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GC V9C393

(393) Escaping the encampment

Translator: Tseirp



Why was she here? Wasn’t she supposed to be in the Eastern continent?

Perhaps somebody was disguised as her – no, that’s not the case.

I have been Miri’s brother for 12 years. I don’t believe I would mistake my younger sister but I’ll just check to make sure.

“ … Miri, can you tell me, in French, the problems with the fortified cities of medieval Europe?”

“What are you talking about at a time like this? In the first place, Onii don’t even know French so isn’t it pointless?”

Miri stared at me with a cold look.

That reaction and retort, yup it was definitely Miri.

“Onii, Haurva, get on! We’re escaping from here.”

“All right!”


The moment we jumped onto Fenrir’s back, Fenrir started running toward the south.

“Miri, it’s the opposite direction! Return to town!”

I shouted while making sure to not bite my tongue on Fenrir’s swaying back.

The town was north of the tent.

At this rate, we would go further away from the town.

“If we returned like this, the town soldiers would attack us too. Besides, the Royal Army’s security is stricter there.”

Yeah, they would probably misunderstand that Fenrir was coming to attack the town.

“For now, once we leave the range of the magic sealing barrier, use your Home Return to return to My World, Onii.”

“ – All right.”

I couldn’t argue with that.

Haru and I shot down the arrows flying at us with Slash.

“Miri, why are you here? I thought you were on Daijiro-san’s airship headed to the Eastern continent.”

“That was a diversion. I alighted along the way and traveled with Fenrir.”

Alighting along the way? She made it sound like she was riding a train.

Wouldn’t it be impossible to jump off midway from a flying ship or airship?

“Why would you need a diversion?”

“For many reasons. I seem to have a large effect on this world so whenever I am involved, there would be a lot of noise.”


“Onii, did you buy the book from Milky?”

“ – I have it here. Why do you need this?”

“Why? It’s just a normal BL novel.”

“Like I said, then why did you ask me to buy it?”

“Onii, do you know about QR codes?”

“Those two-dimensional barcodes, right? The black dots.”

Of course, I knew about them.

“Yes. But with a special app, you can even replace ordinary pictures with letters, even if they aren’t black dots.”

“You’re referring to those AR codes?”

“It’s not AR codes but well it is close enough.”

It felt like she gave up on explaining.

“Do you remember the scene in a quiet museum where the junior high school main character(♂) put his hand in the clothes of his classmate (♂)and groped his back and the classmate(♂) could only writhe without being able to speak up?”

I nodded.

I wanted to shout how was that a comic for all ages?

“When I convert one of the avant-garde art in the museum with my smartphone app, it will become a certain mathematical formula.”

“Mathematical formula?”

“Yes. The reverse calculation of my trip from Earth to Otherworld. The mathematical formula to travel from Otherworld to Earth.”

— !?

Traveling from Earth to Otherworld – I didn’t know it was possible.

But it can’t be a lie.

The proof was Miri.

She made her own calculations to calculate where and when to die such that she would come to Otherworld and she achieved it.

“Daijiro wants it desperately. As long as this was in Mallegory, she could not abandon this town. So she allowed me to disembark along the way.”

Miri explained the circumstances.

“Master! Attack coming for ahead.”

This time it was an attack from in front – and it was even a magic attack.

Multiple fireballs were flying toward us.

“It doesn’t have much firepower! Fenrir, breakthrough!”

Fenrir obeyed Miri’s command and charged at the spells directly. The fireballs struck Fenrir and caused small explosions but it didn’t slow it down at all.

“I guess we can use magic above that hill.”

It was a steep hill – or rather a steep cliff.

“It looks that way, Onii, Haurva! Hold on tight! Don’t bite your tongues!”

Miri said as Fenrir suddenly accelerated at the base of the cliff and directly ran up.

Not only fireballs but also rocks and arrows flew at us from above but Fenrir continued to climb the cliff without hesitation.

Then, Fenrir finally reached the top of the cliff, jumped up due to the excessive momentum and almost trampled a magic soldier.


“Home Return!”

