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GC V9C368

(368) Steam Intimidator

Translator: Tseirp


After my training with Haru, I decided to wash away my sweat in the open-air bath.

I didn’t feel any charm even though I was entering an open-air bath.

Perhaps because there was no snow? I tried releasing magic into the air.

I’ll make it a snow viewing open-air bath.


“Diamond Dust!”


A fine ice storm rolled over the sky.

The ice was blown up and I wondered if they would float in the air for some time but then they fell due to gravity.


“Ah, this gives it charm … no, this is hail.”


It hurt a little. It didn’t become snow.

While I was thinking about how what I did was dumb, I noticed a presence in the changing room.

Which homunculus was it?

I have given them plenty of magical power replenishment but Neete would still come to the male bath to tease me even if her magical power was sufficient.

Lately, I have become a little accustomed to seeing Neete naked but I still couldn’t stay calm after all.

It was about time I reprimand her for it.

She entered the bath area from the changing room.

I turned around –


“Hey you, it’s about time –”


My words to reprimand her cut off.

Since it was not Neete.


“Why is there hail?”


It was Flute who came in.

Without a single thread on her.


“This is the men’s bath! The women’s bath is next door!”

“I know. I did something bad to you so I came to wash your back … it’s cold.”

“I-I see … but it’s cold right now so enter first.”

“I’ll enter so don’t look at me so intently.”



I quickly turned around.

Now that I think about it, this was the first time I experienced this.

Until now, the people who entered the bath with me all held some affection toward me.

But Flute was different.

She came to wash my back as an apology.

I wouldn’t deny her of her good will –


I was in thought when I felt two soft sensations on my back – those were –


“Don’t raise your voice …”


Her arm wrapped around my neck.

I was completely caught off guard.


“May I know what are you planning to do?”

“Let me out of here.”

“To do what?”

“To save my companions. My companions were dragged away by those church bastards. If I don’t help them – The guy who interrogated me said it. All my companions were taken to the church. They will be put on trial there and killed.”


The guy who interrogated Flute … the soldier that was killed by Flute when she became the Evil Berserker.

She was speaking the truth.

The Devil race discovered through Blood Appraisal were all taken to the church.

And they would probably be put on trial and face the death sentence.


“Sorry but I can’t let you out of here. The Dark-Elves living here have finally obtained a peaceful home. There’s the possibility of you leaking the secret of them still being alive. I will not let them face danger once more. Furthermore, if others find out that you are still alive, it would put Suzuki in a bad spot for vouching that I had killed you.”


I said and sighed before continuing.


“Moreover, sorry but with your attack stat, you can’t kill me even if you strangle me. You seem to be putting in quite an effort but I don’t feel any discomfort.”

“Wha …”


Flute was upset and further strengthened her hold.


“Like I said, I don’t feel any discomfort.”


I told Flute before. The attack stat of an Attonement-Seeker was not enough to kill anybody in My World.

Perhaps she thought that she could achieve something if she caught me off guard.


“Rather, every time you put strength into your arms and lean your body onto me, I can feel the sensation of your chest directly.”


After I said that, Flute retreated by pushing away from me.

It looked like she was quite embarrassed to enter the bath completely naked.

The hail had stopped without me knowing.

“Haa, you’re there right?”


I called out.

I could only think of two people among those who would enter this bath who would calmly deal with the situation where I am being targeted.

Pionia and Neete. But Pionia would not make such sluggish behavior.



“You knew, master?”

“I could sense your presence. Furthermore, I did order one Homunculus to watch Flute at all times.”

“Yes, we received the order. This time the opponent was master but it would be troubling if she targeted anyone else.”


Then, Neete’s finger on her right hand transformed into a rope and tied up Flute.

I didn’t know she could transform that way too.

I wasn’t aware but it seemed like something that would be seen in a dream of some evil alien.

Flute obediently stood up and left the bath.

Then, when Flute stood in front of Neete, Neete struck her neck with a knife-hand.

Flute was made unconscious.

It felt like Neete was a little rough.


“Master, how should we dispose of this thing?”

“Let me see – How about we make her clean the toilets for a week?”

“Master is weak to women. I went through the trouble of acting like I caught a convict red-handed. Master should know the idiom ‘snake in one’s bosom’.”


I knew Neete was unhappy with watching silently when she tried to strangle me.

Well, I was fine in the end anyway.


“Weak huh. Well, it’s normal to want to go home if she was brought here. I kind of did kidnap her against her will. Moreover, she didn’t have any killing intent. Or rather, she was afraid that she would hurt me.”

