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(391) Talwi and master

Translator: Tseirp


“Transformation Bangle?”

Talwi said with amusement.

“Yeah, I had a hard time because of it so I asked the Deputy Mayor to lend it to me. I wanted to use it on you guys this time.”

While I was speaking, Haru took out the towel around her chest and tossed them away.

Haru and adult Carol’s height was about the same but their chest sizes were different so we packed several towels to increase the volume.

“White Wolf race girl – if she is here, the half Mini-Hume girl – is in town?”

“Yeah, you went out of your way to inform me that your aim was Carol after all. So I did what would trouble you the most.”

She should be manipulating the monsters from the Advanced Dungeon about now.

Of course, she had Suzuki as her excellent bodyguard.

“Talwi, you should be a White Wolf race warrior too. If you have loyalty to your master, sheath that sword.”

Haru pointed the sword at the Demon Lord and said.

“That’s right, I am of the White Wolf race. Although I devote myself to fighting, the most important person is master. I can’t move once you take my master as hostage.”

Talwi smiled as she approached the Demon Lord.

“Don’t come any closer.”

Haru said – and then.

Talwi moved.

She attacked Haru with the intent to strike her through the Demon Lord hostage.

“Guh –”

Haru leaked a voice of pain.


“I’m okay … I was saved by the clothes.”

Haru hugged her abdomen as she replied.

“Whew, that girl is not my subordinate – let me see, is fate still leading to the planned balance?”

“What are you saying?”

The Demon Lord took out a blood-stained book from his chest.

That book – no way!?


Transfer spellbook

A spellbook with the Space-Time Magic Transfer.

When used, you can transfer to a location within a certain range.


It was too late by the time I appraised it.


The next instant, the Demon Lord’s figure disappeared.

Spellbooks could be used inside the barrier?

No, I should leave the escaped Demon Lord for later, the pressing matter now was Talwi.

“It’s about time I end this. My Beast Blood time limit is soon.”

As expected, she was using Beast Blood.

That skill has a long time limit.

If she used it the moment I entered, she probably still had over three minutes left.

“Talwi, I’ll be serious now.”

I fired myself up.


“Fake Attack – Beast Blood!”

Beast Blood was classified as an attack skill. As such, I could copy it with Fake Attack. I remembered it in advance.

The time limit was half of the real Beast Blood at five minutes but the effect remained.

It would greatly increase my attack power.

I slashed at Talwi.

Talwi stopped my blow.

At the same time, the black ripples attacked me.

I knew she would block it.

Originally, the White Wolf race’s fighting style would be to avoid attacks that can be avoided and block unavoidable attacks. However, from this fight, I noticed that Talwi will always block my attack.

That was because when our swords clashed, the black ripple would appear and attack me.

In other words, I would accumulate damage if the exchange continued.

If it continued for three minutes, my body might not be able to withstand it.

However, that was the reason for her loss.

“You’re not the only one who can manipulate criminal jobs.”

I shouted and activated two skills.

“Instant kill!”

The Slasher skill that would double my speed and deal three times the damage to my opponent.

And then –

“Fake Attack – Destroy!”

I shouted – at the same time, White Wolf Fang and Talwi’s sword shattered into pieces simultaneously.

… Sorry, White Wolf Fang. That was the only way I could think of to defeat Talwi with certainty.

The combination of Instant Kill and Destroy was awful as not only the swords but Talwi’s clothes, underwear, and even the expensive rug on the floor were torn.

The damage was half to inanimate objects but half of the three times damage was still 50% more damage to Talwi.

It was more than enough to down my opponent.

“ – I knew that I would still lose the second time.”

With her sword and clothes completely destroyed, she probably didn’t have any other means to escape like before.

That said, I was in the same boat. I didn’t know how I would be able to escape from there – there’s no way they would believe me if I told them that their King was the Demon Lord.

I pray that I can at least dispel the brainwashing on the Officers.

『That’s a pity, Talwi.』

I suddenly heard a man’s voice.

“You were listening in? … Such a nasty hobby.”

『Well, you are my precious kin after all. I asked Demon Lord-kun to paste a communication talisman for me.』

Just who was this guy to refer to the Demon Lord like a child.

Haru moved to the source of the voice.

“Master, there’s a communication talisman stuck behind the throne!”

Haru peeled off the communication talisman.

『Wah, you defeated Talwi? That’s amazing, if she fought seriously, even I would have some trouble.』

“You won’t get anywhere with compliments … more importantly, I feel like I’ve heard your voice before.”

『Hn? Eh? I feel the same too … ah, I recall now! The person with the Kiriri grass seeds in Florence.』

Kiriri grass seeds? That’s right! I recalled too.

The black-haired man in a three-man party that I met while exploring the dungeon with Margaret-san.

“The Sword Saint man huh?”

