And just like how Suzuki was looking forward to soy sauce, Haru was eager too.

The yukata Haru was wearing didn’t have a hole for her tail yet so her tail was wagging excitedly below her yukata.

“ … Haru, I know you are excited but don’t forget your training to control your tail.”

“ – – ! I’m sorry.”

It seemed that Haru did not notice that her tail was wagging.

I could tell that she was focusing on her tail as it was throbbing. It still trembled with slight movements.

I guess controlling her tail was more difficult than expected.

We passed through the Otherworld Street and reached Magic Street.

I imagined a mysterious district with tons of magical tools aligned since it was called Magic Street but I was completely wrong.

It was closer to a factory street instead.

Just looking at the smoke coming out from the chimneys was enough to make one feel sick.

“Magic Street is the street with many blocks of factories dedicated to the production of magical tools.”

Carol looked at the smoke as she commented.

I recall she mentioned that only the Japanese Street was a location suitable for sight-seeing.

“I guess we won’t be able to sight-see much here.”

“Only the observation tower would fit as a sight-seeing spot. There’s a restaurant on the highest floor of that tower there and it overlooks the entire town.”

Carol pointed at a tower that was about as tall as a regular radio tower. I guess about 30 meters high?

“Climbing up seems troublesome.”

Although seeing the scenery from a high vantage point was pretty but I have the Hawk-Eye skill and could look down on from the sky from not only 30 meters but a couple of hundreds of meters high so it didn’t hold much appeal to me.

“There’s a vehicle called an elevator that will automatically bring you up.”

“There’s an elevator!?”

It wasn’t that bizarre considering there was a flying ship but they actually had such a thing as well.

“Yes – – it’s called a hydraulic elevator and it is apparently powered by water that flows underground. There are many other facilities among the Magic Street facilities that utilize groundwater flow as power.”

Was it something similar to hydropower?

Haru glanced at me,

“Well, the observation tower won’t go away so let’s follow our plan to check out the dungeon today.”

And so I prioritized the task she wanted to do.

We had to spend time just waiting for Neete after all.

“Carol, where is the dungeon?”

“It is below that observation tower.”

“Ah, okay. Then let’s take a look at the observation tower once we are done with conquering the dungeon.”


Haru and Carol nodded.

There were two entrances to the observation tower and we headed to the entrance to the right.

There was a guard beside the door but we were let through easily after Haru showed her Adventurers Guild registration card.

“Shouldn’t they examine a little more strictly?”

I thought to myself and turned around. But the entrance was already shut and we could no longer see the man.

“The examinations to enter a dungeon is only there to a certain extent. They are only on the watch to prevent criminals from entering the dungeon after all.”

“Criminals entered the dungeon in Florence though.”

“It’s rarer for there to be full day guards for small towns.”

Haru explained. I didn’t say it with the intention that Norn-san and other’s work was shoddy.

“If anything, the guards are there to prevent people from bringing monsters out from the dungeon without permission.”

Carol continued after Haru.

Ah, that is certainly important as well.

I guess they also make sure the monsters don’t overflow?


I thought of what happened at Dakyat and shivered.

A huge number of monsters appeared in a herd.

That time it was thanks to Carol’s skill and it in fact functioned as a bonus stage. My level went up a lot.

But just thinking of what would have happened if Carol wasn’t there or if it did not happen at night frighten me.

Would we have been able to protect Ferruit?

No, it would have been impossible.

It would be impossible even at my current level.

“But that doesn’t mean I have to push myself now.”


Carol looked at me with a slightly suspicious expression to my monologue.

“It’s nothing, I’m just talking to myself.”

Now then, it’s been some time since we could explore a dungeon with no time limit.

Let’s take the time to enjoy it.


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