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GC V10C402

Jobless Hero Arc

(402) Prologue

Translator: Tseirp


In the past, the classic breakfast at home was toast and plain omelet. It was a daily routine for our mother to wake up an hour before us and take the eggs out of the refrigerator. Our mother always proudly claimed that letting the eggs return to room temperature was the trick to making plain omelet well.

When our mother passed away, I took on the role to make breakfast.

Even when the first omelet I made couldn’t be called an omelet, Miri ate it and said it was delicious.

She was my salvation, my hope to live, and my joy.

Thinking back, perhaps I saved Haru and Carol because I wanted to fill the void from losing her – but if I said that, maybe I would be considered to have a sister complex.

Maybe my desire for approval was stronger than anyone else.


“Miri, help me carry this.”

I opened the window in the log house constructed in My World and called loudly.

It was Haru that appeared instead of Miri. In fact, it felt like she ran over, just like a dog.

She would probably be angry if I told her that, as she was a White Wolf Race.

“Haru, where’s Miri?”

“Miri-sama is currently preoccupied so I came instead.”

I wanted to tell her to not spoil Miri that much but that was impossible.

Miri’s previous life was Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei and was Haru’s previous owner. Even now she still held her loyalty towards her.

“Master, we will help too.”

“I will carry the milk.”

The homunculi Pionia and Neete said as they offered to help. Pionia had an expressionless face as usual while Neete had an awkward expression.

The other day, they were influenced by Tet-sama that appeared here and they went on a rampage attacking us. After that, they lost consciousness but they finally work up.

Although they only vaguely remembered their rampage, they recalled attacking us and wished for their destruction.

Their magical and physical defense was the highest grade so they could not terminate themselves. Only my magic, Boost Ancient Nova or the Boost Big Bang that I used the other day, could kill them.

Naturally, I refused.

Nevertheless, they were still unconvinced but then Miri suggested to embed machinery in a part of their body, turning them into half-cyborg such that they can maintain their self-consciousness just like Sheena No.3, so their problem was resolved for now.

“Hey, master. I believe for me to apologize to master for that incident, I have to allow master to play with my body.”

“That doesn’t make any sense! Stop pushing your breast onto me. Hurry up and take the milk away.”

“What milk? … Am I lactating?”

“Of course I’m referring to the Sugyu milk. There’s no way you would.”

Even though I complained, I felt a little sorry for her as she took the Sugyu milk. She said those words not because she wanted to atone or was trying to seduce me. I could tell that she was forcing herself to behave as usual.

I carried omelets enough for several people with Haru and Pionia and arranged them on the yard table.

Only Miri was seated at the table. She was reading a book quietly but she noticed my approach and looked over.

“Miri, where’s Norn-san and Carol?”

“The two of them went to take a look at the chicks. Completely black chicks.”

My World was experiencing its very first baby rush.

Calves and chicks were born.

Sugyu has particularly difficult deliveries and it would have been bad if Norn-san didn’t coincidentally join up with us that day.

She had a ranch owner acquaintance so she had helped deliver calves a couple of times.

“ … I see.”

Because the homunculi were around, I didn’t talk much with Miri.

However, seated like this reminded me of the time we sat with just the two of us at a large dining table in a family-oriented condominium.

I didn’t want to go back now but for me at that time; it was a daily scene that I didn’t want to lose.

And speaking of things I didn’t want to lose, I didn’t want to lose my current daily life either.


Taking a step forward held the possibility of breaking this daily life.

Nevertheless, I felt that I had to move forward.


“Miri, tell me. About the Demon God. And – the way to save this world.”


It was embarrassing for a brother to have his younger sister teach him everything.

But still, I had to move forward.


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