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GC V9C390

(390) Carol’s pinch

Translator: Tseirp


The two of us headed toward the royal army.

They did not fire arrows at us when we left the gate.

When we arrived at where the royal army was, the soldiers opened a path.

Strangely, despite heading toward the King’s tent, we were not searched to remove our weapons.

I had a bad feeling instead.

“Carol, are you nervous?”

When I asked, she shook her head silently as she held the metal cane carefully.

“I see – but don’t let your guard down.”

I said and entered the tent.

There, I saw a familiar face.

“I somewhat knew that you would be here – Talwi.”

The White Wolf race Swordsman who fought with us as companions and was an enemy that I fought against just the other day.

She smiled faintly when she heard me.

Then, I looked at the proud-looking man seated beside Talwi.

The man sporting a beard in expensive-looking clothes only had Talwi as his guard and was seated on a chair that looked expensive as well.

He had that heavy-looking chair brought from the castle all the way here?

“So you are the King of Tsaobal –”



I chanted but my magic didn’t activate.

As Carol had predicted, I guess there was a magic sealing barrier up.

“I see, so you think I have been brainwashed. Foolish. Brainwashing will not work on me.”

“Yeah, I agree that there won’t be much effect.”

I knew that there was little chance that the King had been brainwashed when I saw him.

After I saw his job.

【Demon Lord: Lv53】

I didn’t know if the King and the Demon Lord was the same person, or that the Demon Lord had taken the form of Tsaobal’s King.

“First will be the match in the presence of His Majesty.”

Talwi said and drew her sword.

Unlike the ordinary sword from before, it was a sword that gave off an ominous aura.

I guess it was a magic sword.

“I came to talk though.”

“You came knowing that it would be a trap? That’s a dull reaction.”

I looked at the Demon Lord from the corner of my eye.

“Talwi, you still wish to fight even after I beat you so badly last time?”

“Of course.”

“I see – sorry but I won’t hold back. I don’t have time after all.”

I said and drew White Wolf Fang.

This time, I set all my jobs for physical combat from the beginning.

With this, she won’t be able to stop my attack – or so I thought but she moved many times faster than before and parried my blade.

“You’re faster than before!?”

“You’re gravely mistaken if you think that only you can grow stronger.”

Talwi swung her sword.

I immediately leaped back but my cheek was slightly cut.

I thought I dodged it completely but a black ripple extended from that magic sword. It was a lot more troublesome than expected.

Her level had not changed much from before but her growth speed was evidently a cheat that surpassed my growth cheat.

I continued to parry her sword but I was left with superficial wounds from the black ripples from the magic sword.

“Ichinojo, how many Berserkers did you fight?”

Talwi laughed as she asked.

“I told you I don’t have time to talk to you – Flash!”

I withdrew my sword and swept it sideways but it only cut the clothes and the skin on her abdomen. It was not a mortal wound.

Despite being hurt, Talwi looked happy.

“Berserkers have the Berserk skill. It is a unique skill that only Berserkers can use. However, when Berserkers reach the peak, they receive the title called the Peak of Berserk and the skill evolves. It changes from a unique skill to an ordinary still and can be activated in any state.”

“No way, you – but you are not confused!”

“Confused – the people term it like that but that is their way of interpreting it – it is just a state where we are controlled by madness to want to fight the person in front of us. Regular people wouldn’t be able to speak but I am different.”

Talwi spoke as she slashed as it continuously.

“After all, my heart is always ruled with the desire to fight!”

In other words, she could use the Berserk skill without any of the negative downsides of it.

But how did she return to Beast-Warrior from Berserker? If she wanted to do so, she would have had to level up Atonement-Seeker.

In the first place, how did she max out Berserker in a few days?

She was connected to the Demon Lord acting as the King in some way.

There is always a way.

For example, I farmed experience by defeating high value farmed monsters.

And her method was a lot more evil than I imagined.

“Ichinojo, you have no idea how much I yearned to fight you again – and to fight you again, you have no idea the number of people I killed.”

“You bastard!”

She killed people to level up.

It was probably not just death row prisoners or criminals.

I swung my sword in anger but it didn’t work.

