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SL Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Hero story with no hero

Translator: Tseirp


Member of the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Avalonia.

Transport Carrack sailboat Grey Vulture.

Amidst the thunderous rain, the sailors were busy preparing for battle.


“Align the double ballista! Aim for the mast with chained shots!”


The accompanying ships for protection had already been surrounded and rendered unable to move.

It was a matter of time before they were captured.

The remaining fighting forces were solely on that ship but as they were originally loaded with supplies, the combat capability of the Grey Vulture was not high as the approaching pirate ship.


“You Veronian scum!”


Captain Jami yelled at the enemy’s ship.

His foes were the Veronia Navy.

Obstruction from Veronia had plagued the Allied Forces.

They have repeatedly plundered just below the level that would result in war with the Kingdom of Avalonia.

The transport of supplies to the front lines was stagnating and information on the interference from Veronia was beginning to be transmitted to the various leaders of the Allied Forces.


“Are those bastards intending to start a war with us?”


There were not many but still a few nobles in Veronia who think Veronia should join the Allied Forces.

But if the Allied Forces declared war on them first, they would have no choice but to side with the Demon Lord Army.

The looting was supporting the Demon Lord Army but it was also a provocation to deter the other nations from forcing Veronia to side completely with the Demon Lord Army.


“If that’s the case, there’s even more reason to not get done in by them! We have to somehow escape!”


A double-barreled cannon fired two iron arrows connected with a chain.

The chain would wrap around the opponent ship’s mast and tear apart the sails and riggings, robbing them of their propulsion.

But their opponents were privateers that rose to be pirates and were veterans on naval battles.

If Ririnrara was excluded, they would control the Veronia Navy.

The sailors of the Avalonia Army fired shots one after another but the enemy skillfully manipulated their hull and dodged the effective strikes.


“Shit … ! Grab your bows, it is going to become a melee!”


The Veronia ships were already in front of their eyes.

If it came down to a firing and melee battle, there was no chance of winning with their inferior ship quality and the number of soldiers.


“In that case, I will have to cut a path open.”


If one person can cut down a hundred, a losing battle could be overturned.

It was an idiotic strategy that deviated from the art of war he learned as a knight but that idiotic strategy could become the easiest method if there were strong divine protections.

That was the law of this world.

However, in this world, wisdom and courage are insufficient to overcome the superiority of divine protections and skills specialized for naval battles.

Jami-dono, a 『Warrior』, prepared himself for the worst and decided to rely on the swordsmanship he learned from Vice Captain Gideon.

At that moment.


“Captain! There’s a ship coming from behind!”



Jami-dono quickly looked behind when he heard the report from his crew.

He could see a huge shadow approaching from behind the rain.


“That’s a Veronia Galley!? When did they wrap around our back!!”


Their escape path was blocked.

Jami-dono’s grip on his sword trembled and he clenched his teeth.

That was the end of the line for them.

But, the old warship passed by the side of Jami-dono’s sailboat without slowing down.


“We are the Veronia Navy! We will now strike down the pirates!”


There was a High-Elf wearing an eye-patch standing at the bow of the ship.

The sturdy ram of the Galley pierced the side of the Veronia pirate ship.

The pirate ship groaned and listed to its side.

The pirates on the deck rolled off and fell into the sea.




The pirates were surprised and confused.

The Galley that attacked them displayed the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Veronia.

The person on board was the Veronia Navy Marshal Ririnrara.

Although they were hired by Leonor’s faction, the pirates were poorly informed of the political confrontation.

They were caught without knowing why and quickly surrendered.


“Just what is happening?”

Jami-dono was equally puzzled.

Then, a man lightly jumped from the Galley onto the deck of the Grey Vulture along with escorts.

The sun-tanned man showed a smile that displayed his white teeth.


“I’m glad you are all right, I am Prince Sarius from the Kingdom of Veronia.”

“Prince Sarius!? N-no, sorry for the outburst. I am Baccus Jami of the Bahamut Knights of the Kingdom of Avalonia. I did not anticipate meeting a prince in such a location so I apologize for the misdemeanor.”

“Jami-dono huh? I am pleased to fight alongside a knight from the great Bahamut Knights upon this wide sea.”



Jami-dono’s confusion continued.

The true identity of the pirates that were attacking them should have been soldiers hired by Veronia.

But the ones who saved them from their predicament was the Veronia Naby and its prince.

Jami-dono and the Avalonia soldiers were puzzled and wary as to what was going on.

Seeing their reactions, the prince explained.


“True, my Veronia and your Kingdom of Avalonia has no alliance. But now mankind is fighting their greatest threat, the Demon Lord. This ship is carrying the supplies for the soldiers fighting for mankind, right?”

“Ye-yes, that is correct.”

“Then helping you is the right path.”

“ … Is that your personal judgment as a prince?”

“It will eventually become the consensus of the Kingdom of Veronia. Jami-dono, please inform them when you return to the Imperial Capital. When I obtain the crown, the Kingdom of Veronia promises to join the Allied Forces.”


Jami-dono doubted his ears.

But Prince Sarius’ expression was full of confidence.

That day was a turning point that changed the future of mankind.

The Kingdom of Veronia should have been cooperating with the Demon Lord Army.

Prince Sarius・of・Veronia clearly announced that he will join the Allied Forces.


Mankind would finally unite to counter the Demon Lord Army invasion.

Once that happens, the Demon Lord Army will have to retreat and there would be need to rebuild the front lines.

Many occupied lands and countries will also be released.


Jami-dono’s ship successfully arrived at the Allied Forces base which was their original destination.

The delivered supplies saved many hungry and wounded soldiers.

And it was not only Jami-dono’s ship. Many of the transport ships that travel from the south were no longer harried by the Kingdom of Veronia.

The war against the Demon Lord Army had shifted to a new stage.






Red & Lit’s Apothecary located in Zoltan’s Downtown.

You would be welcomed by two bright voices when you pass through the door.

Inside the shop, medicines were neatly arranged on a nice shelf and a small but beautiful watercolor landscape painting was on display.

If you brought medicine to them, Red, the store owner, would give you a detailed explanation of it.

If you were looking for a particular medicine, Lit would find it for you quickly.

After buying medicine, if you glanced back into the shop, you would see the happy expressions of two people facing each other.

Putting aside the story that will determine the end of the world, Red and Lit were happily living their slow life today.


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