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GC V9C348

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(348) Yet another Emergency

Translator: Tseirp


“Haru and Carol, you guys fight for now.”

“Master won’t be fighting?”

Haru looked at me curiously when I suggested that to them after I changed my second job to Practitioner.

“I won’t fight until the third floor for now. I want to know Haru and Carol’s strength.”

I was a little uneasy with Carol’s strength. Even if I unlocked her second job and her status was the sum of both her jobs, Herbalist was a non-combat job and Succubus Queen was a magic job.

Her physical attack stat was not even a third of Haru’s.

“Carol will use the flame ring I pass to you and utilize magic attacks. Do not let any monsters approach you. Right, how about we make it into a game?”


“About 3 meters. If monsters or the monster’s attack come within 3 meters of Carol, I will act. Haru and Carol will lose if I have to act. In contrast, Haru and Carol will win if I don’t have to step in. What about I reward Haru and Carol if you win?”

“”We’ll do it!””

Their eyes shone with strong light.


I was more worried if they were so motivated. Previously the pancakes I made with Sheena No.3 were well received so I was thinking if I would make some donuts this time but the atmosphere seemed that would not be enough.


On the first floor of the dungeon, slimes suddenly appeared.

And they were not ordinary slimes. The passage was filled with slimes. Furthermore, even though their body were translucent, it was thick so it was impossible to visually tell where their nucleus was.

Physical attacks are ineffective against slimes so would Haru have a hard time?

As I was thinking, the slimes stretched their arms endlessly toward us to attack.

Even though the passage was narrow, it was still about 5 meters wide. It would probably be impossible to defeat all of them with just daggers.

Did I have to step in from the get-go? I thought to myself but Haru sliced all the arms off in an instant.

Did she combine the effect of Gale Blade and the Flame Dragon Fang to form a wind flame blade that burnt all the tentacles?

But was it all right to use up the dagger’s magical power like so?

The magical power of the daggers was not inexhaustible. With the possibility of slimes appearing ahead as well, should we withdraw for now?

New tentacles formed and undulated.

Just as I was about to make the suggestion.


Carol cast her spell.

The tentacles all stopped moving.

Sleep magic?

And then – –


Carol cast another spell that I never heard of.

But did she misfire? Nothing happened.

However, I was mistaken.

The spell was already in effect.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

I leveled up – – in other words, the slimes died.

To prove it, the slime bodies disappeared as if swallowed by the dungeon, leaving behind large magic stones and large jelly-like balls that were the slime nucleus.

“Carol, what was that?”

“It was a spell meant to snatch MP from sleeping foes. Magic organisms can’t survive without magical power. Although I say ‘snatch’, it does not recover Carol’s MP. That was one of the Dream Magic that I acquired when Ichino-sama defeated the dragon previously.”

It seemed to be a skill that belongs to Succubus Queen.

“It doesn’t leave any evidence so it’s more skewed toward assassinations. Isn’t that extremely strong?”

“Regular organisms will not die even if they reach magical power depletion. Furthermore, golems and gargoyles don’t sleep so it doesn’t work on them.”

“Eh? Golems don’t sleep? Even with flute music?”

“No, they do not. In the first place, they might not even have the function of sleeping.”

I guess that’s true. It would be surreal to imagine a golem sleeping and snoring.

“Is it similar to how Pionia-san and the others don’t sleep?”

“Pionia-san and the others just don’t need to sleep so it differs from not being capable of sleeping.”

That’s right, Neete would probably be sleeping soundly on the bed of her suite room.

But they have the Abnormal Status Invalidation so sleep is likely to be ineffective on them.

Further forward after defeating the slimes, we arrived at a treasure chest.

A treasure chest that gave off the feeling of being THE kind of treasure chest you would expect in a dungeon.

I did not sense any monster presence. It didn’t look like it was a mimic.

That said, a treasure chest?

“Carol, this is the first time I’ve seen a treasure chest but who places them here?”

“It is the dungeon that spawns the treasure chest. It is theorized that the circulation of miasma would be difficult for the dungeon if humans do not enter so it developed this method. Incidentally, one can obtain raw gemstones or precious ores from them.”

I see. I did not see any treasure chests until now because there were no advanced dungeons among the dungeons I have conquered.

“I’ll try to open it.”

Haru said and placed her hand on the chest.

“Is there a chance that there will be a trap?”

“There are no booby-trapped chests on the upper floors.”

Carol said just as Haru’s hand flashed in motion.

“Haru!? What happened?”

“An arrow flew out from the chest. I was somehow able to grab it though – -”

“No way, there’s a trapped chest on the upper floor?”

Carol commented and looked at the treasure chest.

There was a raw topaz gemstone in the chest along with something that looked like a crossbow.

It seemed to be set to fire when the chest is opened.

“Ichino-sama – – this is an emergency.”

“Ah … I knew this would happen.”

I said as I took the crossbow.

Yup, this looks like it will fetch a price.

Somehow nothing but emergency situations have been happening that it’s getting hard to stomach.

“Yes. There is a high possibility that the rare monster categorized as a first-class priority for subjugation – – the Trapdoll has spawned.”


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GC V9C347


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