Because of my exaggerated swing, Talwi took advantage of the gap and thrust her sword at my chest.

“It didn’t cut? So those clothes aren’t ordinary.”

Talwi narrowed her eyes and looked at my clothes.

The clothes made with the Dark-Elves’ secret technique would redistribute the strike from a sword to the entire body.

So it would avoid a mortal wound but conversely would cause damage over a wider area. It might even cause internal bleeding. Perhaps even some broken ribs.

That said, there’s so much commotion but nobody was entering the tent – were all the guards guarding the tent brainwashed?

If that was the case, escaping here without a plan would be dangerous.

The Demon Lord moved at the edge of my field of view.

As expected, the Demon Lord’s aim was not to call me out to kill me but Carol.

“Carol, run!”

I shouted.

“I knew about your existence from Dakyat. A Mini-Hume Temptress capable of manipulating monsters. I thought you would be a threat – it is a big deal to be able to maintain that transformation within this magic barrier.”

This guy had already investigated on Carol.

To think that he investigated about Carol’s ability to transform into an adult – no, he already knew about it.

The Succubus true identity was that of Mini-Humus.

“I thought you were trouble. With your ability, you could manipulate the monsters and would be a nuisance to my plan.”

“Prepare yourself!”

The sword swung by the Demon Lord was not something that could be avoided by ordinary humans.

But she easily avoided it and positioned herself behind the Demon Lord in an instant.


The metal cane suddenly transformed into two daggers.

Then, her temporary appearance of Carol was erased and she regained her original appearance.

“You should prepare yourself instead.”


The White Wolf race young girl who was my sword and shield – Haru.


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  1. Is it just me or MC is becoming more and more dull?

    • zioming

      What do you mean by dull, he was obviously acting again. I totally wasn’t expecting any of that.

      • Of Course ! He has to act now cause the problem is out of control. I mean Talwi tried to kill MC and leave obvious fact that she has connection with the accident that harm innocent citizens. On the other hand he thought the problem is simply resolved by just capturing one of the small fry and living like hermit life not knowing anything and not trying to think a little more. Even if he doesn’t want to solve the problem all alone he can make some counter measure from the time he got informed about transmission tailsmans. I didn’t think he would be this sloppy. He is simply idiot.

    • Seregosa

      Just the usual chill writing style of not having to think about the actions of the mc and just doing whatever you think up first because the protagonist is a moron anyway so it won’t break the flow of the story. Going straight into a situation where he’s not aware of shit without even slightly thinking about scouting ahead or getting a grasp on the situation first. I guess that’s to be expected from the worthless human being that just happened to get super cheats and never met any true obstacles because he can do anything and everything with ease. This guy has it too easy to actually develop as a person, he’s still a normal japanese dude with no redeeming traits to speak of except for his borrowed powers. Kinda amazing that the girls would like someone like him, haha. At best he has two things going for him, 1: His kindness to the point of stupidty and ignorance and 2: His free powers that he never did anything to actually even slightly deserve.

      Won’t stop me from reading this novel though, kinda enjoy it as brain-dead happy-go-lucky entertainment between ACTUAL novels.

  2. Filip Dincă

    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Lord Rin

    Yeah no. I find it hard to believe that Talwi’s maxed out Berserker job to keep up with and even slightly suppress Ichinojo and his multiple maxed or near maxed physical combat jobs.

    Also why doesn’t he just change Talwi’s job if it’s this troublesome? Ichinojo doesn’t require permission to do it. I seem to recall back when he found out he could see other people’s jobs and change them, he went and changed the jobs of some people without their knowledge or permission because he saw they had troublesome jobs -I think it was Thief and the like- and changed them to harmless jobs.

    • I could be wrong and he might have gotten a new upgrade to do it, but I thought there were only special circumstances in which he could. Like with carol when he first did her job didn’t he have to make her wear that party ring in order to change her job, and the same went for others too he had to be close to them or in the same party as he did it later too.

  4. I could be wrong and he might have gotten a new upgrade to do it, but I thought there were only special circumstances in which he could. Like with carol when he first did her job didn’t he have to make her wear that party ring in order to change her job, and the same went for others too he had to be close to them or in the same party as he did it later too.

  5. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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