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SL Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Frontier Zoltan celebrates noisily in peace

Translator: Tseirp


The first war since the founding of the Republic of Zoltan.

From General William-dono’s declaration of war to the end of the war took roughly half a day or 4 hours and 17 minutes to be exact.

To the various countries still in a continued fierce war with the Demon Lord Army, the scale of battle might not even be considered as a war.

But to those involved, it was undisputedly a brilliant victory and would probably be registered as a historical day in Zoltan and a day of celebration.

In other words, a victory festival.

Even though the grand winter solstice festival happened just around the corner.

Despite the incident with Veronia coming to an end, Mayor Tonedo was still busy with the setting up of the festival.

The harvest festival after a year’s end followed by the large-scale winter solstice festival, and then the first-ever diplomatic issue and war as well as the victory festival that followed.

It was a string of busy days that no one could have expected in the remote region of Zoltan.




Three days after the end of the war.

After refusing the C-rank promotion from the Adventurer Guild, I returned to my everyday life of sitting at the Apothecary counter with Lit.


“This time was an uproar that was over in the blink of an eye.”

“Unlike the previous incident with Big Hawk, the situation this time with Ririnrara and Queen Leonor didn’t take very long.”


Even as we enjoyed our slow life, an event that ranks top on the continent’s history, the Kingdom of Veronia succession issue came to find us.

Zoltan may have been embroiled into the issue but in the Avalonia continent’s history, Zoltan would be seen as only a supporting role and the focus would be centered on Queen Leonor and Queen Misufia.

But I felt that it was best for Zoltan.


“The post-war management was over in an instant as well.”

“Well, Sarius’ faction would probably regain the throne in the Kingdom of Veronia after this so the first achievement that Prince Sarius brings back to the Kingdom of Veronia can’t be the only compensation for Zoltan after all.”

“And the captured Veronia mercenaries were pretty much released unconditionally.”

“The captured mercenaries can’t be ransomed for anything and everybody didn’t want to go through the hassle of selling them to slave merchants after all. And I don’t want to do it either so I was in favor of it.”

“Even if the compensation money from Prince Sarius’ ship was more than enough, the Zoltan people sure are carefree … and good-natured.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly.”


Those were unusually peaceful results to an end of a war.


“Excuse me.”


The doorbell rang and a customer entered the shop.




Lit and I welcomed the customer in synch.

That solidified the feeling that we had returned to our original daily life.




When noon came, I packed the meal I made into a box.


“All right, it’s done.”


I said with satisfaction after admiring my workmanship.

Then, I felt a presence creeping up on me from behind.


“It looks delicious today too.”


Lit placed her head on my shoulder and hugged me from behind as she commented.


“Ruti would be happy today too with Red’s bento.”


The bento I made was meant to be sent to Ruti.

Inside were hot dog buns with sausages and lettuce along with omelet and salad sides.

A smile was drawn on the omelet.

Today’s meal was something I had confidence in. A smile appeared on my face as I imagined Ruti’s elated expression.


“That said, Ruti has been busy ever since then.”

“ … Yeah.”


Ruti was Zoltan’s only B-rank party leader.

From the uproar that happened this time, she had unwittingly become an existence that Zoltan’s upper echelon relied upon due to the charisma she held and even now she was in a meeting for the prospect of Prince Sarius and his entourage’s departure from Zoltan.

Some people came to sound out if Lit would return as an adventurer again but they now had a greater sense of security unlike before due to the presence of Ruti and Tise.

Well, for Lit’s case, it seemed like they were actually asking her to join the congress rather than return as an adventurer …


“I absolutely refuse! I will not consider a life apart from Lit from Red & Lit Apothecary!”


She rejected them just like that.

Due to Ruti, Lit, and Tise, my part was hidden and I was able to continue peacefully like this so I felt a little sorry.


“Ruti was finally able to escape from 『Hero』 and start a slow life but now she got involved in such an event again.”


I wonder what did Ruti think of it.

I was a little worried.


“Then I’ll go over for a bit.”

“All right, be careful.”


Lit sent me off and I walked toward the congress that was located in the Central District where Ruti was at.



The town of Zoltan was overflowing with vitality.

