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GC V9C373

(373) Chick Sorter

Translator: Tseirp


Suzuki was cursed. But thanks to the Substitution Doll it didn’t turn into a disaster.

The Shaman wouldn’t know that the curse was blocked by the Substitution Doll and there was a price for setting the curse. They would probably not curse the same target twice or thrice.

But to be safe, I applied Dispel on Suzuki.

Suzuki sighed.

“It would be great if Mori-san was here at times like these.”

“Mori-san? Another Japanese transmigrator?”

“Yeap. Motonari Mori-san.”

Suzuki said an unexpected name.

“Motonari Mori, that three arrows person!?”

Wasn’t he a military commander during the warring states! If he was still alive, he would be over 500 years old?

Well, Miri was a Demon Lord of over a thousand years old in her previous life so it would not be strange to see a historical figure.

Eh? But didn’t Tet-sama say that she would only select young people to transfer?

I don’t recall when did Motonari Mori die but when he was teaching the three arrows philosophy, it was to his three grown sons so he was not in his 10s or 20s.

“No, he is called Motonari because his name here is similar to that historical person’s name in Japan but his real name is Motoya Mori-san. He’s an ordinary old man around 50 years old and he said he came to this world over 30 years ago.”

Suzuki explained the kanji to me and I was convinced. That kanji could certainly be read as Motonari or Motoya.

“Is that Mori-san an amazing person?”

“Somewhat. When Motoya-san was transferred to this world, the television program with famous people forming an expedition party was all the rage so he received the job called Explorer as his divine blessing.”

Expedition party television programs as in those that try to find phantom creatures in hidden jungles? Those kinds of spirited television programs? I somewhat recall that the second generation party leaders were being broadcasted when I was a child.

Rather than finding phantom creatures, I felt that an expedition party should be more about getting attacked by large strange beasts in the ocean, encountering a tribe that protects a huge glowing tree in the depths of a forest, discovering a mysterious underground space in the desert, or engaging in a deadly struggle against an illusionary dragon in the mountains. Now that I think about it, I wonder what happened to that desert ruins? A large volume of water was poured into it using magic so it should have sunk to the bottom of an oasis.

“What skills does an Explorer have?”

“They have a ton of interesting skills. For example, they have the dungeon map skill which allows them to construct a map even for a dungeon that they enter for the first time. It can even tell the location of hidden rooms behind illusionary walls or traps or the location of enemies.”

“That’s convenient. I have to rely on Haru’s sense of smell when challenging dungeons. But how would he be useful in this incident?”

“Among the Explorer skills, they have a treasure sense that allows them to know when a rare item is nearby. If the criminal was using the Job Snatching Gems as a catalyst to cast the curse then I was thinking he could search for them using that skill.”

A job that can tell the location of the Job Snatching Gem.

The gem was said to be able to shoulder the cost of the frenzy curse.

It’s true that if the Explorer skill could tell the location of that gem, it would be easier to search for the whereabouts of the Shaman.


That night, I asked Haru to remain in Suzuki’s home for communications if anything happened while I announced My World.

“I am going to use my Job Seeking skill again.”

I explained the situation to Carol and told her.

Of course, the goal was to become an Explorer.

“Would the targeted job appear so conveniently?”

“Maybe not but although they have not been the jobs I was aiming for, a job that I needed always appeared.”

If I didn’t have the Copy Cat skill, I would not be able to transfer to the Principality of Nicplan from the pirate’s hideout to save the Dark-Elves.

Without the Magic Investigation Researcher job, I would not be able to notice the frenzy curse.

Of course, many jobs were misses.

But if I came to this world and obtained the Jobless skill because of my fate to save the world from destruction, and if this incident was related to the End of the World then I’m sure I will be able to change my job to a convenient job.

If I could change job to Explorer, I could then defeat the Jewel Turtles that we were farming in My world to raise my level at one go.

The downside was that after using the Job Seeking skill, I would not be able to raise my level for my other jobs for a day but the dungeons were sealed anyway, and leveling up by defeating monsters was limited so there weren’t any problems.

For now, I’ll just increase my luck.

I changed my second and third jobs to Philanderer and Hunter.

Then – –

“Job Seeking!”

I activated the skill.

The jobs I could change to were listed out.



Please select the job you wish to change to

(A selection will be made at random after five minutes if no option is chosen)


Evil Officer: Lv1

Child President: Lv1

Librarian: Lv1

Evil Berserker: Lv1

Chick Sorter: Lv1



“Ichino-sama, how was it?”

“Eighty percent are strange jobs. I didn’t get it.”

I told Carol the jobs I could change to while feeling discouraged.

In fact, the only proper job was Librarian.

Was Evil Officer a criminal job? Was it because I did that “A~re~” previously?” (TL: Where he pulled the belt sashes of Haru and Carol’s kimino)

Is a 20-year-old able to change job to Child President? Or rather, was there a presidential system in this world?

