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GC V10C404

(404) The last Growth Cheat

Translator: Tseirp


Everyone gathered together for breakfast.

And after we were done, we talked about what was currently happening.

Naturally, it was Miri who was spoke.


“Our enemies are the three Demon Gods, Minerva, Tet, and Metias. As well as the Hero and the current Demon Lord.”


She wrote a list of our enemies on a whiteboard that she took out from nowhere.


“Miri, you identified the Hero as the enemy but what about the Church and Daijiro?”

“This incident is not related to the Church. Daijiro is taking a distance from the Hero as well. If anything, both parties’ position is to wait and see.”

“Wait and see? They won’t give us a hand?”

“That would be impossible for now. Daijiro’s aim is only to secure a route to return to Earth. If possible, it would be easier if that goal is on the enemy side … but as long as I have this book, she shouldn’t take a clear antagonistic stance against us either.”


Miri said and took out Milky’s doujinshi.

Inside it was the formula that Miri devised on her own for returning to earth.


“Miri-chan. Why are the Demon Lord and Hero-sama on Minerva-sama and Tet-sama’s side? Won’t the world be destroyed if the Demon God wins?”


Norn-san raised her hand to ask. She had a friendly relationship with Miri and was the second closest to her after me. In a way, she was closer to her than Haru, who was a loyal vassal.


“There might be various reasons for that but does Onii know?”

“He mentioned that he stays in touch with the Demon Lord but he is not allied with them. He said that the world would not allow such a match-fix. Oh right, Talwi is a White Wolf Race and is the Hero’s kin but does Miri know about it?”

“Talwi? There was not a child with that name when I was leading the Demon Lord Army.”

“You remember everyone’s names?”

“Well, for the names that I thought of. The White Wolf Race is unique in the sense that their children are named by their master. I named Haurva too. But perhaps –”


“ … Never mind, if she is the Hero’s kin, she was probably from the White Wolf Race on the Hero’s side.”


Miri said and wrote a new name on the Hero’s side.

Carol was the first to react when she saw that name.


“Why is that person’s name there!?”

“You know her?”

“She is Carol’s benefactor.”


Carol was not the only person surprised.

I and probably Haru were surprised too.

Quince was written on the Hero’s side.

She ran a slave trading business in Belasra, picked up Carol, whose parents were killed by monsters, as a slave and raised her before entrusting her to me.

She was probably an existence similar to a parent to Carol.


Why was her name on the Hero’s side?’


“Onii. You heard that the Demon Lord is gathering the three great Demon Lords?”

“Yeah, the Devil race, Black Wolf race and the Succubus race.”


I heard about that from Carol and Haru.

And it was none other than Quince who told them about it.


“Did you think that Quince was on the Demon Lord’s side since she knew about the Demon Lord’s goal?”

“No, this is only my speculation but they are probably gathering the three great Demon Lords as Demon God candidates. If the three great Demon Lords become Demon Gods, they would have the six Demon Gods gathered.”


Miri added the Devil race, Black Wolf race and Succubus race on the whiteboard and further drew a line from the Succubus race.


“And the Succubus race Demon Lord is Quince.”

“Wait! Quince-san appears as an ordinary human no matter how I see her.’


“It’s natural that you would see it as such. Onii. Doesn’t Sheena No.3 appear as an ordinary human as well?”


After she said that, all members looked at Sheena No.3.


“I will be shy if everyone looks at me desu.”


Although her phrasing is strange, her appearance was that of an ordinary girl. After her head was removed and she became a cyborg, she became even more human.

Why did she talk about Sheena No.3?

How does it relate to the conversation?


… Unless!?


I reached a certain conclusion.

“Quince-san is an Automata too?”

“Correct. I made her. Quince is an old acquaintance. To fulfill her wish, I transferred her, who was born as an ordinary person, soul and memories to a manmade doll. Her power as the Succubus Queen was powerful. Of course, unlike that child who is a prototype, Quince’s body can be called a final version?”


Transfering soul and memories.