There was a pair of pirate and guard drinking since daytime and singing while shoulder to shoulder.

Merchants selling equipment looted from the war.

An adventurer telling a tale of war heroes with a spear in his hand.

Adventurers cheering while looking like they ware having a good time.


“Oi, the Zoltan Running Drake Knights and Prince Sarius sailors are having a drink there!”

“Serious? Let’s go take a look!”


After somebody shouted, the adventurer crowd left in the blink of an eye.

The regaling adventurer that was left behind dropped his shoulders and the merchants couldn’t resist from bursting into laughter.

The pirates and guards went over to the adventurer and passed him the alcohol they were drinking.

The adventurer took the alcohol and finished it in one go before laughing loudly.


“Today is a good day!”


Yeah, I think so too.

Seeing the three of them hugging shoulder to shoulder singing at the corner of my eye caused me to smile as well.


The town was filled with people everywhere.

And at the center were the heroes who fought to protect Zoltan.

Regardless of the type or level of their divine protection.

They faced strong enemies with hopeless odds but did not flee to protect their loved ones.

They are, without a doubt, heroes worthy of praise.

So I was convinced as I looked at the man surrounded by women.


“Wait, Danan!?”


The person walking while surrounded by women was the 『Martial Artist』 Danan who was in recuperation.


I called out the Danan who had his usual stern expression on.


“Danan, what’s with your situation?”

“Ou, it seemed rowdy outside so I just wanted to step out.”

“What about this circle of ladies?”

“It’s normal that there would be nurses when an injured person goes out for a walk.”


I see, nurses huh?

That said.


“You seem close.”


The nurses were sticking to Danan more than necessary.


“Yeah, they are my comrades.”

“Comrade? … Don’t tell me you went to join the fight even after all those warnings?”


Before the war with Veronia began, Danan was strictly told to not join the fight.

Danan certainly seemed that he was walking regularly but his insides were still a mess.

Danan should be aware of that fact himself.


“No no.”


Danan shook his head.


“I swore on my fist that I won’t join the battlefield. I won’t break that promise.”


“He’s amazing!”


The nurse who was hugging Danan’s left hand said with sparkling eyes.


“Amazing …?”

“He’s an excellent nurse that shocked even the veteran nurses!”




“Nurse? Danan?”


I never expected that he would be helping out at the clinic rather than join the fight.


“Yeah, I was frustrated with not being able to fight so I helped the nurses out.”

“Just sitting still is frustrating to you?”


This man was fundamentally a guy who could not live a slow life.

Danan laughed out loud when he saw my face.

The other nurse snuggled up to Danan and continued.


“He could carry the patients easily no matter how large the person’s build was or if they were wearing armor, he could finish emergency first aid for wounds and fractures in an instant and he would always have a smile on even when we were feeling disheartened. Even though Danan-san should be feeling pain in his body too.”


No, I’m pretty sure that smile was from the feeling of freedom after not moving around for some time.


“Moreover, Danan-san was able to smile and encourage the patients even if the patient was so badly injured that you wish to turn your eyes away. Danan-san didn’t look away no matter how painful it was.


… Danan was such a person after all.

In the hero party with one or two strange habits, Danan was a straightforward honest man to a fault.


“Many patients were saved due to Danan-san’s aid. Even if he did not enter the battlefield, Danan-san was a hero in the clinic.”

“That’s wrong.”


Danan’s smile changed into a serious expression as he denied the nurse’s words.



“You nurses and the doctors were going all out exerting yourselves. It doesn’t make sense that I am the only hero. Not just me, everyone there was a hero.”

“Danan-san … !!”


Danan didn’t say that to elicit that response but instead was just saying what he thought.

But the nurses were overflowing with glee from being recognized as heroes by Danan who appeared to be emanating a visible heroic aura.

Leaving that aside, that Danan was completely unfazed even though he was completely surrounded by women.




Danan stroked his chin with his left hand as he spoke.


“This was my first time experiencing this kind of fight but it was interesting.”

“Being a nurse?”

“Yeah, unlike killing, helping people live has a different depth to it.”


Danan smiled and seemed genuinely happy.


“I’m glad to be born as a 『Martial Artist』, to be able to see that reaching the pinnacle of fighting is not the end.”


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