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GC V9C386

(386) Whitebait don

Translator: Tseirp


Sheena No.3’s passionate singing ended.

Incidentally, her singing was a complete copy of the real opening song and surpassed the realm of imitation. If that was the real opening song, rather than think it was the real singer singing it, it was at the level where you would mistake it for a CD playing the song.

“Next, I want to sing Nyaa Piece’s ending theme desu!”

“Another song? – Wait, I don’t know that song. Sheena, you always skip the ending and the preview for the next episode.”

“The preview is a spoiler after all desu. In that case, I will show it now, senpai!”

It seemed like Sheena No.3 referred to Flute as senpai.

Flute sighed but started watching the ending for Nyaa Piece that Sheena No.3 projected onto the front row of the church long benches.

“Hey, Sheena. The words displayed in the ending, the voice translation, and word translation are all in your language?”

“This DVD used Master’s hometown word and language desu. If that was the case, senpai wouldn’t be able to understand when she sees it so Sheena No.3 rewritten the contents desu.”

“I don’t know how you did it but that’s amazing.”

“Senpai is amazing desu.”

“Please play it again, it is impossible to make up the score by just watching once.”

“If you’re referring to the musical score, Sheena No.3 has already prepared it so please use this.”

“If you have it then say it earlier.”

These two seemed to be getting along well.

Actually, I don’t know how you did it but don’t rewrite the contents of my DVD.

Also, it was a DVD-R so it should be impossible to rewrite.

“Master, Flute seems to be enjoying herself.”

Just like Sheena No.3, Neete appeared out of nowhere and spoke to me.

“Rather than enjoying herself, I feel like she has let loose a little too much. Normally a church shouldn’t be a place for this.”

Since just now, the church had been broadcasting many types of ending scenes.

“The Goddess-samas will not be angered if they see it. Her wavelength matches with Sheena No.3 and they seem to have been watching DVDs together this morning.”

“Doesn’t your wavelength match too? The way you speak is the same so I thought you guys would be great friends.”

“It’s impossible for me.”

Neete shook her head.

“I can tell deep down in my heart. It is not that our wavelengths match but I can match it and I feel that it would be different from an ordinary friendship.”

“I don’t really understand but isn’t your personality now because of your soul?”

“No, my personality depends on master’s wish. In the beginning, when master heard about homunculus, you thought that we are dolls that listen to orders, right?”

Ah, Torerul-sama taught me that.

I remember her describing them as something like robots or dolls that can move.

“That is why Pionia-neesan’s personality follows master’s wish, to not show much of her emotions and be a hikikomori. And then, master wished for a homunculus that was easier to understand compared to one such as Pionia-neesan so I, a two-faced homunculus, was born.”

“My wish … I don’t recall wishing for such a horny homunculus though.”

“Are you sure? Perhaps you wished for it somewhere in your heart?”

I lost my confidence after she asked it that way.

I decided to change the topic.

“But you say your soul is fake? In that case, Sheena No.3 is also half-machine.”

“In Sheena No.3’s case, her body is a machine but her soul is real. It lives in her body naturally. In contrast, my soul and Pionia-neesan’s soul are nothing more than transient souls created by Tet-sama. We will probably betray master if Tet-sama orders it. I at least know that much.”

“You were thinking about such matters? It doesn’t match your personality.”

“Haha, master. Are you shocked to find out that my love for you is temporary?”

“There is no love story between us!”

I don’t remember wishing for such a conversation with a homunculus.

This was probably all part of Neete’s joke.

“Master, the food is ready.”

Dinner was ready at the right time.

We headed to the open space in front of the log cabin.

In My World, basically everyone’s meal was taken outdoors.

The only building that could accommodate everyone here was the shipbuilding dock. Currently, that shipbuilding dock was overflowing with Pionia’s self-created musical instrument parts so it wasn’t an environment where we could eat in peace.

“That’s an amazing dish for today.”

For some reason, today’s main dish was fried whitebait don. That was the first time I ate it in this world. There were other vegetable and fish tempura lined up.

“A month ago the fish we stocked from Daijima spawned eggs. In My World, these small fishes have no natural predators we must thin them out to some extent.”

The jewel turtles were farmed in the bay so there was no natural enemy for the small fish in the sea. They consumed the phytoplankton and kept growing in population.

“I prepared this for master.”

“Oh, raw whitebait don!? Pionia, you know what I want.”

I felt like I came to Enoshima.

“Ichinojo-sama, are you really going to eat that without cooking it?”

Rarael asked with concern.

“Yes, raw whitebait don can’t be eaten unless it is fresh. This is a luxury food to us Japanese.”

“Pionia-san, Carol would like the same as Ichino-sama.”

“I also request for the same raw whitebait don? as master.”

Carol and Haru requested for the same dish.

“Master, please apply Clean on these.”

“These are egg yolks?”

“Affirmative. It is to prevent food poisoning and although I could not confirm the reproduction of bacteria, I have decided that it is necessary.”

“All right.”

After I applied Clean on the egg yolk, Pionia dropped that egg yolk onto my don.

