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GC V9C351

(351) Terrifying trap

Translator: Tseirp


I activated Hawk Eye.

My field of view slowly descended. That sensation always felt weird. The feeling of seeing something apart from what you see with your own eyes.

I tried to move my sight a little.


“What’s wrong!?”

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

Haru was shocked but I assured her that I was fine.

I couldn’t say that I ended up seeing Haru’s bloomers and Carol and Rarael’s underwear with my lowered vision.

That said, Rarael’s underwear was pretty much just cord. That was an astonishing thing to wear. Even with their markedly improved defensive strength thanks to their Dark Elf secret technique, she’s way too defenseless there.

I calmed down my heartbeat and lowered my vision further.

There I saw a clown-like small humanoid constructing a barricade. So that’s the Trapdoll. It took out a talisman from its body and stuck it on the barricade, further proving its identity. It was an explosion talisman used by Magic Journalists.

I couldn’t imagine ordinary monsters using such a talisman.

But there was a huge problem.

“I see the Trapdoll – – but something is bothering me.”

I returned my sight and asked Carol.

“Are there monsters that resemble the Trapdoll? Or do they have different colors?”

“No, I have not heard of it.”

“Trapdolls are rare monsters, right? They are rarely seen.”


Carol nodded to my questions.

Just as I had imagined.

It wasn’t really a problem but it was strange.

That was because, in the room on the floor below, there were three Trapdolls.

“Have there been cases where many Trapdolls spawned?”

“I have not heard of it.”

“Carol neither.”

Haru and Carol shook their heads.

That’s normal. They were deemed rare monsters precisely because they rarely spawn.

Dungeon monsters are not born as monster children like regular monsters. In the first place, dolls can’t give birth to children anyway.

In that case, was something happening in the dungeon?

“The Trapdolls are located on the third floor. Let’s defeat them before they make any more traps. Also, there might not just be three Trapdolls. Rarael, please keep a lookout for any other dense congregation of traps.”


It would take time to disarm the traps one by one.

Using Rarael’s ability to determine the type of traps, I decided to destroy the traps that can be destroyed from a distance using Slash or magic.

After Rarael disarmed the trap that we had to disarm as it led to the lower floor, a metal lump in a humanoid form came toward us.

According to Metal Appraisal, it was made of iron.

“It’s an Iron Golem.”

Carol looked at the Iron doll.

I knew it was an Iron Golem.

“Iron Golem huh – – Petite Fire.”

I was thinking of defeating it in one shot with magic but only the surface of the Iron Golem melted.

“Heh, it’s quite strong.”

“Ichino-sama, the Iron Golem’s weakness is – -“

Carol was saying something but I had already taken out my katana – – White Wolf Fang.

And I proceeded to bisect the Iron Golem with a diagonal slash from below.

Skill – – Iron Decapitation.

It was easy cutting the Iron Golem in half using the skill that could slice through iron.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

All right, I leveled up.

I acquired many skills but I did not learn any Practitioner skills this round so I’ll check them all together later.

“There are not many monsters.”

“That’s likely due to the traps laid by the Trapdolls. Since not only humans can get caught in them.”

“That said. I was expecting stronger monsters since this is an Advanced Dungeon.”

“Ichino-sama, the Iron Golem is a strong monster. It is a monster said to only have Thunder Magic as its weakness.”

“As expected of Master. I will have to strive to emulate Master.”

Haru said as she picked up the three iron ingots and a magic stone.

“Then Haru will have to become a Samurai once you reach peak for Sword Saint.”

“Yes – – Alcohol and my tail and jobs. I have a mountain of tasks.”

Haru said with a determined tone.

Her tail was wagging with joy and she was still getting drunk on the alcohol smeared on dried meat to preserve it so she probably has a long road ahead.

“You will advance as long as you have tasks. It’s a good thing to have a mountain of tasks.”

I pat Haru’s head as I said that.

“Ichino-sama, Carol’s tasks are to obtain status to protect myself, secure skills and acquire Appraisal-type skills.”

“I see, then let’s level up together.”

I replied and pat Carol’s head.

“Ichinojo-sama, my tasks are to train up the Dark Elves and protect the Sugyu, chicken breeding farm and the Golden Tree in My World to the death.”

Rarael said with a red face.

