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GC V10C403

(403) The things I wish to save

Translator: Tseirp


“Please teach me the method to save this world.”


Miri sighed after I conveyed my request.


“It would be fine even if Onii doesn’t push yourself? The opponent is a Goddess-sama turned Demon God and the Hero. Even if the world is headed for destruction, only monsters will overflow from dungeons and the world will become a place that is more difficult for humans to live in. Koshmar’s words were a little exaggerated. To be honest, it doesn’t involve us. We should just leave it to the Goddesses.”

“But, even if you say that …”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you a method to save the world.”



As expected of Miri. For every step ahead I see, she sees a thousand steps ahead.


“I just have to become a Goddess.”

“Wha ……”

“Demon Gods are gods. The power of a Goddess is needed to compete with them. If it’s me, I can become the strongest ever Goddess.”


Libra said that day.


『Miri-san, who is the top of the list to be suitable as a Goddess. I won’t force you but please put some consideration into it for the sake of saving the world.』


Miri postponed it but it looked like she had decided to become a Goddess.

But, that …




“A Goddess is formed for the sacrifice of an innocent girl … in other words, you have to die once.”

“I have already died three times.”


Miri remarked.

As Kaguya, she was a human sacrifice to stop the eruption of Mount Fuji.

As Famiris Raritei, she fought the Hero and lost.

Finally, as Kusunoki Miri, she mysteriously killed herself at the summit of Mount Fuji.


She had already experienced three deaths even though it should only be once in a life.


“Isn’t it amazing? If it was in the Guinness World Records, it would definitely be a solid record.”

“ … This is the Otherworld so it won’t be a world record.”

“Ahaha … that’s true. Right, there is a method to prevent me from becoming a Goddess.”

“ … Eh?”

“How about Onii marries me here? See, Goddess can only be formed from innocent girls. If Onii defiles me here … sorry, now is not the atmosphere to make such jokes.”

“ … Yeah, that wasn’t funny. I can’t do that to my younger sister.”


I said but a load was lifted from my shoulders.


“Right, I am truly an idiot. What saving the world. That’s pretentious. I am Jobless, an unreliable master to Haru and Carol, a savior of the Dark-Elves beyond my means, just a fellow countryman for Marina and Suzuki, and to Miri –”


I looked at Miri.

Her eyes.

My younger sister’s eyes.


“I am Miri’s brother. It is enough as long as the brother saves the younger sister.”


What about the world? Saving the world is the Hero’s job. Not my job. In the first place, Jobless has no job.

If Jobless has no job, then I will do my job as a brother right.


“I will not allow you to become fodder for other people’s happy ending. Noble sacrifice is a load of crap.”

“No, Onii. If you say that, I will … truly … even though I can’t lose heart.”


Tears floated in Miri’s eyes.

“It doesn’t matter!”

“The world wishes for me. To try to make me a Goddess. Does Onii plan to protect me even if it turns the world into your enemy!?”

“If the world wishes to kill you, I will become a Demon Lord and crush the world. I am Jobless so I have been fighting the world from the very beginning.”

“That’s unreasonable, Onii.”


Miri said with teary eyes and I wiped it off with my finger.

I knew that I was being unreasonable.

To oppose the Goddesses? I couldn’t even fight against the Hero.


“Thank you. I will never forget Onii’s feelings. But to make the world your enemy. And to do so for me …”


Just as Miri spoke to that point.


“Ah …”


She seemed to have realised something.


“What’s wrong?”

“Wait, shut up!”


Miri said and held my hand.

She then moved my right hand and put it on her mouth.


“There might be … just one method. A way to save the world.”

“Without killing you?”

“Yup. But it is quite impossible –”

“It is natural for a brother to perform unreasonable tasks to save his younger sister.”

“Isn’t it to save the world?”

“That’s just an added bonus.”


Miri seemed to have resolved herself with my remark.

And then, Miri told me an outrageous suggestion.


“Onii, I’m going to have you become a Demon Lord from now!”




Miri’s suggestion was certainly outrageous.

Becoming a Demon Lord wasn’t it.

Instead, it was what came after becoming the Demon Lord.

However, after hearing her out, I thought that there was certainly a possibility.


A way to save both my younger sister and the world.


“Haurva, you’re there, right?”

“Yes, Miri-sama.”


Haru came out from the log house with a plate full of omelets. Along with Pionia. They were waiting in the log house while Miri and I spoke.


“You heard our conversation?”

“No, I did not, I had folded my ears.”


Haru said and flattened her ears. I knew that she could move her ears slightly but I didn’t know she could flatten it like so.

Haru with her folded ears was extremely cute.


“What about you?”

“I heard everything. I recorded all of master’s cool lines. 『If the world wishes to kill you, I will become a Demon Lord and crush the world. I am Jobless so I have been fighting the world from the very beginning.』”

“Stop it! It’s embarrassing to hear it on repeat!”


That Pionia, she acquired the recording function after becoming a half-cyborg?


“Then, we can tell Haurva later. We.”

“Are going immediately?”

“After we have breakfast.”


Miri said and put ketchup on the omelet placed on the table.


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  1. King Killer X

    Love it

  2. kutuvbanyu

    “And if I become a demon king, so be it. I will endure the exile. Anything to protect my imouto”

  3. Chris

    Aww Miri puts ketchup on her omelet like I do… like I do… Is putting ketchup on eggs weird? It isn’t weird. Just because Miri does it that doesn’t make it weird!!!

  4. Shield Loyalist

    Why…does…this situation sound…awfully familiar?

  5. Lord Rin

    Well Demon Lord IS a job. That’s the Job Miri got when she first came to this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s also a God and Demon God job though.

  6. LyoN

    works: *-*

    True hero
    Great lord demon
    Great wise
    Holy Priest

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