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GC V9C358

(358) Please do ‘that’

Translator: Tseirp


Rarael greeted us when we returned to My World.

She had the clothes made using their special manufacturing method.

We each returned to our rooms and changed into the clothes.

They were elastic and easy to move in.

Would these have high defensive strength?

I was amazed by the skill of the Dark-Elves.

When I left my room, Haru and Carol had already changed and were waiting for me.

Their clothes were the same clothes as they have been wearing until now.

Their yukata figures were cute but this appearance suited them the most.

“Master, this clothing is splendid. It is a lot easier to move in compared to the clothes before.”

“It feels better than silk. If this product has the features that Rarael-san mentioned previously, one piece would fetch 50,000 Sense … no, it won’t be strange to be able to fetch 100,000 Sense.”

100,000 Sense!? Then, three of them cost 300,000 Sense?

“Aren’t they extremely precious items – ”

“The raw materials are not expensive. They can all be harvested in My World. It took some time to make the cloth but Pionia-sama helped out.”

Rarael said with a faint smile.

“Master, Master! Please take a look desu!”

Sheena No.3 came in after changing her clothes.

Her hair had grown considerably longer.

And her clothes –


Sheena No.3 was wearing a kimono.

Just why?

It was not those used for cosplay but rather a full-fledged proper kimono.

Just why?

“I got it from Suzuki.”

“We dressed up.”

Neete and Pionia were wearing kimonos as well.

For some reason, the waist portion was quite thick. The belt was too long.

“Master, I taught the method to make soy sauce so I want a reward.”

“You stayed in a suite room and ordered a lot of room service, right?”

“It was Suzuki who paid for that and the money came from the yeast that I raised. But Master was the one who requested for the method to make soy sauce? We homunculus are born to manage My World but don’t you think teaching soy sauce making is out of our scope of work? Don’t you consider it as overtime?”

It was tough if she put it that way.

Torerul-sama gave me Pionia and the others, the homunculus, to manage My World.

Activities outside My World was, as Neete said, out of their jurisdiction.

“That said, you mentioned that you want a reward? You don’t need gold or gems and you can receive MP any time.”

“Neete, try to keep it in moderation. I will change my clothes. Working is difficult with these clothes.”

Pionia said and left the room before Neete could answer her.

I stopped Pionia.

“Pionia – the kimono suits you well. How about you keep those clothes on for at least today?”

“ … Thank you very much. But it would be a waste to dirty the kimono.”

Pionia bowed lightly without changing her expression and left the log house.

“So, Neete. And Sheena No.3 is looking at me with anticipation, what do you want from me?”

“Of course desu! Sheena No.3’s hair was in tatters because of Master desu.”

“But I heard that your hair was eaten because you provoked Centaur.”

“Th-they were imagining things desu.”

“Look me in the eye when you say that.”

Haa … well, it was true that the problem occurred because I carelessly entrusted Centaur on them.

It would be an injustice to them if I didn’t give them any rewards or an apology but it also depends on what they wanted.

All right, maybe I’ll make delicious pastries.

That should be enough – or so I thought.

“Even though Carol and I always receive rewards, it would be unfair for Master’s loyal followers if you do not reward them. Could you please listen to their requests?”

“Neete-san and Sheena No.3-san won’t have a child even if you make a mistake so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Eh? Why were the two of them so enthusiastic?

Especially Carol. What was she imagining?

“So, you girls, what do you wish for?”

““Please do ‘that’ (desu)!””


Yeah, I definitely heard wrongly.

They said they wanted to do that.

I had a bad feeling.

“What do you mean by that?”

“T-h-a-t. Please forgive me, O great magistrate.”

“T-h-a-t desu. Please forgive me, feudal lord-sama desu.”

I guess I didn’t hear it wrongly.

They want me to twirl them around by pulling their belt?

So that was why the belt seemed so long.

“Why do you want to experience that?”

“It’s a given with a kimono, right?”

“Because it looked interesting desu.”

“ … Haa, if that’s all then it’s okay.”

I grasped the end of the belts they both held out.

Neete and Sheena No.3 looked at me with expectation.

Haru and Carol looked at me with curiosity as well.

What was with this situation?

Would there ever be a situation where the guy is so disinterested to unwind a kimono belt?

“Master, please say the line.”

“Excited excited desu!” (TLN: Waku waku)

Ahh, fine.

This was not a reward for Neete and Sheena No.3.

It was not a reward for me either.

It was a punishment for me for increasing the number of women I have around me unintentionally.

“All right, I’ll do it.”

I yanked the belts hard.

“Isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine.”



They looked like spinning tops to me.

If the tops continue to spin, the world would escape from the prophecy of the end of the world.

When the spinning tops fall, the world would come to an end.

My existence could be said to the string for turning the spinning top called the world.

When I looked at the two of them spinning around happily, I thought to myself.

Was my existence truly protecting this world?

Methias-sama, you’ve definitely made a mistake.


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GC V9C357


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