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GC V9C396

(396) Libra’s weakness

Translator: Tseirp


What’s with this? I can’t even figure out XXXX but it could actually skill up too!?

But nothing changed between the naming of XXXX and XXXX!

I looked at my status but it didn’t display anything in the skill column as usual.

Even though I resolved the problem with the Intermediate Dungeon, I was left with a feeling of incompleteness.

Ah, right, this pent up negative feeling is the reason for this miasma so … calm thoughts, calm mind.

All right, I managed to calm down.

Right, I should send a message to Haru and Carol.

“Haru, Carol, I resolved the issue with the surge of monster spawn in the Intermediate Dungeon so don’t worry. I’ll return to the surface once I clear the monsters.”

All right, that should be sufficient for a message.

Next would be – right, I should pray to Libra-sama.

I wanted the dungeon clear bonus too but I was more worried about Tet-sama. I would be troubled too if Pionia and Neete don’t wake up.

I prayed in front of Libra-sama’s Goddess statue.


The next instant, I was in the white space.

It appeared that I arrived at the Goddess space.

The first thing that surprised me when I arrived in this world was an enormous balance.

Golden sand that came out of nowhere was pouring onto both dishes of the balance which represented order and balance – was that golden sand? It suddenly overflowed and the balance shook greatly.

Why was it that even though this was a mysterious place, I could somehow smell a hint of curry spice?

“I’ve been waiting for you, Ichinojo-san.”

“It’s been a long time – waiting, you knew that I would come here?”

“Let’s talk while moving. Ichinojo-san, please hold my hand.”

I took Libra-sama’s hand that she stretched out.

Immediately after that, the sand on the balance tilted greatly and a door appeared out of nowhere.

“Now, let’s go to Tet’s location. Do not separate your hand no matter what.”

Libra-sama told me and we entered the door.

The interior of the door was a pitch-black space. It was a strange place where I couldn’t tell where was up or down and I couldn’t even tell where I was just moments ago.

I see, I would be lost if I let go of her hand here.

So this was why she offered her hand to me.

“First, a clarification. I offered my hand so that I do not get lost.”

“Eh? Um, you read my heart?”

“No, I can no longer read your heart. Minerva placed something on you, right?”

That was right.

Does that mean she could tell what I was thinking even without reading my thoughts? That was a little shocking.

“Libra-sama, what do you mean when you said it was so that you don’t get lost?”

“We are currently headed toward Goddess Tet’s room. However, originally only the people who have obtained approval can enter Goddess space. It is the same for your My World, right?”

“Yes. Although the Goddesses can enter and leave at will.”

“We can enter and exit at will because you do not refuse us. It is you.”

I do not refuse them?

“Yes. I don’t know if you do so consciously or unconsciously but you welcome the arrival of the Goddesses.”

Welcome the arrival of the Goddesses – I never thought of it that way.

Regardless of Torerul-sama or Minerva-sama, I’m more troubled by their sudden visits. Well, I wouldn’t say that I reject them though.

“Returning to topic. As mentioned, as long as Goddess Tet doesn’t give permission, other Goddesses can’t enter. However, Goddess Tet does not reject your visit – in fact, she has been waiting for your arrival. As such, I can only utilize you to reach Tet’s side.”

Libra-sama explained. So that was why she said she was waiting for me.

If I went to the Beginner Dungeon instead, I probably would have held hands with Koshmar-sama to reach Tet-sama’s location.

“Moreover, that is why space here is distorted and we are walking in this narrow world. If you let go of my hand here, your body will be sent directly to Goddess Tet’s side while I will be left behind in this narrow world.”

My palms started to sweat when she said that.

My hand became slippery so Libra-sama grabbed it tightly.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I used the letting go of the hand as an example but we are connected not only through our hands but also through a connection with your magical power. The event that I mentioned about you letting go of my hand and leaving me here won’t actually happen.”

That clarification took a little of the nerves off.

I didn’t want to acquire the Goddess Killer title – actually, leaving her stranded in a narrow world for eternity is a sin beyond just killing her.

And so we walked for around 3 hours.

