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GC V9C352

(352) Kanesha’s Boss Room

Translator: Tseirp



I unconsciously raised my voice.

What happened – – !?

“Master, there is a broken talisman in the treasure chest.”

Haru showed me a talisman that had been torn in two.

“A transfer talisman!?”

“What is a transfer talisman?”

“It is a talisman that is rarely found in dungeons. Tearing it will transfer the user to a specific location. It is usually used to escape from battles in an emergency but it looks like it was pasted inside the treasure chest. It is difficult to use because it can only function in the dungeon it is discovered in and it is hard to determine the transfer destination. Incidentally, Magic Journalists can create transfer talismans as well but they can only transfer to the entrance while it is unknown where the transfer talismans found in treasure chests will lead to.”

I didn’t really understand but Carol seemed to have been transported to somewhere within the dungeon.

Damn, this is the worst. Haru and Rarael could somehow fight on their own but Carol’s combat ability is low. I have to save her immediately – –

“Ah, there’s no problem at all. Kin summoning.”

I chanted the spell and summoned Carol.

Wrapped in light, Carol returned to our side.

“ – – Ichino-sama, thank you very much.”

Carol thanked me when she returned.

“Yup, thankfully Kin Summoning worked. If Kin Summoning didn’t work, I would have asked Rarael to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart.”

“Why a tranquilizer dart?”

Rarael asked.

“Carol has a skill called Dream Walk that allows her to transfer to my location when I am sleeping or dimly conscious.”

Carol was unlike me who didn’t think of Kin Summoning immediately. She probably tried Dream Walk multiple times.

That’s right, I should copy the Sleep Magic that Carol uses in case something similar happens again.

Using Fake Magic, I could copy spells but with lowered spell effectiveness.

I might be able to use them if I put myself to sleep.

“It looks like the transfer talisman was pasted on the opening of the treasure chest. It was not a trap laid by the Trapdolls but an item originally meant to be within the treasure chest so Trap Detection did not react to it. Such a sly method.”

“Sorry, I assured that there was no trap too lightly.”

“It’s okay, Carol did not consider other possibilities as well. It was a good learning point.”

“By the way, where did you get sent to, Carol?”

“To the boss room.”

Boss room – – in other words, she was transferred to the lowest floor.

I looked at the broken talisman.

The pattern remained but it was split in two.

“It doesn’t look useable even if we stick them together. Well, there’s no meaning in transferring to the boss room alone so let’s just walk to the lowest floor.”

I placed the transfer talisman that was easily countered into my item bag.

My fifth job was set as Magic Journalist so it had reached quite a high level.

Perhaps I might have learned new recipes and can create my own transfer talismans.


After that, we advanced to the lowest floor.

“Ichino-sama, Carol was transferred to this location.”

“I see – – so the boss is ahead. Haru, Carol, are you ready?”

“Yes, preparations complete.”

“Carol is ready too.”

I opened the large door ahead.

Across the door was a huge elephant.

“Eh, that is.”

It looked similar to the Ganesha monster Suzuki and I fought alongside.

So I thought but I was wrong. Somehow it did not feel as though it was alive.

“Ichino-sama. That is a Kanesha. A type of golem.”

Carol explained to me.

Its name was similar to Ganesha.

The door closed the moment the four of us entered.

I swung White Wolf Fang and used Slash to deal the pre-emptive strike.

Haru released a Slash at the same time as well.

The Slash I released reached the demonic elephant’s neck but it deflected it with its trunk.

That was a serious strike without holding back anything – – but it defended it with its trunk and I failed to deal a mortal wound.

Rarael released arrows but it didn’t show any signs of pain even though they pierced its hide.

“Its hide is so thick! Just like the previous demonic elephant I fought.”

“This is the first time I fought against such a sturdy foe. Isn’t it tougher than steel?”

Haru commented as she wiped her sweat.

“There’s probably no point shooting tranquilizing darts against a stone statue opponent.”

“Carol, what is its weakness?”

