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GC V9C370

(370) Inevitable attack even if you have the speed

Translator: Tseirp


I gathered everyone from My World to discuss what I planned to do.

To solve the frenzy curse. To protect the Devil race. And to return Flute to her companions.

“Won’t the frenzy curse be settled if you perform Blood Appraisal on everyone?”

Haru asked. It will take some time, but I agreed that it would be the best solution and in fact, Blood Appraisal was still being done at the Magic Investigation Lab.

However, Carol objected.

“It would take too much time and it won’t solve the underlying problem.”

“The underlying problem?”

I asked and Carol raised a finger and said.

“We still don’t know what caused the curse. While the siege of Mallegory is meant to contain the frenzy curse, it also means that the Shaman who cast the curse is confined within as well.”

“I see … on the other hand, if the Shaman is captured, we can know who they cursed. Although I have no idea how we will be able to locate them.”

“Can’t Master’s Job Appraisal determine if the target is a Shaman?”

Neete raised her hand and suggested as I was pondering but I believed it was not an absolute solution.

“It looked like they were trying to flush out any Shaman in the city. Any suspicious person’s job certificate would be checked. However, it is possible to learn a job change skill and use it. As long as there is a chance that they can change job from Shaman, that won’t solve the issue definitively.”

Other means could be used as well.

They could use Forgery to fake their job certificate or use illegal means to acquire them so I would still use Job Appraisal as much as possible.

“ … “

A Dark Elf girl raised her hand.

It was a girl I never spoken with before.

“Um, what’s your name?”


She named herself.

“Roromu is a Dark Elf Shaman.”

So there were Shamans among Dark Elves too.

【Shaman: Lv7】

I verified it with Job Appraisal.


I didn’t know if that was a high level or not.

“Roromu, do you have any opinion as a Shaman?”

She wordlessly passed me four dolls woven using straw. They were small and cute.

“These are?”

When I asked, Roromu looked at Rarael troubled.

“My apologies, Ichinojo-sama. Shamans are capable of manipulating the power of words but while they are a novice, that power can go out of control so Roromu seldom speaks.”

“It is terrible to possess a skill that is difficult to control.”

Carol chimed in. She went through a lot of trouble with the Temptress skill so she probably understood Roromu’s feelings a little.

“Roromu-san, are these by any chance substitute dolls?”

Roromu nodded in response to Carol’s question.

Substitute dolls?

“Substitute dolls are dolls meant to receive the curse. They were prepared to prevent Ichino-sama and others from receiving the curse.”

“That’s helpful. Thank you, Roromu.”

Roromu’s face turned red after I said that.

There were four so me, Haru and Carol each took one and I’ll let Suzuki hold the last remaining one.

Roromu passed me one piece of paper as well.

It looked like even if it was not good to say the words out loud, it was fine putting the words in writing.

Written on the paper was.

『I’ll state my opinion as a Shaman. The target’s hair, nails, or blood are required to activate the curse from a long distance away. It is possible to cast the spell with just a strand of dropped hair but for a strong curse like the frenzy curse where the rebound is extremely severe in case of failure, one would use not only the target’s hair but an item close to the heart of the target to ensure successful activation. If you are prioritizing the identification of the Shaman, I believe it is best to trace the route in which the target’s personal item was taken.』

I see, that was useful information.

I thanked Roromu.

Personal effects of the victims.

So we would have to investigate if the victims known to us had anything stolen from them or lost.

“Ah, Ichinojo-sama! I have a question!”

Ririana said with her hand raised.

“What is it?”

“I heard that the woman called Milky could not be found because the Doujinshi book sale event was canceled but was it truly canceled?”

I looked at Carol for an answer to that question.

She understood what I was thinking and nodded silently.

“Yes, you’re probably right.”

“The official book sale event may have been canceled but doujinshi have always been treated as illegal books so I heard they have originally been sold underground. In that case, isn’t it possible that they would gather like-minded people and have underground transactions?”

Ririana’s question was something I did not think of either.

I see, so it might be possible that they secretly sell the doujinshi in some other location.

“Carol will try investigating.”

Carol volunteered and said that it was her role before I could ask her to do so.

The task regarding the frenzy curse was settled to a certain extent so I moved to the next topic.

“Next, let’s discuss the devil race.”


After we finished our discussion on noteworthy opinions, I went to meet Flute.

She was in a facility that I had never seen before.

“A church?”

When did we construct a Goddess church in My World?

Pionia told me to find her there but why would the devil race live in a church?

I pondered as I opened the door to the church.

There was a nun inside.

And it was Flute.

“Why nun clothes?”

