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GC V9C364

(364) Cat Communicator

Translator: Tseirp


I somehow felt that it would be better to not let the inspector know that I was alive. If possible, I would rather not enter through the gates. Thankfully, the last location I created the exit to My World was in the room we borrowed in Suzuki’s home.

Haru and I used Home Return and returned to My World before exiting to the room.

It was great that Carol was waiting for us in the room.

“Good work, Ichino-sama. That was a disaster.”

“Yeah, I’m seriously tired. Ah, Haru. This is a Japanese room so please take off your shoes.”

I couldn’t feel comfortable wearing shoes on a tatami mat so I immediately took them off but Haru still had her shoes on.

“Well, I shouldn’t do what I am unfamiliar with. I was thinking of leaving the information gathering to Carol.”

“Carol will gather what information Carol can gather. But while role division is important, please do not push the entire task on Carol. Ichino-sama should have information that only Ichino-sama can obtain.”

Carol was strict even when she was kind.

True, I couldn’t ask Carol to investigate the matter related to Metias-sama that I heard from Tet-sama. Unlike my Jobless skills, I did not receive permission to talk about it with trustworthy people and there was an astounding lack of information.

The world was on the verge of destruction and other world people are summoned here to avoid that. But it only delayed the end and did not completely avoid it …

“Carol. Was it true that 12,000 soldiers are approaching?”

“Yes. Please ask the information provider for the details. Carol believes that it is a trustworthy piece of information.”

Carol said ‘They are in this house’ and led me to them.

It didn’t seem as though Suzuki had returned home.

That guy was probably worried too.

“Thank you for waiting.”

Carol said as she held the door open.

Eh? This is the kitchen?

She wasn’t guiding me to the reception room?

I stepped inside while feeling suspicious but there was nobody there.

“Ichino-sama, this person here.”

Eh? This person?

Ah, it was the pattern of thinking it would be a grown adult but it was actually a child.

Or was it a Mini-Hume?

I lowered my line of sight but there was still nobody there.

“Ichino-sama, even lower.”

Eh? Even lower?

I lowered my gaze even further and saw a tabby cat.

Even looking down from above or bending down to lower my line of sight, the cat was still a cat.

“Is this perhaps a Cat・Sith?”

“No, Ichino-sama. This is a cat that is kept in this home.”

“A cat kept in this home … Carol, did you receive information from this cat? Sorry but I can only speak to birds and I can’t understand cats. It would help if you interpret for me.”

『No, there is no need for interpretation.』

The cat suddenly spoke.

What was going on?

『It’s been a long time.』

“I don’t know any talking cats though?”

『Hey now, that’s cold. You even bought three of my manga.』

Huh? Three books of manga?

I’ve never been to a bookstore in this world.

The old man from the bookstore that time had passed away and I didn’t buy any manga there.

Wait – perhaps –

“Are you perhaps the Cat Manga-user!”

『Wrong! My name is –』


『That is my pen name! My name is –』

“More importantly, what happened? Did you finally end up turning into a cat from the cat curse?”

His job was arbitrarily changed into Cat-user Cat Manga-user by the Cat・Siths so he resented them for it.

Did he try to get revenge on the Cat・Siths and end up getting cursed instead?

『No, this is the Cat-user skill Cat Bell Communicator. I could create a communication bell using the Cat-user skill and put it on cats to freely communicate. And I could see your face from looking through the eyes of the cat.』


The Cat Communicator was a video phone!?

Messenger, Kin Messenger, Communication Talisman.

I’ve obtained various skills and tools to communicate with people from a distance away but wasn’t his skill the most convenient?

『People who have the Cat-user curse have used this skill to maintain their own information network around the world.』

“Have they looked into the women’s bath and such?”

『Incidentally, I placed this bell here to ask Hero-sensei to buy books at the book sale tomorrow for me.』

He didn’t answer my question.

I guess I hit the mark.

“Haru, Carol. I forbid you from changing in front of a cat from now on. There’s no telling if there is a Cat Manga-user’s cat lurking around.”

『It’s Cat-user! More importantly, listen. The Cat-user information network is vast. Cat・Siths are able to live in hidden villages around the world because they gather their own information. The information are mostly pointless ones such as ‘The rats in the mountain decreased’ or ‘There were a lot of storms this year and fishing could not be done so the price of fish increased by 20%’ but occasionally it picks up grave information and will be sent to the information network of all Cat-users in the world using Cat Communicator. According to that information, tomorrow 12,000 soldiers from the Tsuaobal army will surround Mallegory.』

“Are you certain?”

『Information coming from them are usually useless information but it has never been fake. Please tell Hero-sensei that I don’t need the Doujinshi this time round and to please evacuate. Sorry, my MP is about to run out –』

The Cat Manga-user’s communication cut off and the cat tilted its head curiously before drinking from the bowl meant for the cat at the kitchen at its own pace.

It looked like the call cut off.

“12,000 soldiers … normally I wouldn’t trust information from a Cat Manga-user though.”

Since it was a communicator, I could not read the cat’s feelings using Thought Trace so I couldn’t judge the authenticity of the information.

But this time the information tallied with Talwi’s words.

Mallegory’s destruction –

“Master, what should we do?”

