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GC V9C395

(395) Skill up of the unknown skill

Translator: Tseirp


In the past, when monsters were overflowing from the Dakyat dungeon, that glass bead was thrown into the crevice at the end of the dungeon and stopped the massive outbreak of monsters.

Now that I think about it, Setolance-sama mentioned that somebody passed that glass bead to Sutchino under Demon Lord Famiris Raritei’s orders.

Ah, I totally forgot to ask Miri after it was all over.

“Yeah, the Magic Investigation Research Institute supplied it to me just now. They believe that the issue will be solved if this is used in the two dungeons. They knew that only Kusunoki-kun and I could make it to the end of the dungeon so they waited for us.”

“Magic Investigation Research Institute … the real deal is different after all.”

Unlike my improvised skills.

They properly investigated the cause of the monster spawning and sought a remedy.

“I plan to dive into the beginner dungeon. I would like to ask Kusunoki-kun to investigate the intermediate dungeon. I don’t think you need it but this is a map of the intermediate dungeon.”

Why wouldn’t I need it? I only know the upper floors of the intermediate dungeon … ah, well, if I follow the stream of monster, I’ll reach the end even without a map.

“But wouldn’t that mean only Haru would be left to protect Carol once Suzuki and I leave … I’m uneasy with that.”

“But you entrusted it to me alone?”

Suzuki smiled, finding it funny.

Well, a one-on-one fight between Suzuki and Haru would be an interesting match to see.

“Well, she should be fine – they should be here soon.”

“Here? Who?”

When I asked, I heard a commotion from above the stairs.

I was worried about Haru and ran up the stairs.

Then, I understood the cause of the commotion.

A huge wyvern was approaching the courtyard.

“I got in touch because the guild’s communication was restored. Carol-san warned us so we got a nose plug for Pochi.”

The wyvern Pochi was kept at the ranch but apparently he wasn’t requisitioned, killed or imprisoned by the army.

It seems that the bill for meals would be expensive later.

“I’m glad we were able to meet. This must be thanks to Goddess-sama’s blessings.”

“You’re right. I almost missed out on such a delicious situation. I’ll show off my powered up strength on the monsters.”

“ … I trained and became stronger for Ko-niichan.”

Miles, Kyanshi, and Schreyl jumped off the wyvern’s back.

It seemed that the three girls were not merely sightseeing when they were acting separately from Suzuki.

The three of them – Kyanshi in particular, probably regretted that they could hardly help in the battle with the Demonic King Dragon.

They leveled up quite a bit in that short time.

“With their help, it would reduce the burden on Haru-san.”

“… I see. Haru, I’ll end it by nightfall. Once everything is over, let’s go home (My World) with Carol and the costume squad.”

“Understood – Master, please take this.”

“This is … Guardian Sword?”

“Yes. Master’s White Wolf Fang was broken after all.”

She passed me Guardian Sword instead of Gale Blade.

I understood Haru’s message without any further words.

“All right – but Haru, you have to protect your life too.”

“Yes. May the fortune of war be with you, Master.”

Haru said and sent me off.

I collected the glass bead from Suzuki and kept it in my item bag to not break it.

“Don’t let your guard down, Suzuki.”

“Kusunoki-kun too.”

I parted ways with Suzuki.

I assigned my job as Jobless, Sword Saint, Samurai General, Sacred Practitioner, and Light Magician, a balanced build.

This round I didn’t include any production-type job.

In the square in front of the intermediate dungeon, the expansion of the dungeon had already stopped but the monsters were surging out one after another. However, a third of the monsters was struck by an arrow and killed instantly the moment they appear. That was because the Dark-Elves were focusing on defeating the venomous monsters.

I waved to thank the Dark-Elves assisting me as I entered the dungeon.

It wasn’t as bad as in Dakyat.

But I dove into the dungeon meant for intermediate adventurers.

There were many monsters but they were making a beeline for the exit and didn’t seem to care about me.

“Boost Ancient Nova.”

The enormous flames instantly evaporated the monster herd.

But the path was quickly packed with monsters after the previous batch was evaporated.

There was no end to it.

So I decided to ignore the monsters as well.

Using Hide to erase my presence, I stepped on the monster heads, jumped over them, and just focused on moving forward.

The longer I took, the more danger Haru and Carol would be in.

“Otto, Slash.”

I swung Guardian Sword.

Naturally, I crushed the dangerous monsters around the class of the Queen Spider.

There occasionally were monsters that attacked me but they all became dirt on my Guardian Sword … well, I did use Clean periodically. Haru would be sad if the sword rusted.

And I arrived in front of the boss room like that.

I could see Libra-sama’s Goddess statue in the rift in space where monsters appeared one after another.

The space rift seemed to be sucking in miasma and giving birth to monsters.

I took a breather, applied Stamina Heal on my body, and retrieved the glass bead from my item bag.

It would end once I toss this at that rift.

Just as I had that thought.

A huge monster appeared from that space rift.

Most of its body was melted and there were places where the bones were visible.

The stench was horrible … that must be the dragon zombie that I heard rumors about.

Just as I was thinking, that Zombie Dragon spewed out a purple breath.

Shit, poison huh?

I covered my mouth with my arm and applied Cure on my body.

But my spell didn’t activate.

『The poisons of some monsters prevent the use of magic within them.』

So Suzuki was referring to this poison.

I took out an antidote from my item bag and drank it.

It would take three minutes for the effect to start so I won’t be able to use magic before then.

The Zombie Dragon spewed out even more purple breath.

“I won’t be caught in the same attack twice – Tornado Slash!”

The whirlwind picked up the Zombie Dragon’s poison breath and reflected it back onto the Zombie Dragon’s body. And then, I saw it – the way to the goal.

“I’ll end it with this!”

The glass bead that I threw was sucked into the space rift.

The next instant, the space rift disappeared.

【Ichinojo leveled up】


I learned all kinds of skills from Sword Saint and Sacred Practitioner but none of them stayed in my mind. I also acquired something like Barrier Magic but I didn’t feel like checking it then.

After all, the first skill was too shocking.

【Jobless skill: XXXX has skilled up to XXXX】


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  1. Inuzuka

    “I also acquired something like Barrier Magic…”
    I think this should be the Barrier Magician job rather than Barrier Magic skill, which he already has from (I think) Light Magician and/or Practitioner.

  2. Anon

    Magic Investigation Research Institute


  3. Daniel

    Is this like the 3rd fight in a row where MC couldn’t use magic for reasons? Did the author just run out of ideas on how to keep the story challenging?

  4. NuckinFutz

    He shouldn’t need to borrow Haru’s sword because he has a skill to make swords of light right?

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