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GC V9C354

(354) List of Advanced Dungeon rewards

Translator: Tseirp


【Title: Labyrinth Conqueror VII has skilled up to Labyrinth Conqueror VIII】

【Clear reward skill: Thought Defense acquired】

– – Thought Defense. A skill to prevent others from reading my inner thoughts.

The measure that Minerva-sama applied on me was reflected as the clear reward skill.

“Master, what happened?”

“It’s nothing.”

I was told to not tell anyone what I saw and heard just now.

Ah, damn it, I received too much information all at once.

The end of the world? Miri to become a Goddess? My World is Miri’s world? Methias-sama was the one who set the Jobless skills?

In the first place, why did Methias-sama record down that I must be told this information?

I am just a Jobless.

My mind was full of question marks.

“Ichinojo-sama, are you truly all right?”

“Yeah, Rarael. I’m fine. Let’s return to My World after we leave the boss room.”

I smiled to reassure the three of them and left the Goddess room.

“Oh right, is that a Rare Medal in Carol’s hand?”

“Yes. My labyrinth clear bonus was this Rare Medal.”

“Rarael and Haru got skills?”

Since they weren’t holding any items I figured they received skills.

But I was wrong.

“I got a needle.”


Haru showed it to me.

It certainly was a sewing needle. It was shining golden but it’s still a needle – – wouldn’t the scrubber be even better?

“Hn? Eh!?”

I gazed at the needle and inadvertently raised my voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“I used Metal Appraisal but this needle – – it’s not just any metal! It is Orihalcum!”

It was an Orihalcum needle.

Haru threw the Orihalcum needle and quickly pulled out two swords.

The Orihalcum needle flew through the air like a baseball.

“Eh? Haru, what are you doing?”

“Master said it was Orihalcum so I wondered if it could be cut but … I see, it certainly is sturdy.”

The first thing she did after finding out it was Orihalcum was to cut it?

The sword would be damaged instead … ah, the swords have auto repair skills so they would be fine even if the blades were chipped.

Haru recovered the fallen Orihalcum needle.

“Hahaha … so, did Rarael receive a skill? Or a needle?”

“I received the skill called Messenger. A skill to deliver my words to specific people. I seem to have to register permission with the delivery target to send my words. May I have Ichinojo-sama’s permission to register you?”

“Ah, sure. Messenger huh? We should test if your voice can be delivered from My World out to Otherworld.”

After that, I explained the skill I received and we returned to My World after leaving the boss room.


After returning to My World, Rarael and Carol headed to the open-air bath. They probably wanted to relax after the tiring dungeon conquering session. I recovered their stamina with Stamina Heal so it was probably more of mental fatigue.

I ordered Haru to take care of Fuyun.

The Dark Elves were taking care of it as well but the Dark Elves mentioned that Fuyun would calm down the most when Haru takes care of it.

I’ll first perform the customary level up checks.

My current job levels were as follows.

【Jobless Lv121 Advanced Blacksmith Lv32 Practitioner Lv80★ Magic Blacksmith Lv26 Magic Journalist Lv80★】

Magic Journalist was the only lower rank job so just one round of dungeon exploration was enough to max it. It went up by close to 50 levels.

Compared to that, Jobless level was increasing very slowly.

Probably because I broke through the limit once.

Next, I’ll check on the skills and jobs I acquired. I thought of doing so but then Nanawat came over.

Yup, it’s quite enjoyable to see it welcome me every time I come back.

It growled ‘Kyurururu’ so I gave it the sliced elephant meat from my item bag.

I checked my log while Nanawat chewed on the elephant meat.

I was checking the Practioner job every time so I’ll exclude it.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Jobless skill: 「Kin Messenger」acquired】

【Advanced Blacksmith skill: 「Endow Attribute」acquired】

【Advanced Blacksmith skill: 「Remake II」has skilled up to 「Remake III」】

【Magic Blacksmith skill: 「Endow Magic」acquired】

【Magic Blacksmith skill: 「Release Setting」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Ink Saving」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Talisman Recycling」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Ink Strengthening」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Magic Journalist】

【Title: Peak of Magic Journalist acquired】

【Job: Magic Official is now available】

【Recipes acquired】

My recipes had increased tremendously.


Kin Messenger: Magic-type skill 【Jobless Lv120】

Ability to send messages to your kin.


Oops, I had subtly outperformed Rarael.

Well, my current kin were only Haru and Carol so Messenger might be easier to use.

“Kin … huh.”

Nanawat raised its head as it was eating the elephant meat when it heard me mutter. I gently pat Nanawat’s head and urged it to continue eating as I thought to myself.

The word kin was strange among the Jobless skills.

Hikikomori was strange too.

Until now the skills were skills to increase my number of jobs, to change my jobs, to investigate jobs. The skills related to jobs kept increasing. But the ones I have been acquiring lately were to create my own world, skills regarding kin or skills I don’t really know what they are, completely unrelated to jobs.

I was pondering that question but I finally know the answer. Those were skills related to Gods.

Creating a world like a God, creating kin. And then, 【XXXX】. Suddenly transferring to another location and activating the Kin Summoning skill. These were not activated by my will but by the influence of the will of a greater being, God?

Well, that was nothing more than self-debate – – no, it wasn’t a debate so I should call it my own opinion – –

Endow Attribute: Production-type skill 【Advanced Blacksmith Lv20】

When creating weapons, armor and accessories, you can endow specific attributes to them.

This skill cannot assign attributes to items other than equipment.


So it can assign attributes to weapons such as an iron sword after I craft them.

