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GC V9C362

(362) Inspector’s Request

Translator: Tseirp


I let go of the sword and turned over the fallen bookshelf.

Books spilled out from the bookshelf and landed on the inspector.

“It hurts it hurts, can’t you be more careful when moving it?”

The inspector complained as he stood up.

“Umu, well done for a quasi-Baron. I will report this to His Majesty. Be thankful.”

“… Yes”

“Sheesh, what happened to the knight who was keeping watch?”

It seemed that the inspector was unaware that the knight had died.

“I will report it to His Majesty and have him beheaded.” he said resentfully.

I see, so he was oblivious.

“He died.”

“Oh, dead? And so?”


“The word. Didn’t you hear it?”

… Did he not have any words of compassion for the knight?

Well, I didn’t expect any either.

“The world kyu … I couldn’t hear anything after that.”

“The world kyu?”

The inspector seemed to have thought of something,

“I’m able to report immediately. Help me get out of here.”

“Um, what about my reward …”

“What, you can expect your reward later …”

“I only hope for permission to bury her.”

“Okay, that’s fine so I’ll permit that.”

The inspector said before leaving.

In exchange, Suzuki entered.

“Kusunoki-kun, I’ll help you.”


I replied and used the Kin Summoning skill.

Haru and Carol were summoned.

“Master, thank you for waiting.”

“Everyone has agreed to accept her.”

Haru and Carol said.

I see, so Rarael and the others accepted as well. I’m glad that I didn’t have to seek their acceptance after I did something this time.

“What do they mean, Kusunoki-kun?”

“I’m helping her.”

I said as I pulled out the sword.

“Mega Heal.”

“Wait, Kusunoki-kun. The wound reached until her heart. It was instant death. So recovery magic is …”

“Suzuki, this may not be a kind world, but it is a fantasy world. Even on Earth, bad ending can be repainted into happy endings.”

I said as I checked her body temperature.

I had prepared myself and I was correct.

“She’s still alive.”

“What … How on earth did you do it?”

“Didn’t you tell me? The way to use this sword.”

I said as I showed him the sword I took from the warehouse.

The sword will be able to attain power after putting in a talisman.

“You said that by putting in a Recovery Talisman, cutting the opponent would cause them to recover, right?”

“I would have never expected you to a Recovery Talisman in and attack … But you pierced her heart. She shouldn’t be able to recover if it was instantaneous death.”

“Yes, it would have been a bad bet if I only relied on the Recovery Talisman trick but wouldn’t it be all right if she didn’t die immediately? For that, I have another skill – Pico-Pico Hammer.”

I had to extend a Silent Room over the sword to silence the cute Pico sound that would have been audible when I struck her.

“Sheesh, you insisted that it was a hammer skill that would tear through swords, you … Hahaha how ridiculous.”

Suzuki laughed and asked.

“So what should I do?”

“Nothing much. You just have to say you carried her corpse in your item bag, accompanied me to bury her, and not tell anybody what you have seen here.”

I said and asked Haru to open the door to My World.

Then, I took a seal from Haru.

It was the seal that grants permission to enter My World.

I placed the seal on her tattered arm.

While I was chasing after the Devil girl, I sent a message to Haru and Carol and told them all about my plan.

Haru was able to transfer to My World using her Kin skill.

“Haru, Carol, I leave her to you. I don’t think she will regain consciousness in an hour but just tie her up to be safe. She shouldn’t be able to escape even if she goes on a rampage if you bind her with these.”

I said as I passed them two belts.

“These are the belts I stripped from Neete and Sheena No.3 yesterday.”

“Eh? Neete-san? And Sheena No.3-san, during the battle with the Demonic King Dragon …”

I mistakenly gave Suzuki too much information.

Neete has supposedly gone on a journey and Sheena No.3 self-destructed in front of Suzuki’s eyes.

Information on them was connected to my Jobless skill so I couldn’t let him know.

“Ichino-sama, wasn’t that careless of you.”

“ … Sorry.”

Carol scolded me and I apologized.

I guess I let my guard down after successfully saving the Devil girl.

