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GC V9C355

(355) Excellent Ririana

Translator: Tseirp


“Ichinojo-sama, this is the ink made with gallnut.”

Ririana brought the ink I requested her to make previously.

It was in a small bottle.

“Only this much?”

“I’m sorry, I could only make half a bottle. Also, Rurina-san used one round of it.”

One round was within the error margin. She probably used it when I asked her to set the party.

That said, half was really little.

The gallnut was quite large as well so I figured it would be sufficient for that small bottle.

And it felt like quite some time had passed since I passed her the gallnut.

“The procedure to make the ink for Magic Journalist talismans is time-consuming and the amount that can be refined is less compared to regular ink.”

“I see. That means you didn’t have time to work on your novel.”

“ … I wrote a little during my breaks.”

So she was writing.

Incidentally, the ink Ririana used was made with soot and oil. The oil was made using the fruits harvested in the forest.

“But Rurina-san helped me so I made quite some progress.”

“So Rurina’s Magic Journalist level increased because she helped with Ririana’s novel …”

But if she was able to reach level 10 in just a few weeks, just how many novels did she write?

She might as well change job to be a novelist.

“By the way, can any fruit be used to make the oil for ink?”

“No, not everything works. Currently, in this world, I am making oil from mainly tree fruits.”

Tree fruits? There shouldn’t be many fruit trees in the forest though.

Apart from fruits, if we are talking about tree nuts that can be used to extract oil … ah, acorns? I planted many oak trees when we were constructing the ship so I guess she made oil using those.

“I can prepare them if you need different types.”

I took out an empty bottle from my item bag.

“Oil Create.”

And created oil using magic.

At first, I could only make one type of oil but now I could make different types of oils such as massage oil or salad oil or gasoline for generators.

“This is amazing. This color and consistency will make good ink.”

“That is tar.”

It was an oil with a strong pungent odor so I didn’t usually make it. But it had the closest color to ink so I tried creating it.

“Thank you, Ichinojo-sama. With this, I will be able to make progress in my research on creating ink.”

“Please wait.”

I grabbed Ririana’s neck as she seemed she was about to rush off that very moment.

“What is it? Ichinojo-sama.”

“I wish to make Magic Journalist talismans but do you know the way to make them?”

“You just have to cut paper into strips and write the words according to the recipe. You can use this pen.”

Ririana said and passed me a feathered pen.

It was not a new item but quite well-used.

“A new pen is hard to use so please use the pen I use. I have spares.”

“Ah, thanks – – by the way, this black feather.”

“Yes, it is chicken feather. I had Pionia-san help to make it.”

I see, chicken feather. I thought it was crow feather for a moment.

I heard that large feathers could be used but I didn’t know chicken feathers worked too.

“Oh right, Nanawat. Send Ririana back to her forest home. Make it a comfortable ride.”

After I said that, Nanawat, who had finished eating the elephant meat, thrust its head between Ririana’s legs to forcibly lift her and placed her on its back.

“Ah, please wait, the oil – -”

“Here – – ”

I wrapped the oil bottle in cloth and passed it to her.

“Let me know once you discover the oil that is the easiest to use. I’ll supply it to you in gallons.”

I said jokingly but just how much was a gallon?

I couldn’t really recall but it should be fine.

“Thank you very much. Ah, Nanawat, please go a little slowerrrr!”

Nanawat was confident of its speed, if anything.

But since Nanawat was used to letting people ride it, she probably won’t fall off even if anything goes wrong.

“Erm, Master.”

Haru asked tentatively.

“What is it?”

“Ichinojo-sama has the Horse Riding skill so you can ride Nanawat without issue but Ririana doesn’t have the skill so will she be all right?”

“ … Ah.”

I forgot that I had the Horse Riding skill.

The Horse Riding skill would activate automatically not only when riding horses but any other magical beast that humans can ride on such as Desert Runners.

“ … Haru, could you go take a look?”

“Yes, I will chase after them immediately.”

Haru ran after Nanawat.

Yup, they should be fine now.

Nanawat listens to my instructions well and I fed it well so it probably won’t chase after chickens or turtles.

I entered the nearby log house. I should go to the work shed if I want to make weapons but,

For now, I entered the log house where Sheena No.3 was sleeping on the bed to deliver a chop to her head before sitting on the chair in front of the table.

“Fua, enemy attack!”

Sheena No.3 got up half-asleep.

“There are no enemies. Also, your sentence ended normally just now.”

I said as I took out papers used for photocopiers from my item bag and began cutting them into strips with scissors.

“Enemies desu.”

Sheena No.3 corrected herself.

I already told her that there were no enemies but she continued with her error just so that she could establish her character.

She should sleep in her own room if she wants to sleep.

“I brought in Master’s futon after washing but the smell of the sun made me sleepy desu.”

“My World doesn’t have a sun.”

“It was the smell of the dead ticks due to the sun desu.”

Sheena No.3 said some outrageous things.

I had an urge to take apart her head and find out what was in it … oh, it would just be the Dragon Core that I picked up.

“That’s a myth. It is actually the smell released when sweat and sebum decompose. It has a relaxing effect.”

“Master is so knowledgeable!”

“Ah, in the past I wanted to be a bedding maker so I researched the futon manufactured by the manufacturer who was interviewing me. That was when I realized the true identity of the smell of the sun.”

“So was your interview successful?”

“Nope, I was dropped during the resume screening.”

I applied because there was no written test but I was dropped just by sending in my resume.

“What could they know about me with just a single resume?”