If I could assign the Light Attribute, I could even make a sword capable of cutting ghosts.

I could try endowing fire attribute to a Water Sword but I’m terrified if it would result in a steam explosion.


Endow Magic: Production-type skill 【Magic Blacksmith Lv20】

The ability to endow specific magic to weapons.

When the spell is released, the weapon will disappear.


A skill to allow usage of spells using a weapon in exchange for losing the weapon?

I felt like I could make disposable magic tools now.


Release Setting: Production-type skill 【Magic Blacksmith Lv20】

The ability to set the method to release the magic endowed to weapons.

There is no meaning in setting weapons that have not undergone Endow Magic.


It looked like I could freely choose the method I wish to release the spells.

I could set it such that it would release upon the sword breaking or when throwing the sword.

I recalled something when looking at the skill.

The Excalipoor that Jofre threw in the Ferruit dungeon.

The sword shone with light and expelled the darkness when it was thrown.

It probably had Light Magic packed into it.

But Excalipoor at that time was just an iron sword.

<I see, Blacksmith inscription huh?>

Inscription – – a skill that will allow the weapon to display its power according to the name assigned to the weapon.

Malina probably taught her that.

That Excalipoor is the strongest if it disappears once it is thrown.

Most probably this world does not have a legendary weapon that disappears once you throw it. But Kanon believed Malina’s word and created that weapon.

The result was a disposable sword that was many times more powerful than usual.

“Blacksmithing was a lot deeper than I imagined.”

That was all for the blacksmithing-type skills.

Next would be Magic Journalist skills.


Ink Saving: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv20】

You can create talismans with less ink.

However, the talisman strength will decrease depending on the amount of ink saved.


That was a skill to reduce the ink needed to create talismans.

But since it lowers the strength of the talisman, I probably won’t use it.

Or perhaps I could use it to hold back my attacks. Also, there would be no problem if I used it for non-combat talismans such as communication and transfer talismans.


Talisman Recycle: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv20】

There is a certain probability that the talisman is reusable if this skill is used on created talismans.

The probability changes depending on the skill level and type of talisman.


So it was not a skill to repair broken talismans.

Well, I should probably use it when creating many talismans.

I could no longer level Magic Journalist up but I can raise the Magic Journalist levels further if I drink the Limit Breaking Medicine or level up Magic Official to increase the level of the Talisman Recycle skill.


Ink Strengthening: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv80】

The ink will be less likely to fade and deteriorate over time.

Also, by using more ink, the power of the talisman increases.


It had the opposite effect from Ink Saving apart from the deterioration over time.

In contrast, this skill would be meaningless on communication and transfer talismans.

Or maybe using it for communication talismans would increase its sensitivity?

I should probably test out by creating talismans with Ink Saving, regular and Ink Strengthening.

For now, that was all for the skills.

Next, I should test out the skills.

I used the Kin Messenger skill.

『Haru, I am currently sending my voice to you using a skill called Kin Messenger. If you can hear my voice, look for Ririana and ask her to bring the ink, talisman and pen for Magic Journalist to me. If she can’t come due to other tasks, please relay this to someone nearby.』

The message was apparently sent.

But it was a little inconvenient that there was no reply.

In this case, it would probably be better to use the communication talisman to communicate.

I have not been creating Magic Journalist talismans so I should try making all kinds of them.

I’ll check my recipes.

“Magic Tag recipe open.”

I chanted the spell.

The talismans were categorized into attack-type, support-type and others.

The talismans registered under attack-type were further divided by attribute and were listed as follows.


Fire Attribute: Fire Talisman・Explosion Talisman

Water Attribute: Water Talisman・Water Explosion Talisman

Earth Attribute: Earth Talisman・Earth Crush Talisman

Wind Attribute: Wind Talisman・Turbulent Wind Talisman

Ice Attribute: Ice Talisman・Snow Ice Talisman

Thunder Attribute: Thunder Talisman・Thunder Dragon Talisman

Light Attribute: Light Talisman・Holy Light Talisman

Darkness Attribute: Darkness Talisman・Pitch Black Talisman


They each had two kinds and there were no strange attributes such as Grass Attribute.

The next was support-type.


Defense-type: Magic Shield Talisman・Hard Shield Talisman

Recovery-type: Healing Talisman・Detoxify Talisman

Strengthening-type: Strengthening Talisman


I could not tell for sure by just the name but I could tell the rough effects. They were similar to the Shield and Heal Recovery Magic used by Practitioners. The Strengthening Talisman would likely strengthen physical functions.

Unfortunately, there were no dispel curse talismans.

I was hoping to be able to cope with curses with a dispel curse talisman without Dispel.

Lastly, I examined the other talismans.

The other talismans were not divided into categories.


Communication Talisman

Call Talisman

Setting Talisman

Silence Talisman

Loudspeaker Talisman

Range Talisman

Transmission Talisman

Voice Recorder Talisman

Receiver Talisman

Appraisal Talisman

Transfer Talisman


I was now able to create Transfer Talismans.

The Appraisal Talisman was interesting too.

But if there were these many talismans, I would think that there would be talisman shops but I had not seen any in the cities I have been in.

Hn, strange.

Nanawat raised its head and looked into the distance.

“Master, sorry for the wait. I brought Ririana-san.”

“Oh, the message reached you?”

“Yes, I heard Master’s voice. That is a good skill. I could feel Master near me even though we were far apart. I can’t forget the excitement I felt at that moment. It was not through my ears but conveyed directly to my heart.”

Eh? Was it that good?

I want to feel close to Haru too.

Would she be able to acquire a skill like Master Messenger?


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GC V9C353


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