Haru and Carol carried the Devil girl into My World.

“Haa …”

I remained there and for now, applied Clean on the carpet to tidy up.

It wasn’t for the sake of that inspector.

I didn’t want them to find out that she was still alive from the small amount of blood loss.

Because I sealed the wound while her heart was pierced, there was not much blood loss.

That inspector may not have noticed but if a professional investigator came over, it would definitely be exposed.

Thankfully that inspector was a sloppy person.

The staff from the facility would respectfully bury the murdered knight.

He did torture the Devil girl but I still prayed for his soul.

Suzuki and I left the protection facility.

I only realized that I was still holding the sword when I left.

“I wonder if I could keep this sword?”

“I don’t think you should steal it.”

“Yeah. I should return it …”

I scratched my head and turned to go back.

“Ichinojo-donooo, Ichinojo-donooo!”

The inspector came back. I unconsciously went ‘Geh’ and squeezed out a sound of rejection.

Did he realize that the Devil girl was still alive?

“Ichinojo-dono! Where will you go after this?”

“Ah, well I accidentally took this sword out so I was about to return it.”

“That’s the protection facility sword? Please don’t worry about such a thing, feel free to take it home. Buhihihihi.”

“Inspector-dono. You are investigating this town but you shouldn’t have the authority to freely give out items from the protection facility –”

“Shut up Suzuki-dono. It is fine if I say it is fine. There’s no time.”

The inspector scolded Suzuki.

This time what Suzuki said was right but he was the one who told me to not go against the inspector.

He probably understood that he shouldn’t go against him any further.

“To be honest, I have a request for Ichinojo-dono. I have a monster I want you to defeat.”

“A monster you want me to defeat?”

“Yes. To the southeast from here, there is a monster nest in the shrine related to the royal family and I want you to subjugate it immediately. Of course, I promise you rewards.”

The inspector said and passed me a pouch.

I looked inside the pouch.

There were 10 gold coins.

“ … These many … erm, I think it will be quicker if you put in a request to the Adventurers Guild or the Mercenary Guild?”

“I stopped by the Adventurers Guild and found out that Ichinojo-dono defeated the Advanced Dungeon boss, Kanesha, with just a three-man party. And when I asked the Mercenary Guild, I was told you slaughtered two Demonic King Dragons, buhihihihi.”

I would like it if he stopped laughing like that. It was sending a chill down my spine.

And one of the Demonic King Dragon was defeated by Suzuki and Sheena no.3.

“I only defeated one of the Demonic King Dragon.”

“One or two, it’s all the same.”

I think it is very different though.

Suzuki looked at me and commented ‘You’re already a celebrity’,

You were the one who damaged the other dragon. Come become famous with me.

“Inspector-dono, I was not alone when fighting the Demonic King Dragons, Suzuki-dono was with me. I was able to win because of his ability.”

Suzuki sent me a glare from the side that told me to not say unnecessary things.

There was no way I would do such a troublesome task on my own.

That was my thought but,

“No, Ichinojo-dono is more than sufficient for this task alone. I have prepared a carriage. This way please. Buhihihi.”


He plans to let me do it on my own?

“I don’t think Ichinojo-dono would accept gold but refuse to complete the task, right?”

“Eh? This gold …”

You were the one who passed it to me on your own volition.

I wanted to say that but it was too late.

Well I guess I could take the shrine monster extermination if it could take the Devil girl off his mind.

“ … All right. I’ll call my companions so please wait for a moment. Suzuki, I leave this sword with you.”

It would be troublesome if I was asked questions about it later so I handed it to him.

“I told you we are going this very moment. I have already prepared the carriage. I will be going too so we won’t get lost.”

Seriously … even if he is Lv99, he definitely can’t fight and I would get even more troublesome work if my true strength was exposed so I didn’t want him to follow.

Even Jofre and Elize would be better.

… On that matter, I still have not found Jofre and Elize’s whereabouts.

Hn, well they were probably fine.

I can’t even imagine them dying.

“ … I don’t think there is a need for inspector-dono to attend to it personally. A monster extermination site is not a place for a noble.”

