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SL Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Zoltan’s Ruti

Translator: Tseirp


At the congress, Ruti was completing the tasks one after the other with her usual expression.

The bureaucrats were running around busily because of her work but they still sent respectful gazes at her.


“Form a guard unit with the released mercenaries to deal with the escaped Veronia mercenaries. They won’t refuse if the reward is the return of their equipment.”

“Leave the report to the Great Saint Fort to Vice Bishop Joe Star. He is suited for it as he has studied in the central region before and has experience.”

“The distribution of the compensation will proceed as scheduled. You can direct those who grumble to Sir William.”


As expected of Ruti.

Her command on internal affairs was perfect as well.


“There are no issues with the actions for this matter. I was right to leave it to you, please continue.”



Unlike Mistome-shi’s way of doing everything herself since she was excellent at it, Ruti’s policy was to let others do the work that they are capable of.

It may sound simple but you must be prepared to follow up if they fail.

When I was with them on the journey, I took on most of the tasks outside combat but … Ruti, who has been released from 『Hero』, had changed from a charismatic unique existence that made others conform through intimidation into possessing the quality of a trusted leader.

Well, it was an emergency at the moment so having a strong leader was necessary as well.

I was certain Ruti could be a kind politician if she wanted to.




I swapped places with a man who was leaving and I noticed a joyful smile only noticeable by me appear on Ruti’s face when I entered the room.


“Good work, I brought your bento today as well.”

“Thank you. I love Onii-chan’s bento.”


Ruti stretched her body.

The body would become stiff after maintaining the same posture for a long time.

That was a given fact for everyone but even that was lost to Ruti before this.

I felt happy for that transformation in Ruti as I walked to her side.


“I also feel that it was a good decision to have those who grumble about the compensation to talk to Sir William. Probably not many people will be able to say such words in front of Sir William who fought in the front lines.”

“Yup, I chose that because I knew Onii-chan would think so.”

“I-I see.”


Even now Ruti still consults me as a teacher.

But I no longer have anything to teach her.

It was a little embarrassing but I felt happy that even then Ruti still relied on me.




Ruti smiled.


“What’s the matter?”

“Onii-chan looked happy so I am happy too.”


Ruti’s face when she said that was extremely cute.




It seemed that Ruti would be patrolling the nearby village with the guards from noon.

There seemed to be a high chance of the escaped mercenaries hiding.

Those mercenaries were notorious and the only ones with enough fighting ability to defeat them with certainty were Ruti and Tise.

Even though the battle was over, it would take some time before the public security was re-established due to the escaped mercenaries.


“I’m home.”

“Welcome home.”


Lit came over to greet me when I returned to the shop.


“Sorry for making you wait, I’ll make your lunch now.”

“Hn~ …”


Lit continued staring at my face.

“Hey Red.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can we eat outside once in a while? I want to eat Red’s bento too.”


I laughed when Lit said that.


What was with the sudden suggestion? ….


“How about it?”

“Hmm … let’s see, if Lit wants it, maybe we can have a mini picnic for lunch today.”


Using the remaining ingredients that I used to make Ruti’s bento, I whipped up a quick stew and sandwiches.

I took out the mithril silver lunch box that I used to carry stew when adventuring which has been sitting on the shelf for a long time.

Of course, it was not completely made of mithril silver but only a thin film on the inside but it was still an expensive item at 1000 peryl.

It was perfect at keeping the contents warm, no ingredient would leech the metal out and just a simple wipe could clean away any dirt.

With this, even if it was used to pack breakfast, it could be used for lunch and dinner as well.

I used it often when we headed to places where a fire could not be used during our journey.

It was a waste to use it just for a picnic but I somewhat felt like using it that day.




A 20 minutes walk from Red & Lit Apothecary.

Lit and I sat at the top of a small hill.

We could have a clear view of Zoltan Downtown from there … or not but at least it was a place with a nice view.


“Ooo, I’ve never been to this place.”


I commented as I looked around.

There was a small stream flowing to the side which opened a space between the trees.

The hardwood forest was strangely warm and very calming.


“Don’t you feel that the temperature around here is nice?”

“You’re right, it felt a little dry on our way here so this place feels good.”


I spread the bento open.


“Thank you for the food~!”


Lit stuffed her cheeks with the sandwich I made with a wide smile.



“Ahaha, that’s good.”


Seeing Lit eat it so deliciously made a smile form on my face.


“I’ll start too then.”


I took a sandwich with the same ingredient as the one Lit was eating.

The sandwich with fresh red tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, and scrambled eggs had a good texture and was delicious if I could say so myself.

The stew was bacon and mushroom. I cut the ingredients into smaller pieces so that the heat could penetrate quicker.

The warm stew tasted better than usual when eaten outdoors in winter.


“Isn’t it better to eat in a location like this once in a while?”

“Yeah, the food tastes better too.”

“Red’s food is always delicious.”


Lit ate the stew deliciously.


“Yup! This is the best too.”


We spent an enjoyable mealtime just like that.


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  3. Mekadeth

    Bishop Joe Star
    PossibleDivine Protections
    Hamon User, Stand User, Bizarre Adventurer

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