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GC V9C387

(387) Behind the meal

Translator: Tseirp


By the time I returned to the log house, the girls had already finished their meal.

“The fried whitebait was tastier.”

“Yes, I’m sorry Ichino-sama but even the whitebait that has been blanched was more to my taste.”

It seemed like the two of them ate a second portion of rice.

“I’m so full. I don’t think I can eat anything else.”

“If we eat any more, it might hinder our training.”

The Dark-elves seemed satisfied too.

“Satisfied desu. Energy supply at 120% desu.”

“That’s right. I don’t want to move for now. Pionia-neesan, let’s take a break before cleaning up.”

“Affirmative. Excessive movements after meals would place a large burden on the body.”

Would the homunculus who doesn’t regularly need to eat at all face issues from eating too much?

“Oh man. I made sweet ice cream from Sugyu milk and honey using Ice Magic but I guess everyone can’t eat anymore.”

『Desserts are a different story!』

All the girls answered in sync.

“This is the first time I had a dessert this cold. Master, it is delicious.”

“The gentle sweetness from milk and honey. This will definitely be a hit if we put it on the market. The magician labor cost would be the bottleneck if we want to put this on the market. I wonder if there is a cheap way to freeze milk.”

“So this is a dessert from Ichinojo-sama’s world. I want to go there too if possible.”

“The combination of handmade fruit jam and ice cream are endless desu! This is the greatest desu!”

“Ah, Sheena No.3, pass that sweet-looking sauce to me too.”

“Neete agrees. Do not monopolize it.”


In the end, regardless of whether they love caterpillars, tough meat or goat’s blood and have different likes, the fact that girls love sweet treats was the same in all worlds.



Goddess space – Reigning as the ruler of the books that increased infinitely, the instances where Goddess Tet, who should be the true ruler, was overwhelmed was increasing.

Engraved in the books was the fate of every human being.

Curiously, at that time, Ichinojo became an author with the most recent skill he acquired – Autobiography.

If he used that skill, he could write a record of the entire life of a person up to that moment.

The book Goddess Tet read was an extension of that – in other words, written in it was all the fate of the person from the moment they are born to the moment they die.

She would look through the book in an instant and search for the possibility related to the end of the world and from there, look for a clue that could lead to a solution.

“Tet-sama, I made tea.”

Alpha, the homunculus created by Tet to help her, made tea and placed the saucer and empty cup in the gap between the books before pouring the tea in. Droplets of tea splashed everywhere but she didn’t care.

“ …… ”

Tet didn’t make any comments as she drank the tea and continued reading her book – at that moment.

The pages of the book she was reading suddenly turned blank.

It wasn’t limited to that book. Looking at the other books, for a certain time – in other words, all continuation after the boundary of the present time, had changed to blank.

“ … Fate is being repainted?”

She didn’t know what was happening.

However, the number of people who could cause such a situation was limited.

Ichinojo, who Goddess Metias gave the Jobless skill.

Miri, the reincarnation of Demon Lord Famiris Raritei and a singularity who had transferred from Earth to the Otherworld twice.

And one more person – an existence whose origin greatly differed from the other transferred individuals.

If so, she might be able to find out what happened by looking for the books of those around them and looking at their movements so far.

But just when she thought of that – she pressed her chest and collapsed.

Alpha was the first to notice Tet’s abnormality. But she could not do anything either.

That was because Alpha collapsed as soon as Tet collapsed.

From then, one of the gears of fate came off and a new gear was set in place. While showing a completely different movement.



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