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GC V9C394

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(394) Means to stop the monsters

Translator: Tseirp


“Sheena No.3, please take care of her.”

“Understood desu. Also, Master, I’ll tell you the words Neete said before she lost consciousness desu.”

“From Neete? What was it?”

“『Oh I just recalled, after Master asked me to teach the method to create soy sauce, the sake brewery suffered a lot of damage due to the fire-falling bacteria.』”

Sheena No.3 replayed it with Neete’s exact voice. Her ability to reproduce sounds was as good as the Copy Cat skill.

“『Because of that, miasma has spread to the sake breweries. As they say, miasma is born in places where people’s negative feelings are pent-up. That said, the flow of the miasma was close to the speed of that in dungeons and I feel that it is not normal. Well, I could have been thinking too much so I didn’t mention it but there is a chance that the large spawning of monsters in the dungeons is connected to it … leaving that aside, my body has been feeling sluggish since just now』.”

The speed of the flow of miasma is fast … huh?

I keep it as a reference for now.


Haru and I left through the My World exit I just made and reached Suzuki’s home.

I couldn’t detect any presence in the house. Normally Lana-san should have started preparing for lunch at this time. It was worrying that she wasn’t moving according to her manual – but when we walked to the corridor, I noticed a letter placed there.

【Following emergency protocol in the manual, I shall head to the designated evacuation site with Milky-sama.】

Followed by a written signature from Lana-san.

It looks like she is fine.

We left the house.

The town was quiet. I guess everyone has evacuated.

Just as I thought so, I saw a huge kobold – costume in front of me.


“That voice … Ririana?”

“Correct! Ichinojo-sama, Haurvatat-sama, I’m glad you are all right.”

Ririana said happily.

“Please give me a breakdown of the situation.”

“Yes! Currently, Carol-sama has dived into the Advanced Dungeon with Suzuki-dono. Two hours have passed since the monsters have been led into the Advanced Dungeon with Carol-sama’s Temptress skill – Moon’s Captivating Fragrance.”

“I see –”

The strategy Carol and I made was to lure all the monsters into the Advanced Dungeon.

The reason was that we heard that the upper floors of the Advanced Dungeon had fewer monsters and before we left to the Royal Army, we checked with the Adventurer’s Guild. After investigating in the Adventurer’s Guild, we found that the upper floors of the Advanced Dungeon had remarkably fewer monsters.

Although Carol’s Moon’s Captivating Fragrance had a wide area of effect, it does not spread across multiple floors of the dungeon, as shown when Oregeru forcibly brought Carol deep into the Belasra Dungeon. Because of that, we determined that even if Carol stayed on the first floor of the Advanced Dungeon, the monsters from the deeper floors will not climb up. Furthermore, the monsters in the Advanced Dungeon were either moving armor or dolls and most of them did not have a sense of smell. Even if there were monsters remaining on the upper floors, not many monsters will be attracted to Carol’s scent.

I told her to escape with Home Return if it becomes too dangerous but I guess it probably has not reached that stage yet.

Besides, Suzuki was protecting the entrance to the dungeon and 10 dark-elves were assisting him from the watchtower.

They should be able to clean out the monsters in town.

The remaining 10 dark-elves were clearing out the monsters heading from the Beginner and Intermediate Dungeons to the Advanced Dungeon or patrolling around town.

Ririana was apparently part of the patrolling team.

“Carol-sama’s skill is amazing. Almost all the monsters have been lured.”

“Yeah, it has helped me many times.”

Her ability had aided me countless times.

She confused the church soldiers in the lookout tower and gave us a chance to infiltrate and saved the town of Dakyat from the overflowing monsters.

She also lured the Leviathan when I was fighting it.

“All right, I should go help Suzuki. Ririana, please help by continuing your patrols!”

“Understood! Ichinojo-sama, may the fortune of war be with you!”

We dashed at full speed toward the watchtower of the Advanced Dungeon.