“Ah … it’s you. This was prepared for me by Pionia-oneesan.”

“I can tell but isn’t the church an enemy to Flute?”

“Not the entire church is our enemy. And isn’t the uniform different?”

Now that she mentioned, she was wearing something different from those worn by Miles or the other nuns of the Goddess church.

“Is it something like a devil church?”

“Ahaha, devil gods, you believe in such fairy tales?”

Flute laughed as though it was strange.

“Well, we worship Goddess-sama but we are of a different faction. I can’t help my companions from this location anyway. I had this nun outfit made to entreat to the Goddess. Does it match me?”

The devil wings and horns were a mismatch with the nun outfit but in Japan that kind of combination was in fact a thing so it could be said that the outfit matched her.

“ … The Goddess statue isn’t done yet?”

My image of a church was one with a Goddess statue.

But the church was very cramped so it didn’t look like there was space for a Goddess statue.

“Sorry. I heard from Neete. That you are thinking of doing something for the devil race but that it is not something she is in the position to allow.”

“ … Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Like you mentioned, if I went on my own, I would only be captured and sentenced. In fact, I might even cause more trouble for the others. But I thought that I could at least break iron bars with this strength.”

“This strength?”

“Break – apparently a skill I acquired when I became an Evil Berserker.”

She said and punched the remainder wood materials in the room that was leftover from the construction of the church. The wood split perfectly in half.

Her current job was Atonement Seeker – cracking wood with the status far inferior to even a Commoner was essentially impossible.

“It is an attack that can display overwhelming power against inanimate objects. Although it is troublesome that it can only be used once per hour and would deal half damage to living targets.”

I see, it seemed that she used that skill to destroy the door when she became the Evil Berserker.

It seemed convenient so I’ll record it in my Copy Cat’s Fake Attack.

“But a single use per hour would certainly make it difficult to break people out of jail.”

“Yeah. But in the church dungeon – – never mind, it’s nothing.”

Flute wanted to say something.

What did she want to say?

“More importantly, what business do you have with me? Do you plan to punish me for what happened just now? I’ve already let you touch my breast so nothing will bother me anymore.”

I touched your breast? You were the one who pressed them against me.

I wanted to retort but the conversation now was more important.

“No, I came to announce my resolve.”


“Yes. Regarding the devil race.”

I inhaled slightly and said.

“I can’t give up on the devil race that has been captured. Think about it. I will help if possible. If you can think of a feasible method, I will do something about it.”

After I said that, Flute’s eyes narrowed.

Then –

“Ha? If you’ll do something if there’s a feasible method then what about if a method can’t be found?”

“Then we will think until we find one. If even that fails then I can consult. I have acquaintances that are nobles and royalty. I have friends in the church and among the Hero companions. And I have the means to earn money. If they are made into slaves then I can solve it with money. If a bribe can resolve it then I can earn money for that too. But that would only be after the frenzy curse uproar is over.”

That was the conclusion after our discussion just now.

“Consult royalty and nobles? Bribe? You are crazy.”

Flute was more exasperated than she was shocked.

I understood that the words I was saying were crazy.

“It’s probably more realistic than sneaking into the cathedral and breaking all of them out of jail.”

“Kuku, you can certainly say that – fuhahahahaha.”

Flute started laughing and couldn’t stop.

“But why would you go so far for the devil race? Even 10 gold coins would not suffice for bribing or purchasing everyone if they were slaves.”

“If we’re talking about reasons … for example, it would be troublesome if Flute continues to stay here and is at the risk of getting killed or locking Flute up and restricting your movements would keep me from sleeping soundly …”

“Because Master loves girls desu.”

Sheena No.3 appeared without me noticing and said an outrageous statement.

“Master’s personality doesn’t allow him to ignore a cute girl in distress. So it is useless for junior to think about the philosophy behind master’s actions desu.”

“You … no matter what that way of phrasing it is …”

“I see. That’s true, I’m cute after all. Yeah, there’s no helping it then.”

And then it was Flute’s turn to state an outrageous statement.

Well, she was definitely cuter compared to an average girl but.

“In that case –”

Flute said, stood in front of me, stared at my face, and suddenly kissed my cheek.

“Is that sufficient as an advance payment as thank you? … Although I don’t know if my first time has that much worth.”

“ … Ah, it’s sufficient.”

She looked really embarrassed – I could barely reply to Flute who said that was the first time she kissed a person.

No matter how fast you are, you can never avoid a girl’s kiss.

It was even harder if the opponent was a cute girl.

However, from that point, it changed from ‘I will help the devil race if possible’ to ‘I will help the devil race as much as possible’.


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GC V9C369


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