“Thought Trace?”

“I could tell even without using it.”


After all, she was sticking to me.

I could directly sense her heartbeat.

When she was strangling me, she didn’t put in much strength but her heart was beating furiously.

In the first place, she eagerly wants to save her loved ones but she could not heartlessly kill me for the sake of her companions.

It seemed that she actually only wanted to intimidate me.


“Ah, you can tell Carol and Rarael about what happened just now but keep it a secret from Haru.”


Even if she wasn’t serious, if Haru knew that she tried to kill me, next time Haru might kill Flute.


“I know. But let me limit her movements. I will observe her for a while. It may be impossible for her alone but it would be troublesome if the Dark Elves hear some strange rumors.”


Would she form a resistance group from among the Dark Elves? I don’t know the detailed information of all the Dark Elves but there might be two or three among them who do not hold good feelings toward me.

But even if she spread bad rumors, there probably won’t be any resistance group forming.

Rarael upholds strict discipline after all.


“It doesn’t really matter. As long as she doesn’t try to harm the others.”


I told Neete and the others what to do if Flute tried to kill anyone else.

I felt sorry for Flute but I had an obligation to protect everyone living here.


“Rather, everyone values me too much. It’s good to adjust the favourability I enjoy here a little.”

“The favorability toward master will not waver at all. Master has done so much for everyone after all. In fact, if she is heard talking bad about Master, Flute would face opposition.”

“I see –”


I looked at Neete as she took Flute away and asked her.


“Hey, Neete. If I wanted to help the other devil race taken to the church –”

“Please don’t try to do everything. You have to think of your domain. I beg of you.”

“ … All right.”


I replied and leaned against the rock of the open-air bath.

The air was that cold but my head could not cool down at all.


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GC V9C367


SL Chapter 160


  1. Filip Dincă

    The open air bath steamy moment turned into a more dramatic one… Really, MCs who just keep holding back aren’t likable. I would rather like if he went ballistic eliminating that army, or most of those in high position, like nobles, royals and the church.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Foreverhound

      Restraint is important. It’s good to be decisive and take action, but if you’re just going to rampage the end result is invariable bad. Even if you’re powerful enough to hold out against every force there is, it would lead to chaos, a complete lack of leadership, bandits cropping up everywhere, etc. Anyone you’re associated with, like Suzuki, would be branded as the world’s enemy, and it wouldn’t be possible to protect them all. And then there’s the matter of the goddesses. They wouldn’t just stand idly by with such a rampage going on.
      Long story short, only a fool decides that they can do whatever they want just because they’re powerful.

      • ChunLing

        Besides, his main source of “all powerful” in practical terms is his absolute control of My World. Outside of that, he’s only OP, not all powerful.

        And taking in refugees even if they aren’t totally loyal to him is the problem this time. He can only do so much in the way of taking in the numbers of people required to effectively leverage his power without encountering ever more serious issues in this vein.

        That said, he does have a legitimate motive to help Flute’s compatriots somehow. Since he’s kinda stuck with her as things stand, it would be nice to work a little more on getting her to not make trouble.

  2. SFcipher

    Thanks for the treat.

  3. Lord Rin

    …When I first read that title I pictured everyone flexing and doing Jojo poses through a cloud of steam while the Pillar Men Theme plays in the background >.>

    They should know that Ichinojo will want to help the devils anyways. Suzuki will probably want to help also. He does have the Protagonist skill after all and this is definitely the type of situation a protagonist would get involved in and try to solve.

  4. johnson

    Master, how should we dispose of this thing?”

    “Let me see – How about we make her clean the toilets for a week?”

    “Master is weak to women. I went through the trouble of acting like I caught a convict red-handed. Master should know the idiom ‘snake in one’s bosom’.”
    true he is weak to girls.

    • ChunLing

      I’d say that girls are weak to him.

      Or as he says, “Rather, everyone values me too much. It’s good to adjust the favourability I enjoy here a little.”

      Though he’s going about it wrong, since obviously this episode is just going to make all the girls (including Flute) even weaker to him.

  5. Bencachinit

    Nooooooo! I’ve caught up!!!

    • Ghalaghor

      The fate of every novel reader.

    • Captaincrunch

      Maybe should have kept Flute inside that cabin, don’t reveal where she is, or the dark elves, then blindfold her and drop her off somewhere after she healed. But I guess he’s probably going to save those people and get new residents

  6. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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