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GC V9C392

(392) Unexpected welcome

Translator: Tseirp


During the time Ichinojo and Haurvatat headed toward the tent where the King waited despite knowing it was a trap to endanger themselves for Carol’s sake.

Carol dove into the dry cleaner.

Investigation on the case was already over so it was completely unattended.

(Ichino-sama is working hard. Carol has to work hard too.)

Carol said to fire herself up.

“Carol-chan, I’m here but is there anything here?”

Carol asked Lana-san, who had finished her shopping, to tell Suzuki to come to the dry cleaner when she saw him. She asked her to inform him that it was for urgent business.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Kota-kun. I have a request.”

“ … I have to exterminate the monsters that appeared in town. Is this even more important than that?”

“Of course. There is a limit to how many monsters Kota-kun can exterminate on your own but if you follow what Carol has to say, you can defeat your foes at dozens of times more efficiently.”

“ … Is that so? Yeah, I’ll trust you. So what should I do?”

“Yes – please place these costumes in your item bag and bring it with you.”

“Eh? This is?”

The costume Carol spoke of – was originally meant for the book sale.

Normally it would not be allowed to be taken without permission but yesterday Kikkori finally found the organizer of the book sale. Originally it was unnecessary information but now it bore fruit.

Carol passed gold to the organizer on the way here and obtained permission to borrow all the costumes.

He willingly loaned them when she explained that it was to save the town from the crisis.

“But where should I bring these to?”

“To Kota-kun’s home. I asked Lana-san to temporarily hide 20 of Ichino-sama’s companions.”

Normally it would be unheard of to invite 20 people to a house without the owner’s permission but according to Lana-san’s manual, 『If the owner is out and a guest brings their friend, she must provide maximum hospitality until the owner returns home.』, so she would follow her manual even if 20 people were invited over.

“Companions? Hide? … Don’t tell me they are the Devil race?”

Suzuki thought of Flute and asked.

The matter with Flute left a small nagging in Suzuki’s heart and he wanted to meet her once if she was fine.

Carol shook her head.

“She is fine but she isn’t there. I will explain later. For now, please collect the costumes and let’s move.”

“All right.”

Suzuki nodded and stored all the costumes in his item bag.

Then, he returned home along with Carol.

“Welcome home.”

Lana bowed as she welcomed Suzuki and Carol.

She didn’t show any signs of hiding anyone as her actions followed her manual to the letter.

“Lana-san, where is everyone?”

Carol asked.

“Yes, they are in the hall. This way please.”

Suzuki was led to the hall and was shocked.


Waiting there were the Dark-Elves who were said to have been eradicated by the Church army. And he was even more shocked to see that they were all female.

He didn’t know that the Dark-Elf race only had females.

Before Ichinojo left to meet the King, he suggested using the Transformation Bangle to transform Haurvatat into Carol and sought the help of the Dark-Elves for the security of the town.

He said this to the Dark-Elves in My World.

“I know it is wrong to ask for something like this despite promising to protect all of you. But I still wish – to protect the residents in the town of Mallegory. Please give me a hand.”

Nobody disagreed.


“They are Ichino-sama’s companions. I can vouch for their skill with the bow. They will dress up in the costumes and snipe the monsters in town.”

“A sufficient number of arrows have been prepared for everyone. They will definitely be of help.”

The Dark-Elves were, just like the Devil race, enemies of the Church.

Normally it would not be forgivable for Suzuki, a noble from the Shiraraki Kingdom, to rely on help from them.

Nevertheless, he nodded.

“ … All right. I had prepared myself when I saved that Devil race girl. I will not reveal your identities. Lana-san, don’t tell anyone else too.”

“Yes. I will obey the manual to not reveal the secrets of the guests.”

“But will all of you be capable of drawing the bow while wearing the costumes?”

Looking at the size of the costumes he took out, Suzuki felt that the bowstring would hit the costume when the arrow was released.

In the first place, the field of view was narrow. It was the most disadvantageous attire to handle a bow.

“We trained daily so we will be okay.”

Rarael commented as she held the head of the rabbit costume.

The Dark-Elf bow training was extensive. Not only did they train in darkness, but they also trained in places with low visibility and trained while carrying injured companions.

Their accuracy would not decrease just because they wear a costume.

As a result, a squad of 20 costumed archers assembled.

“Sheesh, what should I tell the guards.”

But with their elite archery – Suzuki felt it was encouraging.



Talwi and the Demon Lord – both of them escaped while we were still trapped in the middle of enemy territory.

“Master, let’s rest for a while.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Thankfully, either it was an order from the King or because of the brainwashing, nobody entered the tent.

I wanted to rest there until the after-effects of Beast Blood wore off.

For now, we rest while hidden behind the throne and waited for the effect of Beast Blood to end.

We heard a commotion outside the tent.

It was quite noisy.

“Your Majesty! It’s a matter of great concern!”

“Where’s His Majesty –”

Haru poked the soldier who tried to scream in his solar plexus with her sword sheathed in its scabbard.

The soldier moaned and collapsed.

“Master – this place is no longer safe –”

“Yeah. My body can move a little better now – let’s escape from here.”

I applied Mega Heal on Haru and Heal on myself.

The pain receded.

But what was the serious matter?

That was when I felt it.

Two mighty presences were approaching our location.

Don’t tell me these were what the Hero was referring to as the danger on this side –

When I had that thought, a huge claw sliced through the tent.

Looking at the huge claws like a dragon, I inadvertently shouted.


Fenrir came into view after the torn tent collapsed.

And then, I saw the young girl in sailor uniform riding on it.

“Yahoo, Onii! It’s been a long time!”

Just when the Demon Lord left, the old Demon Lord – Miri appeared riding Fenrir.


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