『Sword Saint? Ah, right. I had that job. But no longer. I am actually –』

“Hero Alessio-sama.”

Haru said.

Hero Alesio!?

The hero who defeated Demon Lord Famiris Rarity and the hero Daijiro-san’s accompanied!?

Now that I think about it, Haru mentioned that in the past until she was sold to Matthias as a slave, she spent some time together with the hero.

『Hm? How did you find out … ah, I see! Haurvatat-chan huh – yeah, the kid from that time.』

“Why is the Hero together with Talwi? She’s under the Demon Lord –”

No, that’s wrong.

Talwi wasn’t under the Demon Lord. Talwi had pledged allegiance to her master but she didn’t show that behavior toward the Demon Lord.

Did that mean Talwi’s actual master was Hero Alessio!? Thinking back, he did call Talwi his kin.

It wasn’t too farfetched – or rather, it was strange that I couldn’t think of that link.

In the past, when fighting against the Demon Lord, half of the White Wolf race followed the Demon Lord and the other half followed the hero.

If Talwi was among the White Wolf race who followed the Hero, then it would not be strange if their master and kin relationship still continued.

Then, why was a person under the Hero, Talwi, cooperating with the Demon Lord?

No way –

“The Hero and Demon Lord are cooperating?”

『You jumped to that conclusion way too soon. The Hero and Demon Lord combining forces, that kind of match-fixing, even if you can convince yourself, the world would not allow it. By the way, who are you – hn?』

Someone else was talking now.

I couldn’t hear the details but it was a female voice this time.

『I see. So you are Ichinojo-kun.』

“You know my name?”

Now that I think about it, we chanced upon Hero Alessio in Dakyat.

I wondered if he heard my name at that time but that wasn’t the case.

『I heard it from Kanon here.』

“Kanon!? Kanon is there!?”

Does that mean Sakura Malina was there too?

The two of them remained in the West continent to search for Hero Alessio but were they traveling together?

『Ah, sorry. The communication talisman will lose effect soon. I have hero work to do here so I’ll leave the crisis there for you to settle.』

Leave it to me? It’s a crisis, you know.

『Do your best to save them, regular – Kin Summoning!』(TL: The ‘regular/ordinary’ can either refer to the hero telling him to save as many ordinary people as he could, or the hero calling him an ordinary person.)


The next instant, Talwi’s figure disappeared. The communication talisman caught fire at the same time and turned into ash.

Kin Summoning – I thought it was a skill that could only be used by Jobless but the hero could use it too.

At that moment, the effect of Beast Blood ended and I couldn’t move.


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  1. Filip Dincă

    And again, foolishly not doing anything. Really, this story is seriously faithful to it’s disappointing style. Always waiting for his opponents to do something, letting allies get hurt and not doing anything to make the baddies pay back. But I read too much, I need closure-.-
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Daniel

    I’m basically just skimming this now. It’s gotten really bad. Maybe I should take it off my reading list.

  3. Adypoker

    Yep, I’ve been liking this less and less for a while now, he used to be proactive and now he just waits for stuff to happen like he’s a slave to “Fate”

  4. sumonne

    I have to agree, MC became so beta and unlikable in these last chapters, mad love to the translator that stuck with us even when the story is becoming so bad….

  5. mikan

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  6. Seregosa

    “Yeah, you went out of your way to inform me that your aim was Carol after all. So I did what would trouble you the most.”

    I guess his stupidity works out when everyone else is just as retarded as he is, haha. Hard to take these child’s play schemes seriously. So riddled with holes you’d think they were swiss cheese. But, as everyone knows, a book written by an author will always be limited to their own skill and intelligence. Nothing much to do about it.

    Also, seriously, can these mcs ever freaking kill someone? Come on. It’s a kill or be killed world. He sees people getting killed in front of him all the time or almost killed, even his companions are included, but he never seems to take it seriously nor actually develop the mindset that killing might be fine if it saves many people or just those you care about. Taking chances like this makes me cringe, one huge flaw with way too many japanese novels with beta mcs. Not taking threats seriously and thinking that just managing to defeat the enemy with no intention to kill them is enough. Even worse when enemies in those stories aren’t as retarded and actually come back to bite him in the ass, yet he still won’t learn. All of these mcs should be euthanized so that people that aren’t living in a dream world all the time can come out and take their places.

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  8. Vorthod

    Am I the only one completely lost by half the things they said here? He met someone selling seeds in Florence? There was an excursion into the labyrinth with Margaret? Even in the Dakyat arc, they never “chanced upon each other,” Allesio bailed before anyone could meet up. Did the author retcon LN plot developments into the web novel and just hope that we wouldn’t notice?

    • ShadowStep25

      It’s the author referencing things from the light novel version. It has been happening way to often that the story is now so far past the point of messed up.

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