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GC V9C385

(385) Malina is a hero

Translator: Tseirp

We returned to My World.

I had already informed My World that the Mallegory frenzy curse incident has been resolved so we were having a celebration party today.

The city hall staff were still so busy that they couldn’t go home and the peddlers still could not leave the town so I felt that it was a little too early to celebrate but I didn’t want to turn down the suggestion from the Dark Elves.

While preparation was being done, I decided to drop by the church.

Since I had to report the situation to Flute.

Flute was cleaning the interior of the church alone.

“Hn? Please wait. I’ll be done with the cleaning soon.”

Flute noticed me before returning to her task of wiping the chairs with a dry cloth.

“Ah … okay. Can I help? It will be done in an instant if I use magic.”

“This is my job so it is all right. I gain experience points as Atonement-seeker by doing so as well.”

I stood somewhere to not obstruct her and waited for her to finish cleaning.

After waiting for five minutes, Flute invited me to sit on the church long bench and served me a cup of green tea. It was a little tepid but the tea has seeped well.

“So, what business do you have with me?”

“There has been progress regarding the devil race captured by the church.”

I said and told Flute the information I heard from Suzuki.

“All of the devil race escaped underground? Ichinojo’s friend led them?”

“They are more of acquaintances rather than friends but this might have happened because I instigated Centaur. Sorry.”

I said and lowered my head.

“Why are you apologizing? I should be thanking you.”

“But now the devil race will be treated as fugitives?”

“The secret passages below the Cathedral are remnants of the Demon Lord Castle era. It connects to various places. They won’t be captured once they escape there. All that’s left is to hide and find a place outside the influence of the church. Moreover, we devil race are adept in living while hidden.”

Contrary to my expectations, Flute seemed grateful to Jofre and the others. Was that okay?

“But won’t they have criminal jobs if they escaped from prison?”

“The devil race were imprisoned unjustly purely because of our race so Metias-sama will definitely protect us.”


Why did Metias-sama name appear here?

I wondered and asked but Flute assumed that I didn’t know about Metias-sama and started explaining.

“She is the Goddess of Fate, an unknown seventh goddess. We devil race worship Methias-sama. Because of that, the church has had their eyes on us since a long time ago and we couldn’t live a proper life before we pledged to the Demon Lord. Many families lived as nomads and others as travelers since there was a risk of getting discovered after entering a town.”

“Why is it forbidden to worship Metias-sama? I heard from Goddess Tet-sama that she was a splendid goddess.”

“You know about Metias-sama? Furthermore, you claim that you met Goddess Tet before … haa, but you can create this abnormal space so perhaps you aren’t lying.”

“Yeah, it’s not a lie. Libra-sama, Torerul-sama, and Minerva-sama have directly visited this place before as well.”

“A place where Goddesses drop by. That’s a surreal topic.”

Flute smiled, showing her sharp upper canines.

“Regarding why the church doesn’t recognize Metias-sama as a Goddess – according to one theory, there was a revelation to the church from the other Goddesses but I don’t know the specifics.”

A revelation from the other Goddesses?

That was a little different from what Tet-sama said.

“By the way, it seems that your Atonement-Seeker level has gone up, have you been doing anything special?”

“Ah, for Atonement-Seekers, apart from defeating monsters, the other way to accumulate experience points is to do a decent job and be thanked by people. I am still working hard now.”

Just as Flute said that the door of the church opened and several Dark-Elves came in.

They were overjoyed when they found me.

“Ichinojo-sama, we will be practicing singing now.”

“Please stay and listen if you want to.”

“Flute-san plays the organ and we have all been practicing.”

The church had an organ installed as well. It was not something Miri brought along with her but entirely self-made by Pionia and she even did the tuning.

She had finished her task of building a ship so lately she turned to this as a continuation of the ship-building as she found it rewarding.

She was truly a versatile Homunculus.

Flute sat down in front of the organ and the Dark-Elves lined up in a row.

Flute played a long note and all the Dark-Elves started ‘Ah~’ to match the pitch.

Then, the performance began.

The lyrics involved thanking the sun, water, and earth. It seemed like a hymn from the Dark-Elves to the Golden Tree.

After five minutes of singing, all of them lowered their heads and the song ended.

I clapped to complement their performance.

“That was beautiful singing.”

““Thank you very much, Ichinojo-sama.””

They thanked me and seemed happy to be praised.

I complimented Flute who was sitting in front of the organ as well.

“Flute’s performance was great too.”

“Thank you. I played it many times in the past at church.”

I see, so that was her job here.

In a world where there is little entertainment, music was a good stress reliever.

The other entertainment source was the portable DVD player but it was being occupied by the Cyborg somewhere.

“Next will be Sheena No.3’s turn desu. Please look forward to an opening medley from Nyaa Piece desu.”

That Cyborg Sheena No.3 suddenly appeared and requested for the song from Flute.

“Ah, all right.”

Sheena No.3 sang enthusiastically along with Flute’s piano performance.

It seemed that without me knowing, the church singing had become an established entertainment in My World.

I found it strange that the church became somewhat like a karaoke box but it was fine since everyone was enjoying themselves.

“Ichinojo-sama. I have entered the 16 Elite Archers of the Dark-Elves.”

One of the Dark-Elves, Rururina, said to me.

“16 Elite Archers?”

“The Dark-Elf archery training is divided into three categories: power training, accuracy training, and obstacle training.”

“Power training measures the strength of an arrow, accuracy training involves hitting a stationary target from a distance and obstacle training involves shooting under special circumstances such as while moving or shooting from blind spots and the top 16 will be ranked.”

“Rururina was the top 16th person in the training yesterday.”

The other Dark-Elves quickly explained when I asked.

“Ehehe, but I have focused on practicing accuracy so I still have a long way to go for power. At the moment, I can pierce the center of the brow of a goblin 300 meters away.”

“That’s amazing – by the way, I’m guessing first place is …”

“Yes, Rarael-sama.”

As expected.

Well, she was the chieftain and I had seen and was amazed by her bow technique.

“The power of Rarael-sama’s arrow is capable of crushing rocks, she can pierce a prey a kilometer away, and even kill enemies in a single shot from her blind spot.”

A single shot from her blind spot?

When I was told, I suddenly thought of something.

“For that obstacle training, if a person can tie a string on the arrow and strike an enemy not only from a blind spot but a location where arrows can’t possibly hit – what position would they have?”

“Does such a person exist?”

“If they can do it, they will definitely be in first rank.”

“Not only first rank, but they will also be passed down among Dark-Elves in the hall of fame.”

I see, first place and even in the hall of fames.

Join up with us soon, Malina.

You will become a hero once you reach here.


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      And like she says, Flute has had a bit of time to get used to the idea that she’s living on another planet that exists in a pocket universe controlled by “Ichinojo-sama” and inhabited by his worshipers. It’s actually kinda funny that she hasn’t already been told he’s friends with various goddesses.

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