“There there, isn’t it fine desu. Master met Haurvatat because of that desu.”

“That’s true but you shouldn’t call Haru without any honorifics.”

“Master met Sheena No.3 because of that desu.”

“At that time I was sincerely considering using any means (Miri’s connections) to get a job.”

I said dejectedly.

It was pitiful to rely on my younger sister’s connections as a final means.

“So what is Master doing now?”


I showed her the strips of paper.

“It’s the Star Festival! Sheena wants to eat canned crab desu!”

“It’s not the Star Festival. And why is your wish a dinner menu? And if you’re going to wish for that, why not say you wish to eat an entire crab? Sheesh, I have so much to retort.”

I took the feather pen and scribbled words on the talismans.

Due to the recipes, I smoothly wrote words that I had never seen before.

And thanks to the Quick Writing skill, I was writing quite rapidly.

“All right, I’m done. Communication Talisman.”

The Communication Talisman was a two-piece set that will allow communication with people far away.

Unlike the Kin Messenger that sends messages one way, this would make it possible to have a conversation for some time.

It was a good opportunity to test it with Sheena No.3.

“Sheena, I want to test out the ability of this talisman for communication so could you go to the neighboring room?”

“Okay desu! I will be the experimental body (guinea pig) for Master’s sake desu!”

Think about the way you say it.

Well, I was the side asking for her help so I couldn’t complain.

Sheena No.3 moved to the neighboring room so I used the Communication Talisman.

“Sheena, can you hear me?”

『“I can hear you desu.”』

The walls were quite thin so I could hear her voice along with her real voice transmitted from the neighboring room.

Okay, the first test was a success.

Next, I chanted a spell.

“Silent Room.”

It was the Lifestyle Magic that could block out sound.

That should completely block out all external sounds.

“Sheena, can you hear me?”

『Yes, I can still hear you desu.』

I could no longer hear her voice from outside the room but Sheena No.3’s voice was still transmitted to me.

It didn’t look like there were any problems.

Next, I dispelled Silent Room, left My World, and entered the lowest floor of the labyrinth.

“Sheena, can you hear me?”

I tried asking but there was no answer.

“Sheena, you can’t hear me?”

There was no reply.

Does this mean communication can’t happen from Otherworld to My World or that it can’t happen from within a dungeon to outside a dungeon?

I returned to My World.

“Sheena, come here.”

I called Sheena No.3 and asked if she heard the third call. As expected, my voice did not reach her the third time.

Sheena No.3 was apparently speaking as well so both way communications couldn’t work.

“Master, would it be possible to communicate with the door to My World open?”

“That’s worth giving it a shot.”

I immediately tried to test the Communication Talisman while leaving the door to My World open but the ink on the talisman was burnt and was no longer useable.

So it could be used around three times.

“So the Communication skill is a skill to deliver voice one-sidedly. Well, it’s impossible to deliver a voice across the world. What about the Setting Talisman?”

“It’s the talisman used to set parties desu.”

“I see. So this talisman is used to change parties.”

Rurina probably made this talisman for me.

“What about Range Talisman? That’s the one I am the most clueless about among the talismans.”

“That talisman is used along with the Magic Journalist Two Sides of a Coin skill.”

“I see, there’s such a skill.”

Two Sides of a Coin was the skill used to write on both the front and back of the talismans.

Silence Talisman would mute sound while the Loudspeaker Talisman would amplify sound.

According to Sheena No.3, the space where you break the Silence Talisman would have volume become one-tenth of its original volume while using the Loudspeaker Talisman would amplify voice by ten times.

The Voice Recorder Talisman could apparently playback a recorded voice.

“What about Transmission and Receiver Talismans? Are they different from the Communication Talisman?”

“The Transmission and Receiver Talisman are a set. The Transmission Talisman can detect the direction in which its Receiver Talisman is at desu. The talisman will retain its effect for up to a week after creation desu.”

“So it’s a disposable transmitter and receiver. A stalker would love it if there was an eavesdropping talisman or something.”

“I believe the Communication Talisman can do so desu. By placing multiple talismans, you will be able to listen multiple times desu. But talismans are expensive so probably nobody uses it that way.”

“Eh? Talismans are expensive? I did find it strange that no shops were selling them.”

“There’s the raw material cost as well but the ink is expensive desu. The Herbalist who compounds the medicine for Magic Journalist use has to be a quite high level and compounding just one use of ink takes up to a day desu.”

“I see …”

In that case, the person who printed a large amount of Magic Journalist talismans in the border town of Dakyat was either a rich person or hired many Herbalists.

“Hn? In that case, does that mean Ririana is actually excellent?”

“She’s a Dark Elf after all. They have fundamentally large magical power so they can compound more compared to Hume, such that their levels can rise more easily as well desu.”

Ah, now that I think about it, I almost reached magical power depletion when I was leveling up my Alchemy. Carol was having a hard time as well when she was a level 1 Herbalist. I see, so Dark Elves have higher MP so they can raise compounding levels more easily.

“Master, I have returned.”

“Welcome back, Haru. Is Ririana all right?”

“Yes, she is all right. Her eyes turned white and she collapsed in front of her house so I carried her to her room.”

That’s not being all right.

I just renewed my evaluation of Ririana.

Next time, I’ll make several types of Recovery Talismans and Attack Talismans.

Carol could use them for self-defense and in dire situations, Haru and the others could use them in place of potions. After all, it’s quite agonizing to have to drink potions when your stomach is already full of liquids.


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GC V9C356


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