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(384) Sudden wanted poster

Translator: Tseirp

I brought Milky back to Suzuki’s home.

“Rana-san, I’m back. Sorry but please help to prepare a room.”

“Yes. According to the manual, when a guest brings home a girl apart from his lover –”

Rana-san thoughts were going down the wrong path.

That wasn’t my intention.

“Er, please just prepare a room.”

“Understood. I will prepare a room immediately.”

She prepared a room with two pillows and a large futon with pink revolving lanterns above it.

I seriously wondered where did they manufacture that manual she follows.

For the time being, I laid Milky down on the futon.

At that moment, Milky woke up, checked her surroundings, and raised her upper body while moving back.

“ … This … what … have you already done it?”

Milky showed an expression of sadness.

“You’re mistaken, I don’t plan to do anything weird and I have not done anything.”

Her character was out of tune now that she reacted like an ordinary girl in that situation.

“Ah, this is the first time we’ve talked.”

Milky nodded twice silently after I said that.

I guess she still didn’t trust me.

Damn, this was tough.

For now, I turned off the pink lights, opened the paper sliding door, and allowed light from outside to enter.

“I brought you here after you collapsed.”

“What about the man just now?”

“We parted ways there.”

“ … I’m sorry for getting in the way.”

On the contrary, you saved me.

“Do you know Miri? Ah, she might have called herself Miryuu.”

“Yes, I know her. We talked in the airship.”

“Miri told me to buy your book and that she has a message in it for me. Do you know anything about it?”

“To buy my book?”

Milky tilted her head and took out a book from her bag.

“Miri-san asked me to hold onto this book.”

She passed me the book.

“Could you sell me this book?”

“It’s a request from Miri-san so it will be 10 silver coins. It is a book safe for all ages so you can show it to Carol-san too.”

I don’t plan to show it to Carol even if it is safe for all ages.

“All right. Is this okay?”

I exchanged the book for 10 silver coins but strangely it was the same book as the book Felice had.

Why did Miri ask me to purchase this book?

“By the way, is Julio and Sutchino in this town as well?”

“No, the two of them are on the airship. I wanted to participate in the doujinshi book event so … I slept with books in a borrowed warehouse on Magic Street.”

Ah, so the books were stored in Magic Street.

So if there was no reaction from the book at the dry cleaner, we would have found Milky.

“So Milky, where are the other books?”

“Are you interested!?”

“Nope, not at all.”

I answered instantly.

“That was the only book I wrote for sale this time so the content is mostly the same.”

“Mostly? There are differences?”

“That book is a sample print so the products after that had some modifications.”

“I see.”

Nevertheless, I couldn’t understand Miri’s intention for me to purchase this book.

“ … Then, there’s only Miri, Daijiro-san, Julio, and Sutchino on the airship?”

“No, there are other staff on the ship too. A chef who trained in a high-class restaurant in the past, a good masseuse, a doctor, a musician, a bartender, and others.”

“Sounds like a high-class cruise ship.”

Don’t tell me that Miri was enjoying alcohol?

She might have been the demon lord in her past life but she was now a middle school student.

“So, do you know where the airship is headed?”

“I didn’t ask for details. But I remember Miri-san looking at the flight plan and pointing at Lake Wibble in the Eastern Continent.”

“Lake Wibble in the Eastern Continent?”

“Yes, she mentioned something about a great water spirit.”

Great water spirit … according to Japanese fantasy knowledge, it would be Undine?

There was the Great fire spirit, Salamander, so it would not be strange that Undine would be sealed somewhere.

For the time being, that concluded the task I had in this town.

There was still the unresolved case of the transmitting talisman and the abnormal spawning of monsters but once the royal army siege is lifted, I will first gather information on the devil race.

I thought to myself as I walked along the corridor,

“Kusunoki-kun! It’s a disaster!”

Suzuki appeared with another crisis.

“What is it, Suzuki?”

“The Adventurer’s Guild communication function has been restored and information from the outside came in but among it was information on wanted posters for criminals – Jofre-kun and Elize-san are currently wanted.”

“It is probably some misunderstanding? In fact, being wanted was evidence that they are doing fine – ”

“It isn’t the situation to be so carefree. Jofre-san and Elize-san sneaked into the Great Cathedral through a secret passage, escaped with the captive devil races, and disappeared.”


I couldn’t hide my surprise from the unexpected turn of events.

Flute had given up and I thought it was something impossible for me but those two idiots were able to do it?

“Did they mistake them for somebody else?”

“I don’t think they would release a 100,000 sense bounty for a mistake. I have been interrogated until just now since they have information that I entered the town with them. I told them about Kusunoki-kun but I don’t think you will be summoned.”

Suzuki passed me two wanted posters.

It was a caricature. The amount was 100,000 sense.

“What did you do to make it turn into such a big deal?”

I muttered words that wouldn’t reach them as I marveled at their actions that I could never comprehend.


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