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GC V9C381

(381) Pride of the day labourers

Translator: Tseirp


Instead, he took a book out from a box.

Pictures of two men (who were very attractive) were drawn on the book.

“Sheesh, I thought it was weird. You have been getting in my way lately but you came in search of this stupid book— So you knew that I was the culprit from the start.”

“Of course. Or rather, those talismans – – used by Magic Journalist proved my conviction.”

Haru looked at me with eyes that shone of admiration.

No, Haru. You should know, right?

I entered this store only because I wanted to find Milky’s book.

When I saw the Magic Journalist’s talismans, I naively thought that perhaps this dry cleaner’s job was actually Magic Journalist?

When I tried checking to know if he was a Magic Journalist,

【Demonist: LV 52】

That was when it connected. Wasn’t this the culprit? If he was the culprit, he would have people’s personal belongings entrusted to him as laundry even without having to steal them.

It would uncool and a little too late to say now that I chanced upon him.

“But you made a huge mistake. If you knew that I was the culprit, why did you pass this to me?”

The dry cleaner gripped my handkerchief and Haru’s scarf in his right hand.

Then, he plunged his left hand into his item bag.

And took out 3 gems with his left hand.

One of them was releasing a faint light.

I immediately used Gem Appraisal.


Job Stealing Gem

By saying the target’s name, you can steal the target’s job and make it your own.

The skills of the stolen job can be used as your own.

The gem will break when the person who has been stolen from dies.

Used target: Monster-User


Job stealing gem!?

Furthermore, wasn’t Monster-User the job of one of the up-and-coming adventurers who attacked us? (TLN: This job, マ物使い, is different from Elize’s job)

What was he planning to do by taking that out?

“There’s a job called Monster-User capable of sealing monsters in between books and summoning them when needed.”

Sealing monsters within books?

There were cases of snakes flying out from a Monster-User’s chest pocket but that was probably achieved by concealing a notebook-sized book in their clothes.

“With that, something like this is possible – -“

At that instant, four golden dolls appeared from inside the book – – golems.

“These golems can only serve to delay me.”

I said as I kicked the golems away.

“Delaying you is more than enough!”

The man said as he raised my handkerchief and Haru’s scarf.

“Invoke Curse! Frenzy Curse.”

The two other Job Stealing Gems shattered, forming black light that floated upwards and transformed into shadows shaped like me and Haru before disappearing.

Casting two curses at the same time meant that there was no cool down time for the Invoke Curse skill?

The Substitution Doll that Haru and I had made a sound and burst.

It looked like the curse was applied.

“Substitution Dolls?”

The Demonist showed an irritated expression

“Unfortunately. We prepared Substitution Dolls knowing that we are entering a curse practitioner’s home.”

The man headed to the rear of the room.

Was he trying to flee?

I said as I cut off the right arm of the final golem.

The path would be clear with just a little more.

The man fled to a room filled with mannequins but there was no rear exit.

He was a trapped rat.

There, another two golems were waiting for me.

“Guh, it’s the final one but there’s no other way. Invoke Curse, Frenzy Curse.”

Another shadow appeared and formed Haru’s shape before disappearing.


I parried the incoming golem attack with my bare hands and immediately treated Haru with Dispel.

“That was the last? That was stupid, you knew that I can treat it.”

I commented and cut down the final golem.

“You are the clueless one. Unlike Curse arts, spells have cool down time. And Job Stealing Gems are not the only things capable of invoking curses!”

The man smiled fearlessly.

“Frenzy Curse – – Goho.”

The blood that the Demonist spat out shone black and turned into my shape.

Shit – –

The man’s job became 【Demonist: LV 1】.

He sacrificed his level to invoke the curse but still appeared to suffer from the effects of the curse. Haru raised her sword and rushed at the man – – but a mannequin suddenly attacked her.

Damn, that mannequin was a golem too?

“The World’s Salvation – -“

The man said.

The curse would activate – – I would turn into a Berserker.

It was the end.

“ … So?”

I gloated.

It was not my end; it was his end.

“What? How …”

The man’s expression twisted as I smiled wryly.

“Maybe this is what they call the pride of a day laborer?”

I was anxious, seriously anxious.

I was sure that the frenzy curse would activate.


【When under the Job Seeking skill effect, the first job can’t be changed.】

Such a message was displayed.

That was surprisingly dangerous.

“Day laborer … I don’t understand …”

The Demonist muttered as he collapsed.

【Ichinojo leveled up.】

【Librarian skill: Autobiography acquired.】

It looked like the experience points for the golems came in.

I couldn’t tell the man’s job or level when I tried Job Appraisal.

He was probably dead.

“Master, the man’s appearance!?”

Haru suddenly exclaimed.

The Demonist’s face was transforming.

Horns grew on his head and his skin turned brown.

Don’t tell me there’s a second round? As I prepared myself but it appeared to not be a transformation but instead his transformation was undone upon death.

When I investigated the Demonist’s arm, I found a unique bangle.

I checked it with Accessory Appraisal.


Transformation Bangle

A bangle capable of allowing the user to transform to whatever appearance they wish.

It is not possible to change body size.


That was an amazing item. I stored it for the time being.

After that, I applied dispel on myself to remove the curse and looked around the shop. At the back of the shop, I found a human corpse with the same face as the Demonist.

It seemed that the real dry cleaner was already murdered and he was taking on his identity.

There weren’t any other notable clues so I called the guards.

“Would this resolve everything?”

I muttered to myself.


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  1. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    of course it won’t Ichinojo… of course it won’t

  2. Filip Dincă

    Totally above that baddie in term of stats, but because Ichinojo is always “being cautious” he nearly got cursed. Even this late in the story, same mistakes again. It’s a great shame. this story could be so much better with a MC that has more than just a couple half-dead brain cells.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. SFcipher

    Thanks for the treat.

  4. Lord Rin

    I’d completely forgotten that Ichinojo can freely look at any person’s job without needing to meet any requirements. So he could have just been looking at everybody’s job to find the culprit instead of relying on the super obvious foreshadowing.

    And now he’s trying to bullshit that everything is going according to plan and not that he stumbled on this through pure chance and he was lucky that he couldn’t be cursed due to Job Seeker.

    • zioming

      He said that to enrage the enemy, that’s why he said that Haru should have had realized he was bluffing. Also, there a lot of people living in this town, he’d have to be pretty lucky to stumble upon the guy, not to mention it probably takes a bit of effort to activate the skill check each time.

  5. zioming

    Nice use of game mechanics, I totally didn’t expect that 😀

  6. GreedElff

    Thanks for the Chapter!!! Lookin forward to the next Update!

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