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SL Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Yarandorara and the setting sun

Translator: Tseirp


“ … And so, now I open the Apothecary with Lit in Zoltan.”


In the living room of Red & Lit’s Apothecary, Lit and I sat side by side facing Yarandorara.

There were tea and biscuits on the table.

I explained the circumstances that happened until now to Yarandorara.

Unlike the explanation I gave to Charles, it was the true story that happened since the day I was chased out of the party.


“I see.”


Yarandorara had various mixed expressions and emotions as she nodded many times.


“I have a lot I want to say but … first and foremost, it’s good that you and Lit and Ruti all settled down in a good way.”

“Thank you Yarandorara.”


There was no hesitation in Yarandorara’s words.

She was sincerely happy for us even though we abandoned the quest to save the world.


“After all, I originally joined the journey because I wanted to travel with you. To High-Elves, the happiness of a friend is more important than the world. Let me meet Ruti later too.”


Yarandorara said.

That was Yarandorara’s sense of values.


“ … And Ares is dead.”


“In that case … that’s fine. I had a seriously bad relationship with Ares and I couldn’t forgive him for chasing you out but memories can’t be carried over to the next life.”


Yarandorara closed her eyes and muttered a soft prayer.


“And Lit.”



Yarandorara shifted her gaze to Lit who was fidgeting beside me.


“Congratulations. I am really glad that you got together with Gideon. I think you would be able to deal with Gideon well.”

“Eh, ah, thank you.”


Yarandorara smiled happily but Lit’s smile was a little awkward.

Lit glanced at Yarandorara’s hand that was holding onto mine.


“Ah, Lit, don’t worry. Yarandorara’s skinship is nothing new. It’s High-Elf culture.”

“I know but …”

“I’m devoted to Lit.”

“ … Mou!”


Lit covered her mouth with her red bandana and turned away.


“Leaving that aside, I’m surprised you could find out that I live in Zoltan. I made sure to not leave any tracks that anybody could follow.”

“Yup, I could not find a trace even with my power so nobody would be able to find you.”

“Then how did you do it?”

“I searched for Lit.”

“For me?”


Lit, who was facing away, turned back in surprise.


“Sure, I moved without hiding my movements so you probably could follow my tracks but why me?”


Yarandorara released her left hand from mine and grasped Lit’s hand.


“I wondered if Gideon had moved toward where you were.”


Yarandorara stated.

I did certainly end up living together with Lit here.


“It was a coincidence that I met Red in Zoltan … although I did want to meet him.”

“And I only found out that Lit lived in Zoltan after I moved here. I was shocked that we actually reunited.”


Lit and I looked at each other and smiled.

In a way, it was a miracle that I could meet Lit once more and live together.

If we were alone, I would have embraced her.




Yarandorara looked at our antics with a smile and said.


“When we were adventuring together with Lit in Logavia, I was glad that you became our companion. I was certain that compared to how we take it for granted to rely on Gideon, you would be a companion that would snuggle up to Gideon and help each other, and I looked forward to it.”

“You thought about me that way … but I …”

“Yeah, you remained in Logavia and I became Gideon and party’s companion. But I was unsuitable. I knew Gideon since he was young and came to the Imperial Capital so he was special. I could be Gideon’s companion but I could not be the same for the other party members. High-Elves are a race that can’t love everything equally after all.”


Yarandorara seemed a little lonely.

During the journey, Yarandorara was always on my side.

But Ares probably never considered her opinion as fair.

The race of High-Elves emphasized trust toward their friends.

It was not rational at times so it was both the High-Elf’s virtue as well as their drawbacks.


“I knew that Gideon would blame himself but there was nothing I could do. I kept thinking about how it would have been different if you traveled with us.”

“Yarandorara … yeah, I was downhearted knowing that I could not be beside Red during his challenging times. But at that time, I believed Ruti needed Red.”

“I understand. That’s why I couldn’t say that your choice to remain in Logavia was wrong … we were the ones who were wrong.”


