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GC V9C356

(356) Too much spare time

Translator: Tseirp


To escape from the dungeon, I used the Transfer Talisman that I made on the spot. From now on, it would be much easier for us to leave.

No, well, Neete could use the 《Escape》 spell so if she was around there would be no need to create talismans.

Thinking about it, the talismans made with talisman crafting are disposable but many of their functions overlap with other skills.

I summoned Haru and Carol on the first floor.

I told them that I would be summoning them so I didn’t have a chance to experience a lucky dirty moment of summoning Carol while she was in the middle of a bath.

It was already evening by the time we returned to the surface.

To keep my promise with Carol, we headed to the observation tower. The entrance fee was just 10 Sense a person so I paid for three.

It was still possible to have a panoramic view of the town with the remaining light.

“So this is the elevator.”

There was a hollowed-out room with a spiral staircase that went on forever but in the center was an elevator-like contraption moving up and down.

I called it an elevator-like contraption but it did not have any doors and was just a mechanism that raised and lowered a platform.

If I had to choose, it was closer to a moveable lift. At least it seemed that the platform would stop temporarily when it reaches the platform to board or disembark.

There were still others who visited the observation deck at that timing so another couple rode on the same elevator as us.

When the platform reached the bottom, we stepped onto it and was raised.

The sensation of my viewpoint moving upward was similar to when I used Hawk Eye.

“Kya, this is terrifying.”

“Hahaha, I’m here so don’t worry.”

The girl screamed and hugged the man and the man placed his arm around the girl.

That’s surprising, I didn’t know there would be another couple in this world that would make me angry apart from Jofre and Elize.

No, well, it was just jealousy.

Thinking about it, he should be jealous of me.

I was with two beautiful ladies, Haru and Carol.

Yup, I had roses in both hands.

“It’s not scary if I recall riding on Pochi. It might be quicker for me to reach the top if I run up the spiral staircase with my own feet. Let’s try to compete who would reach the top first the next time we come here.”

“Maintenance cost for the elevator and building would be around 300 Sense a day. If we consider the employee salaries and savings for emergencies – – this tower needs a crowd of at least 500 visitors a day. It might be more financially stable if they attract people with a restaurant on the observation deck and charge a tenant fee.”

Haru and Carol’s reactions were somewhat different.

Especially Carol-san – – didn’t she want to come up here to feel like we were on a date?

“ … Fuu.”

But, that’s just how it was.

That was Haru’s charm and Carol’s charm.

Let me see you get jealous.

“Hey, aren’t those three weird? The girl keeps on saying strange things.”

“The guy has been staring at us with a grin on his face.”

He wasn’t jealous. They were repulsed instead.

We were the ones who couldn’t read the atmosphere for this date spot so I’m sorry.


The platform stopped at the very top floor. I could see other couples and families at the observation deck.

It was only 30 meters tall so it wasn’t even one-tenth of the Tokyo Tower but not to mention tall buildings, there were almost no three-story buildings so it was high enough to have a clear view of the town.

There were streetlights lined up here and there in the town and they lit up just as we looked down at them. As though the town of Mallegory was welcoming us.

“It’s a superb view.”

“Yes. Each road and street has a unique grid pattern and the roofs of the buildings are illuminated by the sunset – – well, there’s no need to explain it.”

“That’s right, Carol. A single word is sufficient.”

I agreed with Haru.

“Yeah, it’s pretty.”

It was truly a beautiful cityscape.

So this is Mallegory.

There were descriptions of the buildings on the walls of the observation deck.

The large three-story building to the east was a church and government building.

“This town is the capital but it doesn’t have a castle?”

Tsaobal should be a monarchy. As the capital of a kingdom, there should be a castle where the royal family live in but looking closer, not to mention royalty, there weren’t even homes that looked like nobles lived in.

Instead, I could see the home Suzuki lived in from the observatory so I could tell that his home was the largest.

“Yes. The Tsaobal castle once surrendered and they rebuilt a castle on the mountain in the southeast. After the war with the Demon Lord ended, the royal family entrusted Daijiro with the autonomy of this town. They probably didn’t have the money to rebuild a castle on this land.”

Carol explained the last part softly such that only I could hear it.

Saying that they did not build the castle because they didn’t have the money could be construed as lese majeste after all.

I strained a laugh and looked out.

“The nobles built a town called Noble Street at the base of that mountain and live there. Not many live in Mallegory.”

Well, a fierce battle was fought here just decades ago.

It wasn’t a surprise that nobles didn’t live here.

It might be necessary to build a royal castle in this area once again once it becomes financially calmer but that would be a discussion hundreds of years later.

“ ….. !”

Haru leaned forward as though she noticed something.

Although it was an observation deck, there were no glass barriers and only iron railings so I was scared that she would fall off.

“What’s wrong, Haru?”

“It might have been my imagination. I thought I saw Talwi for a second.”


“She immediately entered the shadow of a building so I might have been mistaken.”

Just days ago we had fought together with the White Wolf Race Talwi and parted. Unlike how we had the high-speed transportation means of Pochi, she probably won’t be able to appear in Mallegory through ordinary means.

Just like how Haru said it herself, it was more likely that she was mistaken.


After enjoying the view from the observatory, we headed toward the Adventurers Guild to report the important information on the Trapdolls.

Haru was the only adventurer among us so I left the reporting to her.

I passed Haru the three Rare Medals that were proof of subjugation of the Trapdolls.

After she explained to the receptionist, we were suddenly brought to the guildmaster’s room which was a little exaggerated in my opinion.

“So multiple Rare Monsters appeared in the Advanced Dungeon as well … that’s troublesome.”

The guildmaster said after digging the detailed story out from the three of us.

“Does that mean Rare Monsters were seen in the other dungeons as well?”

“Yes, there have been multiple eye witness accounts of Rare Monsters in the Intermediate Dungeon and Beginner Dungeons.”

Well, I encountered two Rare Monsters in Florence so I guess they aren’t that rare.

“Rare Monsters are extremely rare and they should only appear one at a time so it’s puzzling.”

And my thoughts were refuted.

“Yes. Multiple people were injured in the Beginner Dungeon and there were even casualties in the Intermediate Dungeon. And now there were three Trapdolls in the Advanced Dungeon – – allow me to thank you all for subjugating them before the damages spread further. However, we will have to investigate for the time being so all three dungeons will be sealed off.”

“All the dungeons will be sealed off?”

“Like I said, there were casualties. Normally the Adventurers Guild do not forbid entry into dungeons but it can’t be helped with the present state of affairs. We will investigate while disarming the Advanced Dungeon traps and we will remove the lockdown if there are no issues.”

“ … Haa.”

With that, I’ll have a ton of free time before the book sale event.


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GC V9C355


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