“Erm, Libra-sama – is Tet-sama’s space still far?”

“Yes, this is probably about half of the way?”

That’s bad, Haru and the others would be worried about me.

Should I send a message just to be safe?

“Don’t worry. You already know that time passes differently in Goddess space and on the surface. Although it is impossible to completely stop time, only a few minutes have passed on the surface. Even if you send a message, due to the difference in speed it won’t get delivered properly.”

The difference in the passage of time – yeah I completely forgot about that.

Then, if I sent Haru a message, it would reach her in an ultra-high speed manner. Receiving such a message would make her worry instead.

Leaving that aside, just halfway?

In that case, we have time for more detailed conversations.

“Um – what are the Demon Lord and Hero aiming for?”

“Do you recall the incident that happened in Deijima? The Demon race man gathered miasma. And then the gathered miasma was sent somewhere.”

“ … Yeah.”

“The miasma gathered in Deijima was all sent to Mallegory.”

“ … !?”

“To be accurate, it was sent to a place that is 72:28 between Mallegory and the Great Sanctuary.”

That was very detailed. Normally you would just count that as 7:3.

“There is an underground passage between Mallegory and the Great Sanctuary and there are all kinds of escape routes through that underground passage. Among those passages are some that even connects to other continents. It was built by the wealthy rulers of the land in the past and Demon lord Famiris Raritei used it as an escape route. The transfer circle set up in that route is connected to Deijima.”

In other words, they used that transfer circle to send the miasma.

That may also have been the escape route used by Jofre and Elize to escape with the Devil race.

“Then, the Demon Lord aims to use miasma to cause monsters to spawn at unprecedented rates?”

“No, that is only a means to the end, not the aim.”

“Then what is his goal?”

“He only has one wish. The revival of Metias.”


“Strangely, that is also the same wish as the Hero. Thus, the Hero and Demon Lord – once fated enemies in the past, have joined hands now.”

“Why … Metias-sama supposedly fought to protect this world. Why is the Demon Lord leading the world to ruin to revive her?”

“ … I spoke too much. There is nothing more that you should know. Humans have their dominion, and Goddesses have theirs. If you delve too deep, you will not be able to turn back.”

Libra-sama said and turned silent.

I guess I couldn’t ask any further.

The conversation would end at that rate so I thought hard on what else to talk about.

In the end, I asked the most inappropriate question.

“Libra-sama … were you human in the past?”

I immediately regretted asking.

Asking if she was human? Was I going to ask what she did when she was human?

Minerva-sama mentioned that Goddesses were innocent women who were offered as a live sacrifice.

Libra-sama stared at me.

That’s bad, I have to take it back – I thought to myself when Libra-sama let out a long sigh.

“ …… Sigh, Minerva said it huh? Normally humans must never know about it.”

“ … It does look bad. Considering how it would affect the faith of the Church.”

“Yes. So please don’t tell anybody else.”

I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.

“Was I human? Let me see. In short, I don’t remember. I heard that I was but I didn’t get an answer that confirmed it. However, it was not a terrible life that you imagine. I was originally meant to die as an orphan but was taken in by my foster father and mother and I spent peaceful time with them. I believe I became a live sacrifice of my own free will. It was the right thing to die for – I thought of it that way.”

“But that meant –”

“Yes, I might have done it for my foster mother and father but thinking back, it could not be considered as giving back to them and might even be considered as ingratitude. No, I can say that because I can judge things objectively now but if I was in the same situation back then, I would probably commit the same mistake. Goddesses are not omnipotent after all.”

The weakness showed in front of me.

That may be the true identity of Libra who keeps governing order and balance even for herself – I thought to myself like I knew everything.

“Ichinojo-san, we can see it now.”

After continuously walking without taking any breaks, I could see a light in the distance.

That light was gradually becoming bigger.

“There. I don’t know what will happen so ready yourself.”

I would prefer it if she doesn’t scare me like that.

“It’s not to frighten you. Please use Home Return if you think it is dangerous. You may not be able to return to the surface but the world you call My World is situated close to our Goddess world so it might be possible to teleport.”

“ … Understood.”

I nodded and entered the door of light.


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