Haa, wars and soldiers would be troublesome so I wanted to leave town immediately and chase after Miri.

But I couldn’t do so if I wanted to get my hands on Milky’s book.

【Ichinojo-sama, this is Rarael. The Devil girl has just woken up. She is currently calm but she can enter her berserk state at any moment. Please return to help.】

Ah, so she’s awake.

“The Devil girl has apparently woken up. Regarding the troop movements, nobody would believe me if I told the townspeople or it would cause panic. Haru, could you follow Suzuki’s scent and tell him as fast as possible? Along with what happened with Talwi. However, do not approach him if the inspector is around – ah, you’ve not met him before. He’s a fat man with a strange laugh. During that time, I will enter My World and treat the Devil girl.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Haru said and left through the kitchen’s back entrance.

Carol and I returned to our room and entered My World.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Master.”

This time Pionia came to greet me.

The Devil girl was at home.

She was a fair-skinned girl with brown hair.

It was not the log house that I lived in. It was a brick house.

“ …. Was this house always here?”

“Negative. It was built in a hurry. A guest house.”

“You went through the trouble to build one …”

I entered the guest house.

She was tied up with sashes and was being watched by Rarael, Rurina and Neete.

The Devil girl looked at me with resentment.

“Sorry for the wait. Do you remember what happened?”

“I heard about what happened. I recall a little about trying to kill you.”

“Then I would like it if you don’t look at me with such eyes. I am not your enemy. I am Ichinojo. You are?”


“I see … Flute. Rurina, are you ready?”

Rurina nodded.

“Rurina, I will be registering you into my party.”

“I don’t have a choice right? Do what you like.”

She nodded so Rurina immediately placed Flute into the party.

“Let me see your status.”

“Go ahead.”

She said with a blunt attitude.

“Status open, Flute.”

Job:Evil Berserker Lv12
Phy Atk:299Phy Def:51
Mag Atk:33Mag Def:24
Hemp clothesCloth shoesDark Elf Sash
「Throw Stone」 「Spear Equip」 「Swift Feet」「Flight」「Illusion Magic」「Feather Rest」「Sword Equip」「Axe Equip」「Destroy」
【Unique Skills】
「Fighting with one’s back to the wall」「Berserk」「Homicide (Same Race)」
【Acquired Titles】
【Possible Job Changes】
Evil Berserker Lv12Thief Lv1Berserker Lv1Atonement-seeker Lv1


As expected, her attack and speed were considerable.

If her stats increased even further during Berserk, she would become considerably stronger.

In addition, Fighting with one’s back to the wall – was definitely a skill that would transform her damage taken to strength.

Throw Stone could be a Commoner skill but Flight?

Are Devil race all able to fly in the sky?

Illusion Magic was probably the magic she used to hide her wings and horns.

Perhaps something similar to Carol’s Fascinating Transformation spell?

I guess she could not change job to ordinary jobs since she became a criminal.

For now, I changed her job to Attonement-Seeker.

“It should be fine for now.”

“ … What did you do? I feel a loss of strength.”

“Look at your status yourself. I did it for your sake.”

“ … Status Open.”

Flute looked at me with sceptical eyes but she verified her status.

“ … What!?”

It looked like she realized her job had switched to Attonement-Seeker.

“What exactly did you do?”

“Sorry but I can’t tell you that. Also, I can only ask now after it’s already decided but you will have to stay here for now. I will guarantee food and shelter and will also help to raise the level of Attonement-Seeker so that you can return to ordinary life. But, it would be bad if others find out that you are alive. Also, I will be troubled if you tell anybody about the things here.”

“It will certainly be bad if it is known that the Dark Elves rumored to have been destroyed are still living here.”

That was not all.

I couldn’t let others know about My World either.

“Well, I’ll think of a way for now, Flute. Do you have family? I could at least let them know that you are alive.”

“There’s no way I will reveal that to you.”

“Why? Your family would be worried.”

They would at least be relieved if they knew that she was safe.

“Ichinojo-sama. The Devil race lives by mingling among the Hume race. Unless she has complete trust in Ichinojo-sama, I believe it will be difficult to have her tell you about her family.”

Ah I see, information might leak so she wouldn’t feel safe telling such information to me.

In fact, I heard that the Devil race discovered from this event were sent to the church.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t give enough consideration.”

I apologized and untied the sashes.

“Rarael. Show Flute around.”

“Are you sure? I might run away.”

“You can try to escape if you are able to. But there are dangerous areas so at least tell us beforehand.”

Only Haru and I have the means to leave My World.

She won’t be able to escape just because she wants to and her stats as Attonement-Seeker was even worse than Jobless. Even if she used a weapon and suddenly stabbed a person, it would probably not kill anybody.

“ … Ah, right. At least tell me this. What was the trigger word that caused the activation of the Frenzy Curse? I only heard that it was ‘The world’s Kyu’.”

“The World’s Salvation … I believe I heard the man say that. My mind collapsed when I heard that.” (TL: Salvation = Kyusai)

“The World’s Salvation …”

Talwi said those words.

The destruction and salvation of the world.

And the End of the World.

What was the meaning of this?


I shouldn’t have anything to do with events on the scale that affects the entire world.



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GC V9C363


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