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SL Chapter 161

Chapter 161: I wanted to see the sky

Translator: Tseirp

A study of the history of each continent’s history revealed that a High-Elf named Yarandorara has often appeared to play a supporting role in history.

Admiral of the armed merchant fleet ‘Ebony Naval Army’ that had cornered the Fairy Pirates many times.

Leader of the mercenary group ‘White Claw Sisters’ that ended the war between giants to the north.

Author of the great medicinal herb work ‘Hundred Flowers Ten Thousand Herbs Encyclopedia’.

Founder of the ‘Lotus Flower Style’ universal staff technique who released the technique book to the world that the vigilante groups of various countries use.

And 『Tree Singer』 Yarandorara, companion of Hero Ruti, the hero tasked to save the world.


Who would believe that all these were the same person?

For some reason, she didn’t like talking about her personal history.

Royal Capital Florist Yarandorara.

And now, Yarandorara, the friend I was going to have a picnic with.




In the forest at the foot of the mountain where I go to pick medicinal plants.

I, Lit, Ruti, Tise and Yarandorara finally arrived at the place after traveling with rented Running Drakes for 1 hour.


“It’s a great place as I imagined!”


Yarandorara exclaimed happily.

It was located a short distance on foot from the forest entrance.

We sat on an elf-woven sheet spread out on the fluffy mossy ground.

The place Yarandorara guided us to was a pleasant place with a gentle breeze and sunlight streaming through the tree canopy.

Lunch boxes were placed on the sheet with various dishes made by me packed inside.


“Perfectly, the time is noon, shall we eat?”

“All right!”


Lit happily said in reply to my words.

Yarandorara smiled when she saw Lit take the initiative to prepare tableware for everyone.


“I see, Lit changed this much.”


“I had imagined various different ways you would act around Red but they were all wrong.”


Yarandorara’s expectation from knowing Lit from Logavia?

That’s interesting.


“Hey, what kinds of expectations did you have?”


I asked while serving the dishes on a plate.


“Hey Red, you don’t have to ask that.”


Lit was embarrassed from thinking what would be said but I wanted to hear so I didn’t stop.


“Fufu, let me see, the first expectation was a harsh aloof personality which Red would be devoted to serving.”

“Eeh! I am not like that!”


Lit quickly raised her voice in protest.

Her protest was so immediate that I couldn’t resist laughing.


“Of course it was not just a strict attitude but also showed glimpses of your love toward Red. For example.”


Yarandorara chanted a spell like singing and formed a seal.

Tiny golems sprung out from the ground.

One had a red petal wrapped around its neck, probably signifying Lit.

The other one with a twig on its waist was probably me.

My golem sat while resting its chin in its hands while Lit’s golem had both hands on its waist and its chest pushed forward proudly.


“Hmm, so this is the apothecary you made.”


Ooo, it spoke. Was it the Whisper spell?

Whisper was a kind of Wind Spirit magic that reproduces sound.

It could reproduce sound that can be heard normally but advanced users could create sound from mental images.

Yarandorara was reproducing Lit’s voice.


“But there aren’t any customers coming at all. Well, a shop opened by a Knight who doesn’t know anything about business is not going to be popular … hmph, what a pitiful look. I’ll help you if you plead to me that much. But don’t misunderstand, I’m not doing this because of you. I’m just accompanying you because I’m free!”

“I didn’t say anything like that!”


Lit made a seal and made a tiny golem.

The square golem made by Lit shook both its hands in protest against Yarandorara’s golem.

We all laughed out loud when we saw that.


“That’s so exaggerated.”

“Not just a little, it’s way too exaggerated!”


The three golems started chasing after each other.

We ate our meal while looking fondly at their antics.

Ah, the golem made after me stumbled.

When that happened, the two golems chasing after each other stopped and ran over to the fallen golem to help it up.

The peaceful time continued for a while.


“Another would be.”


When we were about halfway through our meal, Yarandorara spoke.


“I thought that maybe … I had a bad premonition that you would both be codependent on each other to lick each other’s wounds.”

“That’s not true.”

This time I denied it clearly.


“Lit is a strong woman. Rather than fall into depression together, we could choose to move forward together. I respect the strength Lit possess.”

“Red, what are you saying out of the blue ..”


Lit was blushing.

But I had to correct it properly.

No matter how we reunited in Zoltan, Lit and I were not leading a slow life to escape but to lead a positive slow life meant to enjoy life.


“Fufufu, sorry. Ehh, my expectations were very wrong. You two had a healthy relationship all this time. I am extremely happy about that.”


Yarandorara said with a calm expression.

But it was not unexpected for Yarandorara to predict such a bad situation.

From the information Yarandorara could see, I was chased out of the party and Lit had no choice but to leave her homeland.

It was normal for her to think that we would be hurt and weakened.




Ruti hugged me.




She was sulky for some reason.


“What’s wrong, Ruti?”

“Do you respect me?”

“Of course, Ruti is my prided younger sister.”

“I see.”


Ruti showed a smile that only I could tell.



“Talking of unexpected, I was shocked to see Ruti.”


Yarandorara continued as she looked at Ruti hug me.


“No matter how wonderful I imagined the future to be, I didn’t think there would be such a miracle where you could be freed from 『Hero』 and live happily.”


Ruti tilted her head slightly when she heard Yarandorara.


“I don’t really know Yarandorara.”

“That’s right.”


Even though she was a companion of the 『Hero』 party, Ruti couldn’t be said to be close to anyone apart from me.

Yarandorara was not excluded.



“So I want to talk, I’ll talk too.”

“Of course, let’s talk a lot!”


The two said and smiled happily.

Looking up at the sky, beautiful white flowers were blooming on the branches above.

I could not recall what flowers those were.

Ah, today is a good day …


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    I feel paranoid that something bad is going to happen after reading these last few chapters. Like either Yaranadorara is dying and she wants to see everybody again before she dies or maybe she’s joined the demons and will betray Red’s group or try to trick Ruti to become the hero again since the Asura’s seem to have plans for Ruti.

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