Yarandorara smiled.

“So Lit. I believed Gideon would be happy if he was with you. So I came to where you were to look for Gideon.”

“You came to the remote region of Zoltan just for a hopeless possibility!?”


I inadvertently blurted those words out and Yarandorara stared at me.


“Of course.”


A simple phrase that indicated that there was no need to explain.

Ah, but that’s true.

Yarandorara was such a person.


“I’m glad that you are happy like this.”



I once again apologized as Yarandorara looked straight at me.




“We were so engrossed in conversation. Look at the time.”


The sunset could be seen from the window.

The setting sun dyed Yarandorara’s beautiful complexion.

It would be night soon.

We had talked with Yarandorara for a very long time.

There was a mountain of things we wanted to convey to each other.

The things Yarandorara knew about me, the things Lit knew about me, and the things I knew about Yarandorara and Lit.

We talked about Ruti as well.

After talking about the circumstances that made her quit 『Hero』, Yarandorara congratulated her happily.

She was so pleased that Yarandorara’s magical power leaked out and the flowers in the garden bloomed white.

We talked about Tise and Ugeuge-san too.

She said that she would love to meet the respectable person and spider that could befriend Ruti.

Yarandorara talked about her journey these two years.

She continued to think about us even as she traveled alone.


“Hey, Gideon.”


Yarandorara’s blue eyes turned to my direction as we looked at the setting sun from the window.


“When is the next closing day for the shop?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“Then could all of us go camping on that day?”


“Yes! There seems to be a good place near Zoltan. The meadow flowers taught me.”


Yarandorara’s divine protection was 『Tree Singer』.

She possessed the skill to communicate with plants.


“A two day one night short trip. We could surround a campfire and look at the starry sky just like when we were on our journey.”

“I see, that would be great. Could I invite Ruti and Tise?”

“Of course! Would you come too, Lit?”

“I would love to! I have tons I want to talk to Yarandorara about.”

“Thank you, I’ll look forward to it!”


Yarandorara smiled delightedly.


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  1. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Ikan Asin


  3. Carmeops

    kind of giving me vibes of “i’m truly happy you two are a couple, really, but could Gideon make me pregnant, just once?”

    • Arienai

      “No one but me will be able to find you”
      B- but you are the last person of the party to find him….

  4. Lord Rin

    So Yarandorara was secretly always shipping Red with Lit.

    Maybe I’m just being paranoid but I keep thinking Yarandorara isn’t as happy with everyone’s decisions as she seems. Maybe I’m thinking that because of the title of this arc.

    • ArcArk

      Same here. The title of the arc is so ominous

      • ChunLing

        It’s not ominous at all. It’s harking back to the original title, “真の仲間じゃないと勇者のパーティーを追い出されたので、辺境でスローライフすることにしました” only now it’s “あなたは/きみは真の勇者じゃない” with “と、辺境でスローライフすることにしました” implied. I.e, “If you are not a true hero, you decide to live a slow life in the frontier” (being spoken affectionately).

        That’s suggestive of Ruti etc. finally settling down to a slow life with everyone rather than being heroes who hang out around the slow-lifers for an ‘incident’ or two.

        That doesn’t mean that Yarandorara’s perspective is being fully understood by everyone.

  5. DataProwler Netizen

    Not a new harem member? Whew~!
    A shipper? Kool-aid Man OH YEAH!

    • ChunLing

      Well…High elves have a different perspective. That affects their ethics of relationships with humans. Like she says, “the happiness of a friend is more important than ‘the world’.” As an elf, for her the distant future isn’t an abstraction that happens long after she dies. It’s a place she’ll have to live with the memories of the choices she made getting there.

      As for how that applies to Red, basically, she understands that Lit having kids with Red has a higher urgency for biological reasons, therefore she can wait.

  6. Hakou

    It’s funny how Yarandorara’s reaction was same as mine when I finally reunited with my crush who become my friend’s lover, or rather fiancee.

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