“Kanesha’s body is made of metal so it should be weak to Thunder.”


I took out the Staff of Aklapios from my item bag and chanted.

“Boost Thunder!”

The thunder released from the staff struck Kanesha squarely … or it should have.

“What! It bounced off!?”

It didn’t work at all.

“Ichinojo-sama, is that Kanesha truly made of metal? It looks like it is made of sturdy rock.”

“Now that you mention it, I can’t appraise it with Metal Appraisal.”

Even though I could appraise the Iron Golem just now.

Furthermore, that color made it seem as though it was covered in soil.

“I see, it really is covered with soil. Just like how elephants smear mud on themselves to counter sunburn.”

So that’s why Rarael’s arrows were ineffective even though they pierced through.

The arrows only managed to pierce the soil layer.

“In that case, it is simple to deal with.”

I held up my staff once more.

“Boost Clean.”

Clean from Lifestyle Magic. I strengthened the magic meant to clean the body and released it at Kanesha.

Upon doing so, Kanesha’s body was wrapped in dazzling light.

“Removing the mud with Lifestyle Magic. As expected of Master.”

Haru complimented me.

“All right, then – -“

Kanesha raised its trunk and swung it down like an axe but I was quicker.

“Boost Mega Thunder!”

The thunder released from the Staff of Aklapios pierced through Kanesha.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

I leveled up.

So the demonic elephant Kanesha drew its last breath. Well, it didn’t need to breathe as a statue in the first place.

【Practitioner skill: 「Healing Magic VI」has skilled up to「Healing Magic VII」】

【There are no further levels for Practitioner】

【Title: Peak of Practitioner acquired】

【Job: Sacred Technique User is now available】

I acquired Healing Magic VII and reached the peak of Practitioner.

In the end, Healing Magic VII – – I obtained Dispel.

Now, beginning with curse, I can cure all abnormal statuses.

Furthermore, it seemed that Magic Journalist reached counter stop as well. I’ll check on it later along with the skills from the other jobs.

The demonic elephant statue Kanesha disappeared, leaving behind a watermelon-sized magic stone and chunks of meat. The chunks of meat were even larger than the magic stone. It was about the portion of one entire Sugyu.

“This looks like elephant meat.”

“Why would a statue drop real meat?”

Carol identified the meat and Haru asked with curiosity.

Nobody could answer that question.

I couldn’t store it into my item bag due to its size so I cut it up finely and kept it.

Growing up in a country that loves giraffes and loves elephants even more, I hesitated to eat elephant meat so I decided to feed it to Nanawat.

“Now then, let’s go to the Goddess room.”

We entered the Goddess room.

This dungeon’s Goddess room was devoted to Tet-sama.

I still felt that she looked like Pionia.

“This time it will probably end with just a regular prayer.”

I thought with a bitter smile.

Koshmar-sama and Torerul-sama were the Goddesses that invited me to this world, Setolance-sama invited Suzuki, Minerva-sama invited Miri’s previous incarnation Famiris・Raritei – – Kaguya into this world so I was also invited to the Goddess space.

I had never conquered any of Libra-sama’s dungeon but since I met her once when creating My World, in the future, when I conquer a dungeon devoted to Libra-sama, there’s a possibility that I would be invited to the Goddess space.

But I have almost no connection with Tet-sama.

The thin connection would be that Pionia and the others, the homunculus, birth mother is actually Tet-sama. But that was given through Torerul-sama so perhaps there’s no connection after all.

Apart from that, I received the Nectar made by Tet-sama from Minerva-sama.

This time will probably end with just us hearing the results.

I thought to myself as I closed my eyes with Haru and the others and prayed light-heartedly.


Then, when I opened my eyes, I was in another space – – the Goddess space.


– – I knew it would come to this!



Author’s note:

Normally it is a strong foe whereby one has to scrape off the mud that is tougher than stone before shooting it with multiple shots of Thunder Magic before it is defeated but,

Clean is a cheat.


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GC V9C351


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