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SL Chapter 155

Chapter 155: The story of the Villainess and the False World

Translator: Tseirp


In the world of possibilities that never existed.

Veronia’s Royal Palace.

In the throne room, Hero Ruti met Empress Leonor and Uzuku, who had become the king of Veronia.


“Even if you are a hero, you will not be forgiven for drawing a sword in the throne room.”


Empress Leonor, an old woman wearing a bright red ruby ring, pointed at Ruti.

Her appearance of dressing her old body with jewelry and having a distorted expression on her face was just like those witches from legends.

King Uzuku grinned as he sat on the throne.

The new Veronian knight recruits surrounded Ruti with drawn swords and stared at her with murderous eyes.

『Sage』 Ares and 『Assassin』 Tise flinched slightly from that murderous intent and 『Weapon Master』 Prince Kifa held his shield to protect the two of them.

『Tree Singer』 Yarandorara glared at Uzuku who was seated on the throne and Leonor beside him, without paying any attention to the soldiers.

Since losing Gideon, Yarandorara’s hatred for the Demon Lord Army intensified and it was undiminished under any circumstances.

Her actions could jeopardize her companions … but nobody could change her mind.


“Former Queen Leonor. I have come to correct your mistakes.”


Hero Ruti said as she fixed her gaze at Leonor with her red pupils that did not change regardless of the situation.

But she addressed her not as Empress but as Former Queen.

A declaration that she does not recognize Uzuku as king.

Naturally, Leonor cried in rage. But Ruti’s eyes did not change.

At that moment, the door behind them opened.


“Shut up, Leonor.”


With a sharp voice, Prince Sarius at the prime of his life entered accompanied by soldiers and General Ririnrara, a High-Elf wearing an eye-patch. As well as,


“O-onee-sama!? You should be dead!!”


Misufia stood with a staff in hand.


“Hmph, I lived to see this day.”

“This day!?”

“The day to end all your wrongdoings! Heroes, now is the time to reveal the truth!”


Ruti took out an old silver mirror from her bosom.


“O Rarael’s Mirror, illuminate the hidden evil!”


Ruti’s mirror faced King Uzuku.




King Uzuku, who had been maintaining a leisurely smile until then, hid his face in a hurry after seeing the mirror.

But it was too late.

Reflected on the mirror was the appearance of a horned demon.




King Uzuku’s body bubbled, swelled, and transformed into a demon with twisted horns.


“Contract Demon!!”


Ares shouted after seeing the true form of the demon.

Prince Uzuku’s true identity was that of a Contract Demon.




Leonor screamed and collapsed after seeing her only son transform into a demon.


“Cursed Hero! You dare reveal my true body!!”

“Contract Demon! You tricked Queen Leonor and planned to take over the Kingdom of Veronia!”

“It’s regrettable that I had to lie. I only wished to fulfill that woman’s wish. Prince Uzuku’s soul still remains in me, although he can’t move a single finger.”


The Contract Demon said with a laugh and glared at the Hero.


“But even that was ruined by you! There is no higher humiliation for a Contract Demon! Know my anger, said to be comparable to the Four Heavenly Kings!”

“He’s coming! Misufia fall back!”

Ruti drew her Holy Sword of Demon Slaying and formed a formation with her companions.

Clad in flames born from his surging magical power, the Contract Demon attacked the Heroes.




It was a fierce battle.

Ares was treating Prince Kifa and Tise who have fallen.

Even Ares, who was treating them, had almost no magical power left.

Yarandorara had used up all the seeds she prepared.

It was an opponent that they could not beat if they didn’t do so.


Hero Ruti sheathed her sword and approached Leonor.

Leonor was sobbing on the ground.


“Former Queen Leonor.”

“… Yes.”

“The demon has been exterminated.”

“Thank you, I did not become a foolish queen who destroyed her country.”

“You will be judged by Veronian law after this.”

“I will probably be hanged but I accept it. I committed such a crime … I killed my beloved son.”


Ruti made a pained expression.


“So the Hero will feel sadness for a foolish person such as myself.”

“You regret your wrongdoings after all.”

“ … I was too obsessed with ambition and lost my loved one. Hero Ruti, please convey my story to everyone, that this is the end for those who betray mankind.”

“Former Queen Leonor …”

“And this.”


Leonor handed a key to Ruti.


“This is?”

“This is the control key for Wendy Dart, the Demon Lord’s ship that the former king snatched from the Dark Continent. The ship also has a nautical map that leads to the Dark Continent.”


“The Flying Ship can’t overcome the storm created by the Demon Lord. But you should be able to reach the Dark Continent by using Wendy Dart.”

“ … Thank you, Former Queen Leonor.”

“Hero, please save this worl..d!!”


Leonor instantly drew the slender sword on her waist and pierced the hero’s chest.

The hero’s expression did not change as she blood spilled out of her and the world lost its color and went silent.

The old Leonor’s body returned to the same appearance as her young girl self when she died and a fiery vitality returned to her weakened eyes.


“What are you trying to say by showing me this? That this is the correct way of life?”


Leonor looked up into the sky at the infinite glow.

There seemed to be something within the light but it could not be seen with the human eye.




Leonor felt her eyes burn in the light but nevertheless she still stared and shouted at God.

The Veronian Royal Palace disappeared and a road manifested.

There Leonor stood alone, facing God.


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  1. Could it be that Demis is the last boss?


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  4. Lord Rin

    Hmm does this mean all the other false world chapters aren’t just fun what-if stories of what could have happened? Like this Demis is -for some reason- showing these to Leonor for some unknown purpose?

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