I cast the spell at Miri’s prompt.

In the blink of an eye, the three of us and Fenrir landed in My World.

“Master, Miri-sama, good work.”

Haru said and helped Miri off Fenrir.

“Thanks, Haurva. Phew, we’re saved.”

Miri said with a clear tone and laughed.

It was the usual cheerful Miri.

“Wait a minute, was it all right that you showed your face? Won’t you become wanted?”

“It’s fine it’s fine, around this time the real body of the King would be discovered in Tsaobal castle.”

So the Demon Lord was disguising as the King after all.

Once the King’s real body is discovered, the encirclement on the town would probably be removed.

Then, the remaining problems would be the expansion of the dungeons and the excessive monster spawns.

I was still worried even though I had sent the Dark-Elves to help.

“I’ll return to town immediately.”

When I said that,

“Master it’s terrible desu! Geh, Arrogant Demon Lord desu!?”

Sheena No.3 came running and groaned when she saw Miri’s face.

“It’s been a long time, Sheena No.3. I wonder who is this Arrogant Demon Lord you speak of?”

“More importantly, what’s the emergency?”

I asked Sheena No.3 as Miri ground Sheena No.3’s head with her fist.

Sheena No.3 answered while screaming in pain.

“Pionia and Neete have collapsed desu!”


I had Sheena No.3 lead the way and went to the log house.

And just as Sheena No.3 mentioned, the two of them were lying on beds in their maid uniform.

“What happened?”

“The two of them mentioned that they felt bad this morning but then they suddenly collapsed desu. I fear something has happened to Goddess Tet-sama – Sheena No.3’s soul is original and half cyborg but I feel a little fatigue too desu.”

Tet-sama met with an accident?

Miri placed her hand on both their heads and was thinking about something.

Was she examining them?

“It’s no good. Their souls are the first souls created by Goddess Tet. If you compare them to computers, it is like their main servers went down. We can’t do anything from here.”

“ … I guess. Miri you should be tired, right? Take a break here for now.”

I said as I made the exit for My World.

“Ahaha, as expected of Onii … you noticed?”

“It would be impossible to not notice. You probably didn’t sleep for a long time.”

According to the route plan, the airship passed through the easternmost village on the South continent a week ago.

If she traveled from there on the ground, no matter how fast Fenrir was, there shouldn’t have been time to rest.

“It isn’t as bad as Onii thinks. I also gained distance using Transfer – I was able to sleep an hour yesterday …”

Just as she was speaking, Miri lost her balance and was about to collapse.

I knew she was pushing herself. Healing magic and Stamina Heal couldn’t treat a lack of sleep.

“Sorry, I will take a nap after all. It seems that there is a limit to cheating the body with medicine. I would cause trouble for Onii if I went out now – to be honest, I am almost out of magical power too.”

“Yeah, rest.”

I carried Miri to my bed.



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  4. Lord Rin

    OK so if I understood it correctly, while Miri did not actually hide clues to her location in Milky’s book she did hide an AR code in a background painting in a certain scene in the book that can then be converted into text with an app. That text is some mathematical formula showing how Miri came to Otherworld from Earth and it can be reversed so you can go from Otherworld to Earth and Miri used it as a bargaining chip to get Daijiro to let her off her ship. I’m not sure why it being in Mallegory meant she couldn’t abandon the town since the code is presumably in every copy of Milky’s book and Miri had a copy with her while she was on Daijiro’s ship so it’s not like Daijiro couldn’t leave Mallegory because there was only one copy somewhere in the city that would force her to stay there to protect it.

  5. Just another reader

    Hope there is some dungeon exploring chapters soon I love to see those job level going up and here’s a question if Ichinijo have that jobless skill which help him choose a job for 24hours shouldn’t he choose a job and register in adventurer guild or get a legit job certificate , he seems like a leecher who sucks on Haru’s and Carol’s kinda earned money. Also I hate how he takes collapsing of Piona and Nete lightly man they are your manager without them you are nothing.

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    It was mentioned that milky’s doujinshi was like a draft or original and it had some differences to the released copies.

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