For now, I tried to cajole him into letting me go alone.

“Buhihihihi. Ichinojo-sama is right. Then, I will let guards follow you.”

“There’s no need, I will be fine on my own.”

“There would be a need to confirm that the monsters were exterminated so it would be a hassle for two parties to travel there separately.”

I thought it would be fine after I report that I completed the extermination but I guess he didn’t trust me at all.

Well, I didn’t really trust that inspector either.

For now, it looked like guards would be following me.

I hopped onto the carriage.

It was apparently a carriage for nobles so it looked quite comfortable.

“Let’s set off then.”

I said to the driver and the carriage set off.

The carriage moved significantly slower than my running speed but we did get a free pass through the gate and we headed southeast.

Hmm … I’m bored.

I guess I’ll change my jobs to magic-type jobs to finish the task in a jiffy.


I just felt the presences increase by one.

I tried looking out the window but I couldn’t see well.

In that case, I’ll activate Hawk’s Eye.

I looked down from the sky.

The number of guards on horses increased.

As I suspected, there was one additional guard.

A person was wearing a different robe from the guards on a horse.

But the person was riding beside the guards and not fighting them so I guess they are not an enemy?

I waited to reach the destination while pondering about the new addition.

By the time we reached the wilderness after deviating from the highway, my rear end was feeling sore despite the relatively comfortable carriage.

When I used Hawk’s Eye once more to look down from the sky, I saw that there was a large white building in the direction we were headed.

Was that the place?

We’re finally here ─ or so I thought but we passed by that shrine.


Further southeast, we came across a dirty small building with overgrown vines all over it.

The building was about the size of a convenience store.

No way, that building?

“Ichinojo-sama, we have arrived.”

I was right.

I stepped off the carriage, stood in front of the shrine, and held the Staff of Aklapios.

The interior was dark and I couldn’t see anything.

“Is there actually a monster inside? I don’t sense any hostile presence.”

I didn’t sense the presence of any monsters.

“Yes, I am certain this is the place.”

“We passed by a splendid building just a little way back. Are you sure it is not that building?”

“No, this is the place.”

The guard insisted.

That was strange.

I activated Thought Trace.

He was no lying. But he was uneasy.

Perhaps this guard didn’t know anything at all?

Maybe the inspector only instructed him to lead me here.

“ … I will say it again, there are no enemies inside. I may have combat strength but I am unable to disarm traps. There’s a possibility of traps in old ruins that have no monsters. If you insist to enter, I will have to ask you guys to lead the way.”

The moment when I said that.

The robed person who joined us half-way slashed at me.

I was caught unaware so I couldn’t avoid it and had to jump backward.

Together with the robbed person.

We entered the building.

“What are you doing?”

The entrance to the shrine closed when I said that.

At the same time, a faint red glow appeared under my feet.

“ … There are no monsters as expected. Could you let me out?”

I asked as I readied my staff.

I didn’t think that he would obediently let me leave.

From using Thought Trace, I could tell that my opponent was excited about the battle.

“You look like you are raring to fight but what is your goal? I only want to live a peaceful life, eat some unagi, change jobs, flirt with the girl I like, and occasionally eat the unique dishes of my younger sister …”

My opponent moved while I was mid-sentence.

So they don’t plan to answer – in that case ─

“I won’t be able to go easy ─ Fire ─ ”

I cast Fire from my staff but – the spell didn’t activate!?

I stopped the sword with my staff.


The sword split my staff in half.

That was the Staff of Aklapios that has accompanied me to this day.

“Look what you have done, damn it.”

I used the Throw skill to throw the staff … but I couldn’t even activate the skill to throw the staff normally.

It seemed that I could not activate both magic and skills.

“You seem to have noticed. This place seals the skills and magic that can be activated outside.”

The robed person spoke.

I recalled that voice.

Or rather, I faintly recalled it.

I could still feel the same feeling coming from them as when I used Through Trace just now.

“Could I ask what this is for? I still have plenty of things to thank you for.”

She took off the robe when I said that.

Talwi, who I fought with against the Demonic King Dragon, appeared from below the robe.


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GC V9C361


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