Could it be done so easily?

Sheena No.3 was originally a soulless machine but she has a soul residing in her now.

Looking at it another way, it can be said that the mechanical doll Automata have a function to store soul in their bodies.

Although there is no way to tell if Sheena No.3 was originally an experimental body to move Quince-san over or an Automata made with the intent to house Quince-san’s memories and soul.


“You have seen her replenish her magical power using her smoking pipe. And I have checked via the Adventurers Guild and found that Quince is currently missing. We can assume that she has been taken by the Hero.”

“Nevertheless, she probably won’t be an enemy. She should be on our side. After all –”

“No, Ichino-sama. Let’s stop talking about speculations here. Miri-sama, thank you very much. Please continue.”

“All right. Originally, what we should be doing is to rely on the Goddesses and wait and watch. Speaking of which, while we can deal with the Hero and Demon Lord, we are incapable of affecting the fight between the Goddesses and Demon Gods. To oppose the Goddesses and Demon Gods, we have to acquire the power to fight against Gods. There is one such skill useable by Demon Lords.”

“A skill that Demon Lords can use … in that case, once Miri’s level increases –”


I said but Miri shook her head.


“That’s impossible. I will need 800 years to learn that skill. That’s why I want Onii to become the Demon Lord.”

“Wait, if Miri needs 800 years, I would still need at least 2 years even if I tried my best?”


My growth cheat allows growth at 400 times faster.

I guess there’s no other way.


“There is a way. The skill that the Demon Lord acquires at level 80, Experience Distribution. That skill allows you to distribute the experience gained within your party.”

“So I take Haru and Carol’s experience for myself?”


That skill is certainly convenient.

Given the world system where the majority of the experience is given to the person who gives the last hit, it is difficult to support a person to raise their level.

It might be possible with the distribution of experience in a party but with that skill, the experience can be split evenly or even use it for power leveling if there is a desire to.

But it didn’t mean much this time.

When Haru defeats a monster, my 20 times experience blessing would not apply.

In that case, it would still be more efficient if I fought alone.


“You’re mistaken. Onii can divert the experience from all four jobs apart from Demon Lord to become experience for Demon Lord.”


Diverting the experience from four jobs to Demon Lord?

That would certainly raise my leveling speed by 2000 times.


“But that would still take more than two months?”

“Naturally when I was the Demon Lord, I couldn’t earn experience the entire time. Most of the time I was stuck working. But Onii. If you utilized your true growth cheat, that two months can be turned into a week.”

“True growth cheat? There’s still another trick?”

“No, there’s no trick. It is a tried and tested method that has been passed down since the days of our predecessors.”


Miri poked fun and smiled as if she found it amusing.

A tried and tested method that has been passed down since the days of our predecessors?

By any chance –


“Leveling up with guts! I will lock Onii up in a high-difficulty dungeon for a week to have you level up. Of course, that will be after you become the Demon Lord.”


Author’s note:

The last growth cheat is guts!



And here we have it. I have finally caught up with the raws from the author. A huge thank you to everyone for the support and comments throughout these 400+ chapters! And thank you for your understanding when I take a break or have technical issues with my site or with my English. Hopefully, it has been easy to read and I have tried my best to keep it as true to the raws as possible.

Just to give a rough gauge, the raw for this chapter was posted on 28th Sep 2020, the previous chapter on 7th Sep 2020, and the one before was on 31st Aug 2020.

I will be checking periodically for updates from the author. If you see new raw chapters posted, feel free to mention in the Discord and I’ll jump into translating it.

As for if I am going to pick up any new series, I will take a short break from that for now but I’ll read through some new novels and see if there are any interesting ones when I have the time.

If you are interested in my other translations, feel free to check out Slow Life Frontier and Invincible Saint (although do note that I have dropped Invincible Saint)



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  1. flat

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      Norn was the town watch girl in the first town Ichinojo arrived at, who provided him with quite a bit of help. If I remember right, MC and Haru delved into the dungeon to rescue her at one point.

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