Evil Berserker was something I should never change job to. If I fell into the confused state here, I might cast Boost Ancient Nova in the center of the town within the hour and turn it into scorched earth. More importantly, I might even kill Carol who was in front of me.

And Chick Sorter, what did it want me to do? Become a Chick Appraiser?

Would the job be able to do anything else apart from determining the sex of a chick?

“Hahaha ….”

Carol laughed dryly after hearing the lineup of my jobs.

“That said, Chick Sorter is a rare job.”


It’s a Chick Sorter you know?

The job where you specialize in looking at the rear end of chicks stuffed in a box in a narrow room to determine their gender.

“Yes. In areas where poultry is thriving, it is said that Chick Sorters live in mansions. Since it is a unique job where the job change criteria have not been clarified, there are extremely few who have been able to obtain that job.”


Chickens could be differentiated between male and female after they grow up so couldn’t they just nurture the chicks all together? I thought to myself but then I recalled that rather than aiming to nurture them separately from young, it was to select the hens that can lay eggs and roosters that have better quality meat.

Although it was possible to differentiate the gender without using skills, the speed was vastly different and they could tell if the egg had one or two yolks, and if the eggs were fertilized or not.

To me, that had already passed the realm of a Chick Sorter and was already an Egg Sorter.

“We’re nurturing black chickens in My World so maybe I should just change job to Chick Sorter … once our journey ends it won’t be bad to sort chicks and build a mansion.”

To be honest, as a Jobless I was longing for the Chick Sorter expert job.

That job gave me the sense that I would be truly working.

I was about to change to Chick Sorter when Carol made an unexpected suggestion.

“ … Master, what about becoming a Librarian?”


Was Librarian a job to manage the books in a library?

It was a proper job but on the flip side, it could not be said to be an interesting job.

“It sounds like an ordinary job but is it rare?”

“Yes, it is extremely rare. The job change criteria is only to take an examination but the difficulty is high and more importantly, there is no demand for it.”

In Japan, a librarian was a must in every library but … ah, I see. In the first place, there are almost no libraries in this Otherworld. There are bookshops and Carol could read when she was a child as a slave so books were not as precious but there was no system for anyone to borrow books for free. Because of that, the only places for a Librarian to work would be at libraries in Noble Street where nobles live or depositories that manage the minutes for parliament. Naturally, the need for Librarians decreased.

“What kind of skills can they use?”

“Fundamentally it is related to book management. After leveling up, they can repair or copy books and they can appraise books to understand the rough outline of the book.”

I was even more confused.

Why would Carol recommend that job to me?

“And the very first skill they acquire is Book Search. They will be able to find the location of books that are within the skill user’s reach. At first, they can only search by the book title but after leveling up the skill, they will be able to grasp the location of books from an author.”

“That would be useful to find a book in a messy room but – – Hn? Perhaps – -”

“Yes. It would be possible to search for the location for books written by Milky-san.”

All right, once I know that there was no need to deliberate.

It would be terrible if I pass the five-minute mark and turn into Evil Berserker.

【The first job has been set as Librarian】

All right, with this my first job would be Librarian for the next 24 hours.

Miri instructed to buy Milky’s book but although we searched for her location, we could not find it until now.

However, as a person who only read manga, I would never dream that I would become a Librarian – – it was even more unlikely than transferring to another world.

“All right, I just have to raise my level after this. Do Librarians level up by reading books?”

“Carol doesn’t know the level up method of unique jobs such as Librarian.”

Even a knowledgeable person like Carol didn’t know it.

Well, it was already amazing that she knew about the skills a Librarian could learn.

Carol and I returned to Suzuki’s home for now.

Haru stood up from the chair and knelt in front of me to bow while three fingers pressed to the ground to greet me.

“Master, welcome back.”

It looked like Lana-san taught her the method to welcome her master.

“Ah, I’m home. Tomorrow morning, I will be defeating Jewel Turtles to level up so Haru, help me with it.”

“Yes, understood.”

Since it didn’t seem possible for us to enter and exit the dungeons.


“Kusunoki-kun. Earlier I heard from the guards that the rare monster spawn from the Intermediate Dungeon has continued and this time a large number of monsters have spawned. They requested the adventurers to thin the numbers but it didn’t seem like it was going well. At this rate, there is a risk of a dungeon overflow but the guards can not spare manpower with the town in this state so I will be going to thin the monster numbers tomorrow. Could Kusunoki-kun help me tomorrow as well?”

It might be unscrupulous to say so but it was lucky for me.

Was it the effect of me changing my job to those specialized in luck?

“Of course I will help. Haru will come along too. Carol, please stay in Suzuki’s home for emergency communications. Also, please hold onto this.”

“This is – – the Loudspeaker Talisman?”

Carol took the talisman and asked.

“Ah, I mixed it up – – this one.”

“Communication Talisman. Understood, Carol will contact master if there are any emergencies.”

I gave Carol a piece of the Communication Talisman that I prepared in advance.


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GC V9C374


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