The black chicken only laid egg once a week so we didn’t have enough to prepare for everyone. I felt a little bad but I accepted their goodwill.

And just like that, I, Haru, Carol, the homunculus, and the Dark Elves started our whitebait don food party.

By the way, before we started, Nanawat already began heartily eating a bucket of whitebait. What a blessed desert runner.

Fuyun was a horse so he didn’t join the party and was eating grass.

“It’s delicious! The ginger removed the fishy odor … and was this made using wasabi soy sauce?”

“Affirmative. I used the leaf wasabi harvested from the dogwood plant.”

“I made the soy sauce.”

“So it wasn’t Japan soy sauce?”

Surprisingly, the Japanese meal this round was made entirely of My World ingredients or products. It looked like I have been creating all kinds of things to this date.

“The raw whitebait melts on the tip of the tongue … it has a unique texture.”

“I can’t really feel any sensation when biting down.”

It seemed that it didn’t fit Carol and Haru’s taste.

“There is an occasional crunchy texture? I like that texture.”

“That is probably the whitebait eye.”

Haru’s expression didn’t change but her tail showed her complex emotions.

She liked the texture of the whitebait eye but she hated the fact that she was eating eyes.

The two of them only talked about the texture and not the taste.

In contrast to Haru and Carol, the others eating the freshly fried whitebait don seemed to be satisfied.

After I finished half of my rice and two-third of my whitebait, I broke the egg yolk and ate it with my rice.

What a luxurious egg over rice meal.

“Ichinojo-sama is eating raw egg.”

Rarael muttered in shock.

Eating raw egg seemed to be even more unusual than eating raw fish.

But I couldn’t lightly invite Rarael to ‘Do you want to try too?’.

Even if I lightly suggested it, Rarael might perceive it as an order. I personally knew the pain of having to eat strange food.

There is a bug called Phalera flavescens. They were also called Sakura Caterpillars and just like their name implies, they mainly live on sakura trees but there was another reason for their name.

When eaten, they release the scent of sakura.

Furthermore, their texture was like eating a crisp sausage and it was extremely juicy. It was the best if you only take into account the taste.

However, even if it tastes amazing, it was a food that humans would avoid.

“Onii, give it a try. Even though it is really easy to catch Phalera flavescens during this season, this has been recognized by insect food experts as one of the five most delicious insects.”

It was recommended to me as such but what about it?

I wouldn’t want to eat it, whether it was the best five or the best one.

I endured and ate crickets and ants many times but caterpillars were out of bounds.

I somehow was able to survive without eating Phalera flavescens.

The point is, Phalera flavescens to me was like how raw egg and fish was to Rarael.

It wasn’t about if it was delicious or safe.

“What’s wrong, Ichinojo-sama?”

“It’s nothing, I recalled my younger sister trying to get me to eat caterpillar in the past.”

“Ah, it’s delicious after all.”

“Right, extremely delicious … eh?”

Eh? There seemed to be something wrong with what Rarael just said.

“Yeah, they are delicious.”

“They are hateful pests that attach to the Golden Tree but I am happy when I find them.”

“It’s a pity that I can’t eat them since coming to My World.”

The Dark-Elves happily talked about the taste of caterpillars.

“Rarael, you eat caterpillars?”

“Yes. It is an important protein source for us Dark-Elves.”

I wanted to retort why was it okay for them to eat caterpillars but they find it hard to accept eating egg and fish raw.

“I received them from Demon Lord-sama before.”

“Carol ate them when Carol was a kid. Carol has no resistance toward eating them but it might be hard to swallow now that Carol doesn’t eat it regularly.”

Haru and Carol ate them before as well!?

Miri that girl, she ate bugs in her previous life as well – or rather, it was because she ate them in her previous life that she loved them even now.

Perhaps I was the only one who hated caterpillars?

“I hate caterpillars. I rather eat raw egg and fish.”


I have a fellow who hates eating caterpillars.

“I see, then what does Flute like?”

“I like stir-fried goat blood.”

She wasn’t my fellow.

Well, stir-fried goat blood – I know about it. It was a minor Okinawan dish but it is sold in some stores.

Nevertheless, it still feels strange to eat blood.

I don’t even like eating the occasional blood found in tuna sashimi.

Removing blood is an important step to ensure a delicious ingredient.

“I guess Haru’s favorite is dried meat?”

“It is not limited to dried meat, it is any chewy meat.”

“What does Carol like?”

“The food Carol likes most … it is a little hard to say it. Although I can’t forget the taste of the egg and crispy bacon sandwich Ichino-sama gave me.”

The one I bought from Belasra?

Yup, that was delicious.

“Ichino-sama’s favorite, is probably eel?”

“Yeah, it is eel. It would be hard … to farm them in My World. Well, if I can get my hands on many of them, I’ll try releasing them.”

I heard that some university in the Kansai region was studying eel aquaculture.

It has been a couple of months since I came to this world so I don’t know how far the research has progressed but I wonder if it is possible to eat eel cheaply in the near future.

Everyone’s appetite was greater than usual because we kept talking about food.

When I was satisfied with the dinner, I stood up and headed to the log house to see if I could make something for everyone.



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