We moved via rooftop. The Japan Street roof had tiles so it was hard to run on but the roofs in the Magic Street were flat and made of stone and all the buildings were large so it was extremely easy to run on.

I saw one dark-elf drawing a bow on the rooftop.

“Thank you! Sorry but keep it on for a little longer!”

I shouted as I passed her by.

“Ichinojo-sama work hard too!”

I received a shrill reply and I put more effort into my feet.

When we approached the Advanced Dungeon, we began to see not only dark-elves in costumes but also guards as well as adventurers and mercenaries.

Kikkori and his party had also joined the fight and were defeating the weaker monsters. Every person capable of fighting seems to have been mobilized to deal with the monsters.

Under such circumstances, there were many people in some places and there were also places where there were a large number of magic stones and drop items.

As soon as I landed before that spot, a sword as pointed at the tip of my nose.

“Sorry – Kusunoki-kun. I thought you were an enemy.”

“I was about to have three nostrils.”

I joked as I fired a Petite Fire at the forehead of the mountain goat-like monster coming from behind me.

“Haru, I wish to talk with Suzuki and Carol for a while. Please defeat the incoming enemies.”


Haru nodded and replaced Suzuki to exterminate the monsters.

During that time, Suzuki and I moved to the stairs.

“Are you all right? You were fighting on your own here?”

“Yeah, once it reaches a chaotic state, they were bound to miss some of the monsters. So I took the responsibility to protect this spot.”

We descended the stairs.

At the room at the base of the stairs, Carol was waiting in her usual form.

“Ichino-sama! I’m glad you are all right!”

Carol said and hugged me.

“Please let me know with Kin Messenger if you are fine.”

“Sorry – right.”

While hugging Carol, I told her the newly discovered truth.

Then, while still hugging Carol, I looked at Suzuki’s direction.

“ … For this incident, behind the scenes, Talwi, Hero Alessio, and the new Demon Lord are involved. The Demon Lord was disguised as the King and Talwi was with him. Talwi was moving under the orders of Hero Alessio and is connected to the Demon Lord. Although I don’t know if they were working together. Also, I met up with Miri. She’s sleeping now.”

Suzuki was dismayed when he heard that.

In particular, Suzuki’s complexion changed when I mentioned Hero Alessio.

He respects Alessio for having the same Hero title. But he didn’t doubt my words.

“ … I see.”

He probably has a lot to think about but Suzuki swallowed it.

He’s strong.

As expected of a protagonist.

“Now it’s my turn to report. Actually, the monsters are not only outside but also deep inside and I found that the monsters are spawning greatly from the Goddess statue room.”

“The Goddess statue room … that means.”

“Yeah – this is a secret but the Goddess statue has the function to create monsters from the miasma they should be purifying.”

Witch hazel was used to make the Metias-sama Goddess statue, which should have lost its function, spawn monsters.

In Deijima, the demons used a machine to gather miasma and as a consequence, produced a large number of monsters, causing a disaster where the dungeon overflowed.

There are plenty of functions that are not commonly known in the Goddess statue.

“In that case the solution is simple. There is a magical tool capable of dispersing that miasma without forming monsters.”

Suzuki said and plunged his hand into his item bag and took it out.

“Do you remember this?”

Suzuki took out two glass beads.

That – was the glass beads used in Dakyat but I didn’t expect to see them here.


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  1. thejadmaster

    Good chapter! I still can’t believe that Miri showed up and is in My World now! I’m very pleased!

    Thank you for the excellent work, as always!

  2. Lord Rin

    Wait I’m confused. I’m not sure if I read it right but it seems that Neete was suggesting that their sake brewery getting wrecked and producing miasma is the cause of all these monsters. I don’t know how that works but that’s how I read it.

    • Ghalaghor

      No, it was stated that the monsters are created in dungeons as a byproduct of the goddess statue purifying miasma. Neete said that the sake brewery was creating lots of miasma. Someone or something causes miasma to acumulate or appear faster than normal which causes a monster stampede in the dungeons.

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