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GC V9C360

(360) Dispelling the curse

Translator: Piggy.C + Tseirp


He mentioned a protected facility so I expected it to be a remote building in the suburbs. However, it turned out to be a large building in the Magic Street.

It seemed like it was remodeled from an old factory constructed to create magical tools.

There were guards posted at the entrance but after Suzuki showed them his Baron’s brooch, he had his identity checked, and after I was questioned, we were given a permit to enter the building.

The fact that the inspection was more detailed than at the airship dock showed how terrifying the frenzy curse was.

“What magic tool were they making?”

“I think they were making magic swords.”

“Basically a Magic Blacksmith’s workshop?”

“Hahaha, no way. There are no Magic Blacksmiths in the world. Blacksmith, Alchemist, and Magician – only a person who has mastered all those jobs from varying fields can become one.

“The hurdle is certainly high.”

It would be difficult without a growth cheat.

… In that case, since Kanon mastered the Magic Blacksmith job, is she actually quite a hard worker? She didn’t seem like one at all.

“Here they were experimenting on whether a sword can have unique abilities by embedding magic talismans made by Magic Journalist into the handle of a sword.”

“A talisman on a sword. That’s interesting.”

“Yeah, but apparently the change in performance was subtle. Although the effects were quite long-lasting, the talismans will be consumed and it didn’t sell very well even after including the collectors who bought them.

I see, so the effects were faint. Talismans were expensive too.

I tried asking about the effects out of curiosity and the effects were really subtle.

If you used a Transfer Talisman, you could make a sword that would automatically escape when it is broken in the labyrinth. I thought it would be convenient to use to escape in a dangerous situation but other talismans could not be used once the Transfer Talisman is in place and the Transfer Talisman would not activate if the sword is knocked out of the user’s hand so the effect was weak.

But that was still considered good.

If you used the Recovery Talisman, it would become a sword that would heal the opponent whenever you cut and deal damage to them. It may be useful for torture but it had no utility in combat.

The most meaningless usage would be to attach a Loudspeaker Talisman.

When clashing with swords affixed with the Loudspeaker Talisman, the sound of the swords clashing would be amplified and could make the match more impactful.

I headed toward the location where a person with the frenzy curse was held.

Held there was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man.

His job was Carpenter and there was a guard posted at the entrance and a guard within.

Such strict surveillance was more akin to imprisonment rather than protection.

“Who are you guys? Are you here to interrogate me again?”

“No, we’re here to help you. This person here is a Practitioner able to use Dispel. He will dispel the frenzy curse that was placed on you.”

“Really!? Thank you so much.”

“Please wait, it is not certain yet that I will be able to dispel it.”

I told the middle-aged man that was about to cling to me.

I did learn Dispel but I had never tested its effects.

“Please do. I’ve been trapped in this kind of place and asked endless questions on ‘Have you met anybody suspicious recently?’ or ‘Name all your acquaintances.’ and even ‘Is your wife from the anti-goddess faction?’.”

He was asked such questions?

He didn’t seem like he was put through torture but they were treating him like a criminal.

Of course, he would be angry if you doubt his family.

I sympathized with him.

“I can’t believe them. They should have known from their investigation of my history of no girlfriends despite my age. There was no way I would have a wife.”

I truly sympathized with him.

I looked at the man and chanted the spell.


A faint light enveloped the man.

But there was no obvious change to be seen.

“That should do it (I think).”

After I said that, the guard brought a blue liquid and dropped it on the back of the man’s hand.

“That medicine solution would turn red when in contact with cursed people.”

“Like looking for starch using iodine solution?”

“In simple terms, yes.”

I guess they used that medicine solution to test for the presence of the curse.

I was wondering how they could find three affected people. It would be easy for the investigation with that method.

After confirming the presence or absence of the curse, the Magic Investigation Researcher would carry out a blood test. With Blood Appraisal and Hair Appraisal, they would be able to obtain a lot of information.

The solution on the back of the man’s hand did not change color even after Suzuki’s explanation.

“It is confirmed that the curse has been dispelled. You may return home.”

“Oo … oooooh!”

The man was thrilled and held my hand.

“Thank you so much. You are my life savior. Truly, truly thank you.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to thank me.”

I accepted the man’s gratitude as he cried tears of joy and saw him out of the room.

I conducted the same dispelling in the other room and received thanks.

And after I left that room, an overweight man with fancy clothes called out to me.

“Good work, Suzuki-dono, Ichinojo-dono. The innocent people can go home safely now. Guhihihi.”

They weren’t fine … the released people were treated quite terribly as criminals so they seemed to have accumulated quite a lot of anxiety.

The man laughed excitedly with an unpleasant face.

His laugh was like a toad.

“Thank you for your compliment (That man is an inspector who reports directly to the King so please do not butt heads with him.)”

Suzuki said and I nodded.

I secretly checked his job and it was Commoner.

But his level was not normal.

It was Lv99.

I have seen plenty of Commoner job people since coming to this world but the highest level was around Lv10. I’ve never seen anybody reach until Lv99.

Why would he do so?

“You may return home.”

The inspector said.

“But we have only finished treatment for two people.”

I asked.

“There’s no need to treat the last person.”


“You will know once you enter the room. It won’t be interesting to see though.”

The inspector said and led me into the room with just us two.

It was a small room.

It seemed to have been used as storage and there were swords with talismans apparently made in the workshop placed there.

There was a small window in the room and we could see the neighboring room from there.

Unlike the ordinary rooms, that room was constructed with metal plating attached to the walls.

A man was acting as the interrogator and guard inside.

【Knight Lv35】

He was quite strong. And was a quasi-noble.

And turning to look at the person afflicted with the curse, I was at a loss for words.

“Wha … !”

It was a girl around 20 years of age.

There were black horns on her head and bat-like black wings on her back.

She was seated in a chair but I inadvertently turned my eyes away.

It was probably from a whip.

Her leg tendons were cut.

Her clothing was stained dark red with blood and her exposed skin was full of scratches. Her originally beautiful hair was now tattered and coated with blood.

“That’s terrible … why?”

“Kusunoki-kun … she is a devil race.”

Suzuki told me.


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        The missing component would be a method to transfer levels between a Level 99 Commoner and the Curse Master who can apply the curses. But since transferring XP by various means is the essential premise of the entire system, the only sticky part is doing it without killing the person providing the XP.

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