It became a habit of mine to pat Haru’s head since her actions look like a dog and I had no resistance toward patting Carol’s head when she looked at me with child-like eyes.

Even though it was embarrassing to pat an adult woman’s head, I still pat Rarael’s head.

“What are Master’s tasks?”

Haru asked.

My tasks? Naturally, there were many.

“Saving Miri is foremost. For now, my goal is to learn Dispel and treat the person suffering from the frenzy curse that the guards are looking for. Also, I want to help Carol own a shop. I want to visit dungeons around the world with Haru and I should not forget to introduce Malina to Daijiro-san. And I want to spread the notion that eel is delicious in regions where eel can be harvested …”

Haru and the others stared at me as I listed my tasks one after the other.

I smiled and lowered my head.

Haru, Carol, and Rarael pat my head gently.

It was embarrassing to be patted but it was enjoyable too.


We arrived at the floor where the Trapdolls were at. It was filled with traps such that we couldn’t even walk properly.

Taking a step ahead would result in an arrow flying at us and a tub of miasma dropping on us. After all, the arrow and the tub were clearly in view.

“Hn, if Centaur was here, it feels like it might be fine even if charged right through the traps.”

I joked about it but for some reason, Haru and the others looked with distant eyes and did not reply.

Just what exactly happened in My World?

“If we continue forward, we will arrive at the Trapdoll nest.”

“Disarming the traps will take some time. Should we gather all the Dark Elves who have the Trap Disarm skill?”

Rarael suggested.

“Most of the traps after triggered by stepping on them so can’t we just leap over them?”

“There’s no meaning if our landing point is also trapped, Haru-san.”

Haru made quite a brute force suggestion but Carol rejected it.

That’s true. There would be no meaning if we leap over traps just to land onto one.

I considered just ignoring the Trapdolls and proceeding down to the next floor but it would be troublesome if the traps increased in number any further.

“ … Ah, in the first place, there’s no need for us to head to the nest?”

“Do we ignore them and proceed?”

“No, if we use Carol’s skill – -“

“Ah! Sorry, Carol totally forgot about it.”

Carol said and looked like she used the Job Change skill.

She changed her first job from Succubus Queen to Temptress.

Temptress unique skill, Moon’s Captivating Fragrance.

It was a skill that would attract monsters when in an underground space or at night. Normally it would be dangerous so we don’t use it but it was useful for this situation.

As evidence, I could hear explosions coming from the end.

The Trapdolls exploded the barricade they made to protect themselves.

And then the three Trapdolls approached us defenselessly.

“The Trapdolls don’t trigger their own traps?”

“That seems to be the case. The traps aren’t triggering even though they step on it.”

And when the Trapdolls approached Carol, I used my White Wolf Fang to bisect the three of them.

The skill exposes Carol to danger so I don’t want to use it but it was convenient after all.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Practitioner skill: 「Shield Magic II」has skilled up to「Shield Magic III」】

Oh, Practitioner reached Lv77. I would reach Lv80 in three more levels. This time I acquired other skills apart from that of Practitioner but I’ll check them later.

All Shield, I learned a spell that will raise the defensive power of all companions.

“Master, Rara Medals, magic stones, and Release Tool. It is a kind of magic tool useful in disarming traps.”

There were three of each item.

I stored the Rare Medals and magic stones in my item bag, passed one of the Release Tool to Rarael and kept the remaining two in my item bag.

We found the stairs leading to the next floor before coming here so there was no need to go out of our way to disarm the traps further in.

“I will report to the Adventurers Guild and leave it to them.”

“Just like Master said, that is the best course of action. The Adventurers Guild will likely release a request to disarm traps. Trap Disarming requests are treated like pocket money for adventurers who explore dungeons so they will probably do it while exploring. The country’s army would have to be deployed if the traps increased so it’s good that we exterminated them early.”

I see, adventurer’s pocket money? In that case, there was no need to rob them of their income.

We returned to the path we came from and proceeded to the next floor.

“Ichino-sama, there is a treasure chest.

Carol found a treasure chest in a small room.

“Well, there’s no monster presence so it doesn’t seem like a Mimic.”

“There’s no presence of traps too.”

“All right, then I will open it.”

Carol opened the treasure chest.

And then.

Carol’s figure disappeared the moment the chest was opened.


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GC V9C352


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