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GC V9C375

(375) A premonition that doesn’t end as unfounded worry

Translator: Tseirp


Perhaps abnormalities were happening in the dungeon.

Currently, we were searching all over the third floor of the dungeon. Monsters were spawning in rooms that we had passed through before so we ended up passing through the same location multiple times.

We spent so much time that we had only progressed two floors down.

“It’s taking longer than expected.”

I took a break and ate the rice balls prepared by Lana-san in the morning.

I left it up to her to decide on the fillings but the first rice ball I picked up was with bird mayonnaise. It tasted like bird meat but I didn’t know what bird it belonged to.

I would have preferred tuna mayonnaise but thinking about it, it wouldn’t be easy to obtain tuna in an inland town like Mallegory.

“This is corn mayonnaise.”

“Mayonnaise is surprisingly common.”

Probably because there were many transmigrators from Japan.

They might even have the same number of types of mayonnaise as the number of transmigrated Japanese. I knew the specific recipe as well so I could make it if I didn’t have to worry about food poisoning.

“A group of people uses it as well in the Demon Lord castle. It’s treated as a valuable dish as it uses eggs. It was already around when my mother was a child.”

“I see.”

I wonder how old was Haru’s mother?

About 40 years old? Or she might even still be in her thirties – I’ll try taking a look if she had a photo or something similar.

She would probably be quite a beauty.

“Haru’s mother is still alive, right?”

“Yes – because they assisted the Demon Lord army and the White Wolf Race was exempted from the death penalty, they were split and imprisoned in different parts of the world to prevent them from forming a new faction and even the country leaders do not know who is imprisoned where.”

Separated and imprisoned in various locations – I guess only children who know how to fight like Haru lived as slaves.

If the devil race was treated the same, it would be difficult to help them.

If I made a mistake in breaking any one of them out from jail, the other devil race may face increased surveillance and harsher treatment.

If possible, I would prefer to help all of them collectively.

“It would be great if you could meet your mother again one day.”


We talked as we finished our rice balls.

Haru had some dried meat for after meal (?) desert (?).

“That said, our main purpose of thinning the monsters isn’t progressing at all.”

“And we are still on the third floor. At this rate, it would be impossible to reach the boss room today.”

“We’re thinning the monsters rather than clearing the dungeon after all. It wasn’t the plan to reach the lowest floor from the start.”

Oh right, since I’m resting, I could check on the skills I acquired from my level-ups.

The Queen Spider gave good experience points. The Librarian job seemed to be a job that could level up easily as it had already reached Lv58. At this rate, it didn’t seem that it would be necessary to defeat the Jewel Turtles.

Well, Librarians aren’t suited for combat so it’s unlikely that there will be one who could hunt monsters and level up like me.

I originally planned to look at it after we left the dungeon but I replayed the log while resting.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Search」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Appraisal」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Repair」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Airing」acquired】(TL: To prevent damage from insects)

【Librarian skill: 「Book Search」has skilled up to「Book Search II」】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Copy」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Repair」has skilled up to「Book Repair II」】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Storage」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Equip」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Book Corner」acquired】

【Librarian skill: 「Spell Book Appraisal」acquired】

I acquired a variety of skills.

Most of their effects could be inferred from the skill name without even looking at the skill description.

With the skill level up to Book Search II, I could search for books written by a particular author in a certain radius just like Carol said.

Book Repair was a skill that could restore a book that has been torn, smudged with ink, eaten by worms, or turned yellow into a clean state. It skilled level up as well so its effect became stronger.

Book Airing has the effect of killing small insects in the books. That seemed to be quite a useful skill for Librarians? Normally, they would need to expose the book to the sun to kill the insects but that would damage the book. Using that skill could kill the insects without damaging the book.

Book Copy was a skill to copy a book. In a world with no copying machine, that was probably quite important. However, Counterfeit Creation was sufficient to copy a book so it was limited to uses such as copying down scrolls found in ruins.

Book Storage was similar to Space-Time Magic and could allow storing of books in an alternate space. Furthermore, the stored books could be searched to only take out the book that is needed. A complete human library. For now, I stored all the books I had.

And then, the unexpected skills were Book Equip, Book Corner, and Spell Book Appraisal.

“I acquired the Book Equip skill.”

“It is a combat skill meant to use a book as a hammer. The blow from a thick book is quite powerful.”

“Then that person shouldn’t become a Librarian – Book Corner … when attacking with the corner of a book, the offensive power will be doubled … of course the book corner will be more painful …”

So there wasn’t a skill to give a paper cut… no, I still might get it later.

There might be a job that exists to supplement the Librarian to explain the use of these skills.

“The last is Spell Book Appraisal … Haru, are there spell books?”

“Yes. They are documents capable of releasing magic. The number of people capable of making them is limited so it rarely appears on the market.

I see.

『Ichinojo-sama, it is an emergency. A huge uproar is happening in town.』

I heard Carol’s voice from the Communication Talisman.

“What happened?”

『The frenzy curse has activated in multiple locations and they are going berserk. Thankfully they were subdued by the Guards on alert before they could level up but rumors are spreading about the frenzy curse among the eyewitnesses. Also, the Guards called to say that they found a few people with the frenzy curse and asked for your help to dispel it.』

“ – Understood, we’ll come back immediately. Haru, do you know the way to Suzuki?”

“Yes, I believe I can find him as soon as I find his scent. I’ll tell him everything Carol said.”

“Okay. I’ll return first so Haru can return to My World after telling Suzuki.”

I requested before using Home Return to teleport to My World.

… Eh?

“What’s wrong?”


The destination for Home Return increased.

It was an address in this town.


Who was it?

It was a name I never heard before – was it somebody who fell in love with me at first sight?

I was a little happy but I kept it a secret from Haru.

“Well then, I’ll set off first.”

I said and transferred to My World.


“Master, welcome back – it looks like it isn’t a relaxing situation.”

Pionia came to greet me and seemed to have noticed my anxiety as she passed me a warm towel.

“That’s a good observation, Pionia. I’ll be leaving immediately. Haru will come over after me.”

I used the warm towel to lightly wipe my face to refresh myself (That refreshing sensation could not be recreated using Clean) and left My World.

I returned to Suzuki’s home.

Carol was waiting in the room.

“Haru will return after telling Suzuki the situation. I’ll head over to treat them first. How many people were cursed?”

“34 – all of the city hall staff.”



That couldn’t be compared to before.

Furthermore, it was all the city hall officials – if all of their curses activated, the town’s functions might be completely crippled.

“Master, before heading over to treat the curse, please head to the gate. When it happened, Lana-san was heading to the government building to deliver a letter with Suzuki-san’s seal.”

“Gate? The town gate? Is there something there?”

“It would be fine if nothing is there … I hope it is just needless worry.”

I didn’t understand but Carol seemed uneasy.

I heard about the situation from her and hoped that she was worrying needlessly but I still rushed out.



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GC V9C374


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