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SL Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Demis

Translator: Tseirp


That radiance fills the observer with a sense of reverence.

It would trigger the feeling of subordination, to knell, and press one’s forehead against the ground.


“You might want me to say that getting deceived by a demon, saved by the hero, having a change of heart and calmly receiving my execution was my happy ending for my life but that would be impossible. I have no regrets whatsoever in my life.”


But Leonor did not submit.

Her spirit that continued to defy the world did not bend even in the presence of God.


“This is a waste of time. I have no need to be saved or to be given mercy, in fact, those acts repulse me. You can reincarnate me as an insect or drop me into hell, do anything you like.”


Leonor said her piece.

The next moment.


“My beloved child.”


Demis spoke.

Leonor’s ears were torn and blood gushed out.

The sound was beyond that of all humans screaming at the same time.

Demis’ voice was too powerful for humans to listen to directly.

However, even if her eardrums were broken, the voice of God could still reach Leonor clearly.

Leonor still did not bend her knee even while her eyes bled and she clenched her teeth.

Demis continued speaking.


“My beloved child, your path is incorrect.”

“No, I did not make any mistakes. I told you I do not regret anything.”

“Foolish child, child who went on a vain journey, but I still love you.”


God’s voice was full of affection.

But Leonor sneered.


“As expected of the benevolence of God but I do not love you.”


Leonor’s will did not break.

Even as she faced God and her existence was burning out, she did not bend her way of life.

If she denied her life as a villainess, Leonor would no longer be Leonor.

To Leonor, rather than accept that weak thing that called itself Leonor which Demis showed her, she would rather suffer eternal torture in hell.




God denied.

She thought about what God was denying.

Leonor looked at the path she was walking on and suddenly had a question.


“Demis, perhaps you would answer one of my questions … how far along this path do I walk before I reach a fork?”


As far as Leonor’s eyes could see, there was only one path.

If there was hell, the path should split off at some point.


“Leonor, intelligent child. Your deduction is correct.”

“ … No way.”

“No matter how my children live, the path does not change.”

“So hell doesn’t exist either.”

“Along this path, you will be reincarnated as a badger. That has also been decided.”

“Doesn’t that mean life has no meaning at all? Regardless of acts of good or evil, what meaning is there to the lives of those who follow your divine protection?”

“No, my child. The lives of people are not wasted. I wish to save all my children. My beloved child, I love you dearly.”


Leonor’s shape collapsed.

She was returning to a pure soul with no will or memories.

Nevertheless, Leonor’s remaining intelligence continued to ponder the events that just transpired.




“So that’s why there’s a 『Hero』.”


Leonor came to a single answer.

“Congratulations, my child. If you were born as a 『Hero』, you would have had salvation. I’m sorry for only that. Someday when you become a 『Hero』and arrive here, we will talk again.”


Leonor glared at God with her remaining right eye.

She no longer had a mouth to articulate words nor any intelligence left.


“Goodbye, beloved child. I will always love you along with the divine protection that exists close to you.”


While listening to Demis’ words which became distant, the existence called Leonor melted into pure matter devoid of will just like flowing water.

Demis overlooked the eternally expanding world.

Countless souls were flowing continuously.

Among those souls, there was a special soul.

Demis did not touch it but merely stared at it.




Ruti drew her sword and slashed at the sky.

Her swing at full force cut through the atmosphere and a shock emanated through the surroundings.




I was shocked and reflexively jumped back while touching the handle of my sword to respond to whatever that could appear.

But I didn’t sense anything.


“I felt an unpleasant sensation.”


Ruti looked around with displeasure.


“Is that so? I didn’t sense anything.”

“Yeah, I don’t feel anything now.”


Ruti sheathed her sword.


“ … That was unpleasant.”


Even after the presence had left, Ruti was still emitting enough murderous intent to cause chills.

It was rare for Ruti to be this emotional.


“Just what was it?”


I looked up at the sky where Ruti swung her sword.

It was just the usual unchanging blue sky.


“I don’t know … but.”


I walked to Ruti’s side and hugged her tiny shoulders.

Ruti’s body gradually relaxed and she leaned her weight against me.

If there was a force that will cause my younger sister suffering, I will definitely stop it.

As long as my younger sister wishes for a slow life, I will protect her this time.

While feeling the warmth of Ruti’s body, I swore to the wide blue sky.


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  1. Siceraria

    … So is the “Shin” thing the true path for humanity?
    Are the asura actually the enemies or allies of humanity?

    • Chris Sizemore

      Neither. The path is the path. There is no choice. There is only what was, what is and what will be.

      • ChunLing

        There is a choice. There is a hell. Demis is wrong to deny it.

        And the Hero will destroy him for that sin.

        That’s what this story is about, after all.

  2. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. TheBadger

    ¡Aquí viene el tejón!

  4. Arienai

    >Anyone can become a hero if the time come
    >There is only one path, no heaven or hell
    >One will get a salvation after their soul reach the point of hero after endless rebirths

    These points somehow remind me of Hinduism’s Nirvana
    >Souls got tainted on life, clear some off when died, and pile some more on the next life
    >The Cycle kept going until all karma are cleanse and became the purest of soul, then the soul will be liberated from the cycle to return back to Brahman who was the source of all

    There might be some errors as it was something I learned since sometimes ago, but the outline shouldn’t be that much wrong

    Similar rules are applied here maybe? But if so then what is the “Shin”? Enlightenment equivalence? [another way to reach the liberation from Buddhism, the soul will vanished in to the void instead of returning to Brahman like in Hinduism though]

  5. Lord Rin

    Well it was funny that Leonor is going to be reincarnated as a badger.

    Anyways it’s starting to sound like Demis is the real enemy. Everything is on the same path where everybody follows the divine protection she gives them and she says that being a Hero is salvation but we’ve all seen what being one does. It basically turns you into a machine with no feelings sent to kill demons and especially asuras that have no divine protection. Ruti was only able to break free of her divine protection because she had Red’s help in making her a medicine to break the divine protection.

    • ChunLing

      Not only that. She made a choice. She endured making that choice.

      Her Onii-san did help her make the choice, though.

  6. Thiron

    How can her path be incorrect if there’s only one path…

  7. k1

    Tensei Shitara Badger Datta ken

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